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Create creatures and let them evolve to see how they master various tasks. 路 By Keiwan

Fastest creature you've ever made?

A topic by FistingJamboree created May 07, 2018 Views: 41,209 Replies: 142
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What're your guys' fastest creatures ever? I managed to get one that runs at 4.90m/s in running mode.


Wow, that's amazing! Do you happen to have a picture of the creature? My personal best is only 3.74: My creature


It's not as amazing as I've just beaten my record with a creature that runs at 7.78m/s with this monstrosity, the wheel, reinvented, no glitches.


it won't stop getting faster... god help us


its going to reach singularity soon...


it's not even that fast. i have one that goes almost 13 m/s


and the fastest human in the world can go faster than that


Well the fastest recorded sprinting speed of a human was set by Usain Bolt in 2009 and was 44.72 km/h or 12.42 m/s. 


you're right. i must have read something wrong when looking it up.


i think i saw his running speed in km per hour and thought it was miles per hour

if flying is allowed i have one that hits 70

I have one that goes 13.1 meters per second

and it was on for only 10 minutes

thats not even that fast... i have one that holds the world record of around 30 per second, haha!

and mine was on for only 2 minutes hehehe

omfg it broke it and went to 40.6

i have no clue how it did that lmao!

but because i didnt pay for it i think i cant show you my creation, but i'll do my best to explain it. it is basicalle a flesh leg with two feet one on top one on bottom both facing left.

You dont have to pay...

windows control s it pls




 I made a wheel too and it goes 20m/s: file:///C:/Users/User/Videos/Captures/Evolution%202022-10-07%2005-37-06.mp4


copy and paste it into the google search


you...pasted a file path to your own computer. it only works on your computer.


That's pretty good. My best is 30 m/s with no glitches. Do any of you know if that's the world record if you don't count glitches?

Got one to make 350m in 10s. Max speed was very likely higher than 40m/s. Don't know how to display instant speed though.


That's adorable.

For me, less than 25 secs lets it travel to 500 something, then Keiwan got lazy and stopped measuring my distance.

One muscle and two bones.


They were talking about how fast there creature can go WITHOUT glitchs. And that is a glitch ma dude sorry.


I make creatures for fun and accidently made a creature that in the running test in 1 minute managed to go 2508 m and in seconds that's 41.8 m/s

try changing the weight and making the muscles stronger trust me  you wont regret it will not

wooooooow so amazingly cuteeee i have gone over 40km in 10 seconds allso look at the best thing of gen ___ then it shows you the stats and it went around 4km/s

i didnt really use glitches but it did bug out and kinda extend the muscles x5 and i did make it weigh less but even without any of that it still went 50m/s and with all of it uhhhhhh 1000m/s

hmm uh yeah i cant manage to get proof but i have gone like 1km/s and i showed a bit of proof somewhere in one of my replies

i like it!

on the first generation i got something very glitchy but it went OVER 1000M PER SECOND ON THE FIRST GEN AND I GOT TO 40K LENGTH yeah thats kinda cool allllllso i got to over 5km in height

hehe noob

i made one by making a spider with a weird web


Here's beautiful little cat hitting that 11.37 m/s :) 

that's pretty fast

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mine goes 100 meters per second on generation 1. no hacks

can we see it?


no it is too fast

send screenshot of what you built, doesn't have to be runnin

hmmm uh yeah about that...i cant figure out how to get gen one but it was like 1341m/s 7482.m in length and the maximum jumping height was /is 1891m allso i have alot more stuff and it just hit gen 200 as im writing this so yeahhhh

Mine in 15s and gen 3

Deleted post


haha me when i do 1000m/s

I made a wheel that has been very effective and stays on the ground rolling like i had intended it to, it does very well though it has stayed constant now for about 50 gens and all the specimen are the same so guess its maxed but here you go

if i gave it 60s to keep increasing its speed it should in theory beat the one posted above but will test that now i guess lol


One of mine went 83.2 M/S


you still have it? i wanna see a gif

How to save .gif?
I made a 8.17 M/S galloping creature. The way they run made me think of some toy dogs LOL.

Use a gif recorder like giphy and gyazo and save it and upload it here, I simply use gyazo

Thanks, I though there are a gif publishing feature.


I tried many creative creatures but this creature that imitate nature ran the fastest for me (not including the buggy spasm ones.)

can I please download the design


You think thats fast, This is fast and so simple.

I used your creature model and created this


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Guess what? I 'upgraded' your model* by expanding the two sticks by one and adding a stick in the middle of the muscle then connecting them altogether with muscles. Basically I have made your creature have a seizure every time it moves.

*astro_firey's model.

Yeah i found it myself too

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This was my first attempt.. Not really a winner. Thought it would run like a cheetah.. 

can any of you please repost it on the grid... Zucc wants to impress his friends.

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Looked through all the gens of a certain species and found out that one of them got to 19.46 m/s. It's not the kind that glitches out and flies, it's actually a normal, working, running creature.

My fastest creature was just 4 joints, 2 bones and a muscle on Stage 1 of evolution, About 41 miles oer second. WOW.

I tried that too.

