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I didn't play all levels ATM but here's what I have to say about the game. Sorry in advance if I make a suggestion about things that are in the part I didn't play :-) But first, nice addictive gameplay! Reminds me about Pipe Dream and Sokoban!

There could some block rotating device in harder levels.

I had some issue for pushing blocks beside each other. If we are supposed to be able to do so, maybe considering activating the push from a little further away from the blocks.

I think the player could jump the height of 1 cube. Like that, you could remove most of the stairs in the game field :-)

Maybe the ball gathering lights could be more visible. Like a screen beside the exit door, or even directly on it.

Thanks for the link!


I saw that there was many attemps to create a wheel creature. So I tried for myself and here's the fuit of my work!

It took several hundreds of start before having something decent to let it evolve lol.

The creature didn't seems to be able to understand that it's top and bottom can be any bone/joint. My idea was that the creature could somehow understand that it can always put its inner wheel to face foward, whatever its position, and so making the wheel accelerate indefinitely to the point where the ratio gravity/speed will reach it's top.


I'm really into this and I'm trying a great variety of possibilities. But there's something I don't understand: The neural network.

I don't really see some difference whatever the number of layers. I would really like to understand that part correctly!

Thanks for your time.


There's one thing I'm not able to really figure out: how do we make the power of the magic missile go up? 

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I'm playing with this for quite a while. It's a very interresting and addictive game! I even took the time to test some already existing schematics in nature (like the horse or the cheetah) to be able to compare with real life (the most it can be done hehe).  I'll summarise what kind of things that could be improved from this version for a second version (can't wait to see that!!).

The first thing that I noticed is that the friction is too high. We can easily see it when a creature trying to make a foward trust or climb the stairs.  Legs easily slip, even if we make feline legs and add some fangs.

Next thing I noticed is that the creature always tries to do the task right away, rather than trying to stand without falling first (reaching equilibrium).

For the task of climbing, the software doesn't care about the space the creature is taking, and can make joints appear through the ground, so making the creature bug instantly. The hill could also have stairs a little more large. Or maybe making the creature start on a flat ground.

Very good game! This is like Continuity, but with a nice twist!