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Evolution community · Created a new topic Evolution 3.0?

Keiwan please, are you working on the 3.0 version? have some date ? this project is over or was abandoned? I love this "game" becouse we dont have many of this type of game, I really like to create the monsters, please do not abandon this project...

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Hey Keiwan did you see this another "game" ? this is working very well but the user interface is horrible, maybe it could help you with the bugs and the neural network...

I agree, for now with the bugs in version 2;0 it is very necessary..

exactly! Sometimes when I made tall creatures, all the next gen is falling creatures, becouse the software choose who goes far, and the simple fact to falling is a "best of gen", the software should choose stand up creatures in the first generations than who goes far.



i agree

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My spyder generation 700, but after generation 400 i dont had more improviments in it moviments,

  fitnes or speed, some times go up and some times this stats go down.

It is a population of 200 per generation in bunches of 20(x5), i would like to know what i made wrong, or what

can I do to make a better evolution, I tryed e small brain and larger brains but in could not get a very good 

moviment. i think still wierd the front legs moviment, 

i expected something like this in the front and back legs:

no i tryed a simple spider with 4 legs. total 8 muscles, very simetric and all legs the same size, i let evolving ultil 600 generation usng bunche of 200 (40 simulated per time), but always one of legs is used like a tail, and do not move, or some times its walk but in a wierd way, i tryed using big braim but nothing diferent,

 when you make a creating try to imaging this creature in side view, not perspective ok is better, but i think this software need some more improves.

do not exist a way to change the total population per generation, some times is better start with a huge population, and star to lowing the number of population, for exmaple, i started a spider with 1000 population per generation, using 40 per batch. now after 500 generations i would like low the population and speed up my simulation, becoune now the spider is close of the best way to run.


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SUGGESTION TO IMPROVE THE A.I. to be a better runner

Like in real life, babies don't start trying to run, they

try first be stand up.

The program should divide the learn moves into 3 steps to lear how to run:

1- STAND UP : this is important to software knowing what is the correct creature  position, to kwnon what is theyer foot, legs, head etc. 
in this process at some moment we should to able  to use a drag force using the mouse cursor, to try desestabilish the creature, or thrown heavy objects in it direction to test and see how creature try stand up with "stranges" forces on it body.

2- WALK: After learned how stay on foot, should now learn how to walk, becouse have a huge diference between walk and run, some animals (like a cat) when they are running, some times (mileseconds) they dont touch the ground and walking have slower moves and software should try to find the best way to consuming less energy in muscles (becouse walking is the most eficient way to move, differently of running, becouse is more explosive moves and higt energy musscle consuption..

3- finally using all the informations from step 1 and 2 to  learn how to run, tryng to be the faster as can,

thats it THANKS.