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Create creatures and let them evolve to see how they master various tasks. · By Keiwan

Bugs Sticky

A topic by Keiwan created 73 days ago Views: 456 Replies: 9
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If you find any bugs, please let me know over here and I'll try to fix them in future updates. The more information you can give me about when exactly the bug happens, the better.


My creature falls off the edge of the map. Red circle and arrow just in case.


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The Programm stops and gives an Error, if you do more than 256 generations.


There isn't a problem with the generations, it just stops after some time and says "Class not defined"

When I try to launch it, it crashes straight away.

Same I cant even play it.


I know this has probably been posted a lot already, but the "best of gen" sometimes doesn't actually show the best of gen. 


exactly! Sometimes when I made tall creatures, all the next gen is falling creatures, becouse the software choose who goes far, and the simple fact to falling is a "best of gen", the software should choose stand up creatures in the first generations than who goes far.

Not uh.. exactly what I meant. The game choosing falling creatures isn't a bug, more like a flaw in the evolution, which is why the creator should add "kill joints", which aren't against machine learning since all what machine learning is is to find a solution for a problem, kill joints would just further improve the efficiency of the problem solving. Anyways, what I meant by my bug report is that in the normal gen screen, you can clearly see creatures moving pretty fast in the running mode, but sometimes, the "best of gen" won't show the actual "best" creature in each gen. This is made obvious when you can see the creatures in the normal screen clearly running, yet the "best of gen" will just show a creature sitting down, without doing anything. It also isn't just bad luck, since the best of gen shows statistics for each best creature, and when it says that it's "0.7m/s" when it obviously isn't true, then that's a big problem.


I explained what the latest state of that bug is over here: https://itch.io/t/150983/somthing-seems-off-in-the-pick-best-creature-algorithm-...

Effectively, the bug isn't that the best creature isn't being selected correctly, but that the best creature sometimes decides to just not repeat what it did really well in the previous generation, even though it has the exact same brain as before. Makes the whole thing much much more complicated to try to fix.

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Hey Keiwan did you see this another "game" ? this is working very well but the user interface is horrible, maybe it could help you with the bugs and the neural network...