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Evolution Gif Collection Sticky

A topic by Keiwan created Nov 19, 2017 Views: 1,695 Replies: 2
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Hey everybody!

I've been really enjoying seeing all the different creature designs you've come up with, so I decided to make a small collection of gifs of user created creatures over on my website: http://keiwando.com/evolution-gifs.html

If you've created a cool creature and would like it to be featured in that collection you can send me a gif and I might add it to the list. Just link them here on itch.io or send me an e-mail at keiwan@gmx.de

Important: Here are some things to consider if you want to submit a gif. I will assume that you have read these points and are okay with them if you decide to send something in! If you do not agree with any of these points, don't send anything in.

  • I will download the gif, compress and potentially resize or crop it in order to lower the file size as much as I can. The optimized gif will then be hosted from my website and not where the original was hosted.
  • I will add a link to every gif that takes you either to the original or to a different link you've sent me (together with the gif link) where the gif is taken from. 
    • Example 1: You have made a YouTube video and want to submit a short gif extracted from that video. Send me a direct link to the .gif and a link to your YouTube video. If a user clicks on the optimized gif in the gif collection, it will take them to your YouTube video. 
    • Example 2: You only send me a direct link to the .gif. If a user clicks on the compressed gif in the gif collection, it will take them to the location of the original.
  • I can't promise that all of the submissions will end up on the website. This can have several reasons:
    • I didn't get your e-mail (maybe because it ended up in my spam folder). If you don't want to run into this risk just link the gif right here.
    • The gif was too big and I wasn't able to compress it to an acceptable file size.
    • Nothing even remotely interesting happens in the gif. If your creature just sits there and does nothing, chances are high it will not end up in the collection.
    • I didn't have time to update the website yet. I will add multiple of them at a time whenever I have some free time and nothing else to do (which doesn't happen too often at the moment) so please don't expect your submission to show up any time soon in the collection.
    • If the custom link you submitted together with the gif doesn't actually lead to a place where the gif is taken from, is shortened in a way that doesn't immediately show where it's going to take me to if I click on it or is in any other way inappropriate, then I will either directly link to the gif itself or not include it at all.
    • Any other arbitrary reason that I can't think of right now but I'm sure exists.

This is a cool way to show people's creatures and get some exposure! It's always fun to see what people come up with. :D

I see i'm already represented enough. :)

This is the best creature I ever made XD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1svvAMHp1vN00Cyk7eYU_fG-QMIDB1dwK