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Sad is i cant learn him to do enything else, doesnt care how much time i wait or how i edit his neural network... It always end here.

When "Keep best Creatures" option is on, genes of best creatures is copied to all creatures of next generation, but what happend when it is off? Creatrues in new generation get random genes? or they keep their genes from previous generation?

Bugged creature selected as best in generation :D But even though i try to watch replay again i dont find what happend. It just normaly walk in around 2m/s

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Walking happy creature :D

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Hello, i have really problem with getting some normal behavior from creature, after a long time it never do any easy walking, even when i use pre-builded spider creature.
Is there problem in size of neuron network? Or if i wait long enough it will get always best possible?
Normally when i have creature with 10 bones ane 9 muscles then i can spawn 50 creatrues at once. I always get at least 2 batches per generation, that take 100 creatures per generation. And even though i wait 300 generations it dont even learn to jump.
I even tried more complex neuron network like, INPUT = 36 + 27 + 18 + 9 = OUTPUT... not better.

Now i trying to jump with with this creature:

I spawn 80creatures per 2 batches, with 50% mutation rate... after 445generations it dont do even just one normal jump. Here is short video:

Can somebody help what can be wrong? or any advice what to do to get normal behavior?? thx