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Create creatures and let them evolve to see how they master various tasks. · By Keiwan

Evolution Gif Collection Sticky

A topic by Keiwan created Nov 19, 2017 Views: 39,661 Replies: 126
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Hey everybody!

I've been really enjoying seeing all the different creature designs you've come up with, so I decided to make a small collection of gifs of user created creatures over on my website:

If you've created a cool creature and would like it to be featured in that collection you can send me a gif and I might add it to the list. Just link them here on or send me an e-mail (

Important: Here are some things to consider if you want to submit a gif. I will assume that you have read these points and are okay with them if you decide to send something in! If you do not agree with any of these points, don't send anything in.

  • I will download the gif, compress and potentially resize or crop it in order to lower the file size as much as I can. The optimized gif will then be hosted from my website and not where the original was hosted.
  • I will add a link to every gif that takes you either to the original or to a different link you've sent me (together with the gif link) where the gif is taken from. 
    • Example 1: You have made a YouTube video and want to submit a short gif extracted from that video. Send me a direct link to the .gif and a link to your YouTube video. If a user clicks on the optimized gif in the gif collection, it will take them to your YouTube video. 
    • Example 2: You only send me a direct link to the .gif. If a user clicks on the compressed gif in the gif collection, it will take them to the location of the original.
  • I can't promise that all of the submissions will end up on the website. This can have several reasons:
    • I didn't get your e-mail (maybe because it ended up in my spam folder). If you don't want to run into this risk just link the gif right here.
    • The gif was too big and I wasn't able to compress it to an acceptable file size.
    • Nothing even remotely interesting happens in the gif. If your creature just sits there and does nothing, chances are high it will not end up in the collection.
    • I didn't have time to update the website yet. I will add multiple of them at a time whenever I have some free time and nothing else to do (which doesn't happen too often at the moment) so please don't expect your submission to show up any time soon in the collection.
    • If the custom link you submitted together with the gif doesn't actually lead to a place where the gif is taken from, is shortened in a way that doesn't immediately show where it's going to take me to if I click on it or is in any other way inappropriate, then I will either directly link to the gif itself or not include it at all.
    • Any other arbitrary reason that I can't think of right now but I'm sure exists.

This is a cool way to show people's creatures and get some exposure! It's always fun to see what people come up with. :D

I see i'm already represented enough. :)


This is the best creature I ever made XD:

Deleted 25 days ago



this is my deer creation more than 2000 generations 10 at a time 50% mutation


Thanks for this creation, it gave me inspiration to make this modifikation of it:

(if anyone can tell me how to make sure it lands on its feet, that would be great!)


lol climbing goat (cant remove head xD)



I literally had no idea how my lizard type of creature started running like a wolf like I intended to after about 40 generations. I assume it was some natural selection luck. 

Extra Info of GIF: This was taken somewhere around generations 60 to 67, with 10 as the population with 10 second generations.


I really like this one! Do you maybe have the option to rerecord this at a higher framerate? If it's a performance issue you could try to set it to simulate in batches of 1 while you record, to make it a little easier for the CPU. Or you could send me the savefile to if possible and I could try to record a gif on my machine.

If none of that is possible, I'll just use this gif, but I feel like the motion is too good to be displayed at only ~8fps.

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Hmm...  I'll see what I can do try and fix that, hopefully by Friday.


WOO! I did it!

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Why do my creatures always look like they are in pain


No wonder he is in pain his jaw muscle is connected to leg!


it finally learned how to run like a cheetah (sorry for the horrible quality)


for reference, it just now needs to learn how to keep its body straight!

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my cat called Hyejin...  look at it go boing! boing! boing!

apparently, squares are the way to go


Improved cat has hops

other than the audio that spooked me, that is probably the highest and fastest jumper/runner I've seen here... That's impressive!


Here is the compressed gif version


This isn't mine, and I hope its alright if I share it here. An amazingly ingenious and inventive locomotive car by Nic B, here's his video:

And here's the compressed gif:


God, I didn't know how much I needed this game till today. . My little baby is currently doing 18m in 10 secs at gen 300

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My spyder generation 700, but after generation 400 i dont had more improviments in it moviments,

  fitnes or speed, some times go up and some times this stats go down.