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12m/s consistant, no glitch, 100% repeatable. (no joking on my cringy narrative please :p )

3.9 million m/s glitched

I made a creature that looks kinda like a dog and it managed to run at 5.1m/s

I got 6.46 M/S with this wheel >

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This is my first comment also it was 4 joints, out the bones parallel and add a musclebetween the 2, total speed in 10 generations is 20 m/s heh

Edit: actually it went 22 m/s on the 7th one 

needless to say, I've created a monster.

i made a gliched creature that goes 40 m/s and jump so much

I also created a glitched creature

It jumped out of the screen 馃槙

i do the fastest buged monster at 60708.13 m/s max speed at generation 1 but the generation at it is only luky 

Manda print se for verdade!.

ele 茅 gringo besta

 M A X I M U M  O V E R D R I V E


O que outras pessoas est茫o dizendoita o seu 茅 bem r谩pido!

i made a blob? i don't know what it is anyways it goes 5.95m/s

O meu ser 茅 um tipo de el谩stico brigado estranho. Eu fiz apenas uma carinha sorridente brigada e logo de cara passou dos 17m/s. E logo na primeira gera莽茫o alcan莽ou 100%fitness. O m谩ximo que deu foi 21.75m/s, s贸 testei at茅 a gera莽茫o 23.  Eu criei outros bichos bem aleat贸rios que passaram de 10m/s, mas esse me surpreendeu bastante!!.

Hoje bati meu pr贸prio recorde. Deu:


i dont have a vid, but i have a creature that can get past 500m in a few second

Deleted post
Deleted post
Deleted post
Deleted post

12.7 M/Sec     Distance 125 Meters (per 10 sec)

I'm sorry but it' s gonna be 44.2 M/Sec ))

check mate 190 m/s

nvm better check mate ALSO GEN 1 SONNN

mine goes on 30m/s in gen.4

it flips and gains spped

you can add speed by larging the time

Weak mine goes 600m/s easily once it went at 3828m/s

14.82m/s generation 12 30s

I've managed to get my creature to 20.87  m/s   It stays constant around 17 m/s

I've made one that glitche at like 400m/s at the start of a gen

I got a tremendous 217.728 km/h or 60.48m/s in running mode, 60s

i created frogger that goes 30 m/s

oh now its 50 m/s

I made a tumbleweed on accident

its not that fast only 8.53m/s he rollin tho

my personal best is 5.5 meters per second but i started last week so yeah

u guys ares all bugs

not sure the exact speed but it was REALLY FAST and simple i think it was a glitch lol i think it had 1 or 2 bones

I think i made the fastest car in evolution it goes 4.06m/s

Does anyone know what counts as a glitch? Because I make a creature that goes 772 m/s on generation 3. I just want to know if I should be proud of if I am scummy.


mine was a medium sized ball with lots of muscles

I don't know how to see my creatures running speed (on running) but have you looked at the ground and see there are numbers? Well my creature has gone up to 85 in 7 seconds. I don't know if that is fast.

That, that right there, is extremely fast.  You can see speed by looking at the numbers on the side of the screen that pop up when you click on the previous generation best creature in the top right hand corner. Also, doing this means you鈥檙e looking at the previous generation, but there鈥檚 no way to view what speed the current is at.

My creature runs at 24.97m/s in running mode in generation 3

I just came up with this monstrosity, and it actually works pretty well.

If you look carefully, it's actually doing a bunch of backflips.

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the evol file

only the center do the work

have you seen this

Good to see something similar to my old box design! Do you have a gif?

I reached a max speed of 21.28 m/s

i got 207 with a glitchy boi

Your most likely inactive but that's PA-THET-IC

this thing can go 16.78m/s

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13, but it slingshots itself :)

i got one with three bones and three muscles to faster than 20 m/s

spring boi got 541 m/s

new record for me

14.07m/s on gen 2. bonkers

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I got one with 3 bones and 2 muscles to go as fast as 30 m/s, less than 4.5 kg, on gen 1-2.

Edit: Gen duration  60s

Edit2: Top speed 32.05 m/s, hit it on gen 3

I did a glitched one that went 915m/s by generation ten, it's no world record but its decent.

made a creature that has the bulkiest legs ive ever put on them and they scretch themselves so much that they glitch and lunge themselves like a frog that jumps really far awa

Mine goes 315 meters in 10 seconds or 31.5 m/s


I got a spinning creature so fast that it's tearing itself apart. Im using grid 3.0 and every bone is connected.

Got 100 Fitness on gen1 going about 10m/s, on gen2 20m/s, gen10 30m/s and gen20 40m/s. 

Don't know how to film it.

I go to 54m per second with 2 sticks in the shape of an upside down cross connected by one muscle

Obviously glitched, but 1.01 c with 8 nodes, 12 bones and 36 muscles.

All bones and nodes set to lowest possible weight except for the 2 leftmost nodes on the right square, along with the bone in between, which are set to 5x. Every bone connects to every bone on the opposite square via a muscle, which are all set to 3x strength and grouped together.

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Turning the scenario to jumping brought it all the way up to 1.09 c


now 1.18 c


Guys check it out spider but like spiderman lol 

Lol try it

I made a wheel that is not going so fast right now but will get faster also I need help making a gif

I have 2 Bones wich are only connectet witch musceles and no bones in between, and they go flying on the first generation