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you should be given the option to see the worst creature of a certain generation for fun

sometimes i get creatures early on that move pretty good and fast... but in the wrong direction. That happened to me with this creature

You should try evolving this creature. It's pretty cool. Any designs you want other people to try? You can post it here (i think).

So, i came up with this idea when doing a climbing simulation thing. We have climbing, but what if we had the opposite: falling? So, the map/thing would be the same as the climbing slope, except it's on the other side of the screen (it's usually on the right so in falling it would be on the left). The goal is simple: fall as fast as possible. The lowest creature in elevation is the winner.

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Looked through all the gens of a certain species and found out that one of them got to 19.46 m/s. It's not the kind that glitches out and flies, it's actually a normal, working, running creature.

gonna try 100% mutation rate.

... and i thought 13m/sec was high. I looked through every single generation (took a couple hours) and wrote down the generation and speed of every top creature with a speed of at least 14 m/s. I got at least a hundred, and the earliest one came at only gen 54. I even had a few in the 15's. Fastest one ever had 19.46 m/s, gen 1189. 

And i thought 13 was fast

Either your computer is too slow or you are simulating too many creatures at the same time. I've actually observed that even if only one creature is visible, it would still lag a lot because the simulation is still happening. If you want to decrease the lag, you should probably decrease the amount of creatures being simulated at the same time.

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ok the mutation rate has been lowered to 5%... Speed is now 11 and staying there

ok thanks. The mutation rate was at 75% now i shall lower it to 25%

what about a thing that's the opposite of climbing: falling. basically the goal of your creature would be to fall as fast and as efficiently as possible

you used a glitchy creature that flies. getting a fitness 100% with a creature like that isn't that hard

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my design must be really good because if 20% efficiency by gen 5 is good, 49% must be amazing

and it passed 20% fitness in generation 2

i hav a running creature that got 100% fitness by generation 22 i am so proud

ok so the first one with fitness level 100% was the best of generation 22

can anyone tell me how to make a gif

ok that makes sense but it's odd how the speed never gets higher than a certain point. also, if you wanted to know, the creature has reached 100% fitness and has been like that for a while

oh ok. if there's no limit how come it looks like some files have gone missing?

Evolution community · Created a new topic a queswton

what exactly determines which creature is considered the best creature? Fitness level? average speed? furthest creature from the start when the simulation ends? i want to know

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after using the arrows on the top left in the best creature screen to look through past generations, i've discovered that the fastest creature has been bouncing back and forth from avg speeds of about 12 m/s to about 13 m/s and hasn't ever reached anything higher. i don't know how the fastest creature for one generation could possibly be slower than the previous because i have the "keep fastest creature for next gen" on. it's really weird. I don't think my "Muscle Beasts" can evolve any further. They should be but it's just not working right

edit: after looking through past generations i discovered it has been going from about 11 m/s to 13 m/s for hundreds of generations

edit: it actually got to 14 m/s at some points

edit: ok so they've been like that for over 2000 generations lol

i've been replaying the same generation over and over and the fastest creature is always slower than the previous fastest creature for some reason. I don't know why. it's weird

also how long is the map? i run each generation with 5 batches, 15 seconds, and in the fastest creature of previous generation simulation, the creature runs off the edge before all 5 batches are done

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i know that the developer definitely knows that this is a problem but i noticed that on generation 2531 my fastest creature was at 13.35 m/s but in gen 2549 the fastest was 12.68 m/s. So there's definitely a glitch there. also i have v 2.0.1 of the simulation/program/game if that affects anything

i think i saw his running speed in km per hour and thought it was miles per hour

you're right. i must have read something wrong when looking it up.

yeah, i've got some pretty good runners but it always crashes after a hundred or so generations. it's best if you turn on autosave

it makes me think of a dying frog

and the fastest human in the world can go faster than that

it's not even that fast. i have one that goes almost 13 m/s

ok maybe i didn't say it right. Is there a limit to how many files you can have in the folder and is there a way to make new ones?

it may not kill you but it will hurt

look at that weight. imagine that running over you.

i don't know if this is still a thing but if you get two separate thingies (with like bones and joints stuff) that are only connected by muscles it gets weird.


that's pretty fast

you still have it? i wanna see a gif


Evolution community · Created a new topic i have questions

is there a limit to how many files you can have in a save file? also, is there a way to create a new one? i only have one and also it seems as if some saved generations have disappeared. 

probably the thing ran so far it reached the end of the platform. It's not infinite