It is a population of 200 per generation in bunches of 20(x5), i would like to know what i made wrong, or what

can I do to make a better evolution, I tryed e small brain and larger brains but in could not get a very good 

moviment. i think still wierd the front legs moviment, 

i expected something like this in the front and back legs:

I think it moves well. It's not gonna move like a spider when it's not a spider. It only has four legs, and the joints are different. you can add legs and joints, but that adds complexity.

if by gen 715 you only have 21.29% fitness... something is wrong with your design. but interesting concept either way

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I have this super complex thing that I made, which I call my fat bull. I am new both to this site and to making gifs, so if you could give me any feedback on adding stuff like gifs, that'd be very appreciated.


that may be the most glorious creature I've ever seen... well done to you, sir!

Thank you, I do have to admit that I am quite proud of how it turned out. I was really hoping for some biological looking movement, and it turned out so great, I'm so glad that it learned this way of moving.

It remind me of a Boomers belly from Left for dead 



This one run the fastest for me.
I tried a version with knees but it just won't work, their knees were too weak.



i wanted this creature to run rather than hop, but it started doing this at generation 3, so i'm happy!

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There are two versions of this creature, one where it uses its legs, and this one...where it launches itself using some weird physics glitch that it learned to exploit. Sometimes it cripples itself, other times it lands, rolls onto its "head" and flails its legs in the air to move because logic.

Deleted 25 days ago

i remember seeing something like this in iron man 3 lol

Here's mine. After 400+ generations it kinda stayed moving like that

it makes me think of a dying frog


Fastest 4 legged runner, I think.. 

Amazing creature!

Hey bro.

Can you please give me the cheetah file.Or show it on a grid.My contacts for communication:telegram @Pegas42


This is my creature I call "Runny Boi" Its pretty simple and does an okay job of running. It has a fitness of about 22% Runny Boi Gif


I like it! Reminds me of the design of those Boston Dynamics robo dogs

Haha thats what my dad said too!

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Just a simple inspirational creature. 

So simple but one change in dimension or position and its broken.

Do not know match about gif, not sure how to take so many images to convert, sorry.

I created this quick simulation, boosted it beyond reason for no reason just to illustrate.


I made a tiny square that just rolls around. 4 joins, 4 bones, and 8 muscles!

Deleted 25 days ago

Hi! i created this big Frog, it likes to jump out of the Frame :)

My fastest creature so far after a few hours playing around 

anyone with a solution to run this crazy pacman?

first emoji in the game ever

this emoji seems to work

look at that weight. imagine that running over you.

it may not kill you but it will hurt

A giant rocket launcher

this rocket seems to work


At 2000 gen it was still hopping. But when it's 3000 gen, it starts running.

Look at the front foot is contracting to get more distance, and the tail and head are providing balance. It just looks like a real running dog.

It's kinda scary. Are creatures really just a sum of some algorithm?

pls show me how to make it


I've kinda made a working Pacman. Gonna keep evolving it


And here's my little square guy

i don't know if this is still a thing but if you get two separate thingies (with like bones and joints stuff) that are only connected by muscles it gets weird.

can anyone tell me how to make a gif

gif at 30 externalfile:dmboannefpncccogfdikhmhpmdnddgoe:~%2FDownloads%2FRecovered files fr...

This spinning wheel creature gets really fast and learns easily. If you don't get a bugged seed, it will outrun nearly any other creature!


Very minimalist but I love it only 10 gen and he can jump !


Wow this is an incredible sim. These little guys are efficient. When they were younger they would take great big leaps and cover a lot of distance, and sometimes fall over. But their training eventually taught them to take smaller more reliable strides. I think the same thing happened to me.

My little creations


Thats so cute! All my tries with more than 4 legs ended so badly ( n ,-  v-)n 


This game is becoming my obsession XDDD
I also didn't think the last 2 would work so well!

was busy evolving a super fast creature when it ran out of memory :(

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Walking happy creature :D

wow its like a person

Sad is i cant learn him to do enything else, doesnt care how much time i wait or how i edit his neural network... It always end here.

I have never seen - and never expected - this kind of movement...

