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Create creatures and let them evolve to see how they master various tasks. · By Keiwan

Fastest creature you've ever made?

A topic by FistingJamboree created May 07, 2018 Views: 4,993 Replies: 26
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What're your guys' fastest creatures ever? I managed to get one that runs at 4.90m/s in running mode.

Wow, that's amazing! Do you happen to have a picture of the creature? My personal best is only 3.74: My creature


It's not as amazing as I've just beaten my record with a creature that runs at 7.78m/s with this monstrosity, the wheel, reinvented, no glitches.


it won't stop getting faster... god help us


its going to reach singularity soon...

it's not even that fast. i have one that goes almost 13 m/s

and the fastest human in the world can go faster than that

Well the fastest recorded sprinting speed of a human was set by Usain Bolt in 2009 and was 44.72 km/h or 12.42 m/s. 

you're right. i must have read something wrong when looking it up.

i think i saw his running speed in km per hour and thought it was miles per hour


Here's beautiful little cat hitting that 11.37 m/s :) 

that's pretty fast

I made a wheel that has been very effective and stays on the ground rolling like i had intended it to, it does very well though it has stayed constant now for about 50 gens and all the specimen are the same so guess its maxed but here you go

if i gave it 60s to keep increasing its speed it should in theory beat the one posted above but will test that now i guess lol


One of mine went 83.2 M/S


you still have it? i wanna see a gif

How to save .gif?
I made a 8.17 M/S galloping creature. The way they run made me think of some toy dogs LOL.

Use a gif recorder like giphy and gyazo and save it and upload it here, I simply use gyazo

Thanks, I though there are a gif publishing feature.


I tried many creative creatures but this creature that imitate nature ran the fastest for me (not including the buggy spasm ones.)

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This was my first attempt.. Not really a winner. Thought it would run like a cheetah.. 

can any of you please repost it on the grid... Zucc wants to impress his friends.

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Looked through all the gens of a certain species and found out that one of them got to 19.46 m/s. It's not the kind that glitches out and flies, it's actually a normal, working, running creature.

My fastest creature was just 4 joints, 2 bones and a muscle on Stage 1 of evolution, About 41 miles oer second. WOW.

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12m/s consistant, no glitch, 100% repeatable. (no joking on my cringy narrative please :p )

3.9 million m/s glitched