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I feel like it would require a heavy re-work, making the pattern figure out which muscle was which, but in the end it may have some nice features.

Wow, that's amazing! Do you happen to have a picture of the creature? My personal best is only 3.74: My creature

Evolution community · Created a new topic Memory leak?

There seems to be some kind of memory leak in the game which causes it to crash after running for a while(usually about 750 generations at 10 seconds per generation, 40 specimens)

Kill Joint is literally a command to the creature. If X touches Y, then stop moving. It is something that activates only under specific circumstances. Adding a bone to stop two joints from rotating is simply the body you create.

Kill Joint is a form of controlling the creature. It collides with the idea of the game pretty hard.

1. I find this one collides with the idea of the game where the creature just has to perform a simple task with the joints he's given. Kill joint is just another form of actually controlling the creature.

The rest are pretty neat.

Where do you get that information to show?

It would be neat to have markers on the ground to see how far the creature is going, and perhaps even add a tiny line for the current record, so you can see if after 20 generations it breaks it or stays the same(so you know when there's a standstill on the evolution)