A combination of rolling and jumping:

Already Done Mate

noice user face box thing picture

cant get higher speed 



He's my bestest boi, the jumpiest boi, i will give up if someone can imitate his style of movement and beat his fitness

I wanted to make a creature based on a wheel with a moving center of gravity, but I can't seem to train it effectively, regardless of network setup. The moving arms method will at least learn to rotate forever, but never optimizes the arm position for increased speed/distance.
The pendulum method will either learn to bounce, or rotate for a few seconds before coming to a stop.
I wonder what inputs the network is using. Are velocity and rotation being used as input? 


Super interesting idea! The help page in the sim (question mark on the left of the building UI) describes the inputs that the brain uses - and since I have it up, here's the list:

  • Distance of creature from the ground
  • Current velocity (horizontal and vertical component)
  • Rotational velocity
  • Number of points currently touching the ground
  • Creature's rotation (= the average of all bone rotations)

At least, this is what it generally uses. It also specifies that it may use more inputs based on the task (obstacle jumping uses another input for the distance between the creature and the obstacle).

One other thing is that it says there's two parts to being able to perform a task - how the body is built and how the brain controls that body. It would be nice if there could be a "manual" mode where you can somehow manually control the creature to test whether its given body is even capable of achieving such speeds...but I realize this could be complicated to use, esp if the number of muscles is high.


Yeah. I found that input list shortly after posting this. I'm wondering if somehow that average bone rotation is resulting in a static rotation value on a creature like this. Depending on how the rotation of a single bone is determined, it seems like a wheel's average may just cancel itself out. If that's the case, then:
- distance from the ground is always the same
- current velocity has no direct correlation to current rotation, and may actually cause more harm than good
- rotational velocity has the same problems as current velocity
- number of points touching will always be the same
And we end up with no usable inputs.
It would be cool if there was an input list to select from, so that we could fine tune the creature's "senses", including multiple variants on rotation input, or even tying some of the inputs to a property of a specific bone or muscle. 

I bring you minimalist bunny, I hoped it would bend its front leg more, but hadn't seen any improvement in 100 generations so I stopped there.


5,000 generations later. Trying to reach Greyhound speeds. Think I'll start over and try to optimize the anatomy better.

Oh, also, first post. Hello everybody.


Cool :)

I made a frogger’s back legs 3x more powerful 

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Something i made


I know

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Not what I expected 


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I know i'm late to this, but oh yeah. This boy can walk.

Hey Keiwan! I am not sure if this is you, but an email, which is is trying to access my gif. I cannot contact them since their domain (mcusd2) prevents me from. If this is you, could you please provide me with an alternative email so I can contact you and grant access?

Here's a kangaroo.


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 Covid-19^^ and my best creation :o
Covid 19^^ and my best creation :o

so you're the one responsible for the mutation!

First creature I have made with a decent motion < google drive link

how do i make it a gif

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Need mirror button

Hello Keiwan,

I want a mirror of this creature.

Can you create a mirror button?

This is too complicated to create this again for me.

100% fitness XD

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My fastest up the mountain solution:

can also jump above the screen and run really fast.

Winged quadruped that I've dubbed my 'small dragon'. One of my more successful attempts at a realistic looking creature. Why does it gotta limp when running though.. XD

I introduced my dad to this game and  he created a jumpy creature better than any I've created.


that is so cool

Some great  creations here


this is my fastest creature :)

I haven't made a gif, but I think this is an interesting concept. A kinda rabbit. The balancing of the three muscles power is the key. Thanks for the Game! :) 


very interesting movement

adorable creature!

I don’t even know how this happened LOL

Keiwan, do you mind extending the distance markings on the bottom? XD

Animated GIF

this eggplant knows how to spin.

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Optimized gif. File size: 246.03KiB (-49.71%), width: 250px, height: 157px, frames: 30 


Non-Optimized gif. File size: 489.23KiB, width: 250px, height: 157px, frames: 30 Link to video.

My spider boi was able to start bouncing up the stairs around 20-30 generations in. He has made vast improvement and I'm very proud of him!
Compressed gif:

Full video:

honse (ive loved this game for years and finally downloaded it to pc)

this monstrosity is able to go 400 (meters?)

anyone know why the leg bones are doing this?