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Your Steam version doesn't recognize the last puzzle as done.

Trying to play but the up/down arrows also makes the page go up/down.

Just saw that Queen too have this glitch, so maybe assuming that the others are like that too.

When Suki can use her ability, if you remove the customer before the bar goes to 0, it will get up again without a customer.

Evolution community · Created a new topic Pedaling creature

Here it is! It's not much evolved tough so I'll post other video about it in the future!

Nevermind, I got it! I'll post a video when it handles the pedaling better than it does now! :-)

Yea I figured that out, but in another way. I putted too much importance into preserving those trees :-)


I recently tried several ways to make a 2 wheel creature go foward. But it seems that whatever I do, I never get pass 1/2 tunr of the wheels.

Here's a picture of the creature and its "stats":

Here's another version I created. The muscles do pass the 1/2 turn but the creature don't seem to understand when to expand the muscles.


I am currently trying to make a 2 wheels creature, but I feel like the muscles cannot expand or contract enough to actually be able to make a complete revolution of the wheel. I tried to put the connexion of the muscles as far as possible from the wheel but without success. Here's a picture of that creature:

Is it normal that all trees in the mountain level spawns in a pack close to each other rather that be scattered around in the land?

Nice it woked! I saw the reason why I didn't see where to put it. There was some pixel overlay. The hangar picture was partially hided behind that overlay until I clicked to place it. After that it was like your gif.

Thanks for the help!

Here it is! It was so long to have a good start for that creature!

I created 10 version of it before finding a good joints/bones/muscles configuration. I reversed it compared to the logo because it was a better position for it to run. I also had to triple the legs to make it able to support its big head lol:

That's precisely the point where it stops to work hehe! I can't build that hangar. It says to put it on top of the rocket silo but it don't want to get build there. It stays red.

I just re-download the game and restart the level. And for now im stuck at 74.  Here's a screenshot. Maybe I didn't understand something.

Got the double jump, then arrives at a big cliff I can't got over and there's just nothing left to do. I got back and tried every place and no solution.

I would really like if the brain could recognize if his shape is a circle that can roll. The current brain seems to keep wanting a "UP" and "DOWN" part of the body, and tries to "keep its balance", compared to a round shape that have to think relative to its position inside a rotation to keep rotating/accelerating.

Maybe adding some clickable option to enable it if it's the case.

I recreated the weather and proceeded to cleaning, but the thing stops at 68 and nothing seems to make it go up. The rocket building seems stalled.

This is nice!

This is a very beautiful game! Enjoyable to play. A little long at the maze part but it's ok.

The game becomes very hard to play at the lights and lasers for the keyboard because we use the same hand both for directions and actions. It would be better to move the character with arrows and use the other hand for actions.

Remembers me about a dream I had 15 years ago :-)

Here is the new cheetah with the big brain at generation 518. It's true that it's longer to see improvements. I hope that it finally starts to run but it seems that rather than using legs independantly to run, he will make a unique use for each of them haha!

It would be nice if we could select 1 creature to be a parent in a generation.

To do that, select "simulate in batches" in the pause menu.

Looks like the game Submerged on Steam.

I wonder what's the difference between fitness and fitness rank in the recombination. Because we don't see any rank anywhere.

This one reaches a plateau around 28% - 40% fitness. I will try for sure your suggestion of neural network.

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This is the new creature at generation 300. I reduced the muscles and alternated between "keep best creatures" and not. And I also reduced the tail by 1 bone because it was using it too easily like another leg.

We can already see that it have a better cheetah look-alike motions.

I think I figured out 1 part of the "why doesn't it uses its 4 legs?"

I selected "keep best creatures" and it seems that it really helps to reach more fitness, but prevent new mutations to ever been selected because the parents are already going too fast.

So I reduced the number of muscles like you said, and I'm alternatively keeping the best creatures, and not, at around each 50 - 75 generations, or when I see that the "parents seeds" are not making any interesting new children.

I'm not very far in the generations, so I will continue that for a while and then post a video of the new result.

I may modify the spine I think. I'm thinking about adding a joint in the vertical thorax bone just before the spine, and make a "second spine" like the first one, not connected to the other spine (would make a triangle). I think it could help to reduce the bones getting out of their joints. I could connect the front leg bones to one line and the back legs to the other.

Ok it's because of that. Well if I do that, the movements amplitude and the limbs strengh will be reduced. I think I will let it like that then. :-)

Hi everybody!

I have 2 main questions related to this creature. I made it from a cheetah skeleton. It has 4 legs.

The 2 questions are related to the video:

- What should I do to prevent the spine bone to get of the joints like it do? (I don't have to tell wich bone, just watch hehe!)

- What could be the brain that makes it use his 4 legs? If you watch carefully, 1 of the 2 legs of the front and the back are acting more like a support rather than another leg, like a crutch.

Hi everyone!

Post here your creature design/videos so everyone can see them in 1 place!

Here's mine to start the thing! Inspired by a cheetah skeleton:

I just removed the Evolution data from my computer, and the new downloaded version works fine! Time to build creatures!

I have the same issue and tried everything you said, and even restart my computer before download. But still can't place a joint anywhere.

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Just tried the web version and it works fine. Only happening with the downloaded version.

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Hi! Just tried your update but can't place a joint anywhere hehe! I have win 10 and my specs are: Intel Core i5-2400 3.10 ghz. I have 12 G RAM. I tried the game at default settings after downloading it.

Ya I saw that we can start from a wheel that will be flat the first generations! This wheel did not do what I was expected it to do. I tough it would be able to maintain the little wheel foward while turning to gain the maximum speed possible. But it seems that the game was not coded to make such a creature hehe!