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There are no physical mutations, yet. The mutation only affects the brain of the creature, the neural net, which changes how the creature moves.

I like it! Reminds me of the design of those Boston Dynamics robo dogs

I like this idea

To add to this, an option that makes it so that if any creature goes below -5m vert distance dramatically lowers its fitness, too.

Way too many times do we create a creature that glitches to the skies, which is obviously bad. So an option to add a vert distance line that whenever the creature passes it, dramatically lowers its fitness.

A tool that connects every bone with muscles

Just a simple suggestion, the option to change the name of gen saves would be nice, my saves are too cluttered and I don't know which is which.

Fastest 4 legged runner, I think.. 


Not necessarily a suggestion for the game, but a FAQ page in the website (maybe even in the game) would be nice, and would stop the threads that are just easily answerable questions.

If you click the "best of gen" screen, you can see the best creature's stats, including fitness. Also the neural net accessed by going to the settings and clicking the brain. Make sure you're using the latest version!

Yes, it has been discussed on the suggestions thread, but yeah, this would be a really cool thing to have. It would also be really cool if you can manually add a mutation that affects all individuals in the next generation, just to see how it copes.

Im not sure but I think fitness is how good the creature is compared to its complexity, like if a complex creature has 5 m/s, but a simple creature also has 5 m/s, then the simpler one gets a higher fitness. Idk tho

A way to delete current generations for older ones in saves, for example, in generation 4, I get the movement that I want, but in gen 5, everything goes bad and glitchy and stays that way for a long time, but I only have the save file for gen 5. So I can delete gen 5 and go back to 4 and hope that it continues like that.

I agree, anything in this kind of form where if it touches the ground lowers the creature's chance of survival would create more interesting creatures faster.

Something like inverse kinematics where moving a node moves the rest of the bones and nodes its connected to, but without changing the length of the bones? I'd really like this so that identical limbs are easier to make, please

Add layers in building, like the layers in photoshop

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Ability to recolor bones, nodes, and muscles to make it easier to see groups and parts in a complex creation

Ability to change the incline of the stairs in climbing mode

Ability to change individual bone's weight

This idea would also work better with somekind of stamina system, so that, too

Add rigid bones, basically bones that can't bend

Add an option during the generation simulations to create a "target speed", basically a speed that the creature has to reach, and can't go higher or lower than it. This might make for more interesting creatures since you can basically simulate the running, walking, and standing versions of the same creature, without having to add anything else. I got this idea from this video, the "target speed" shows up at the bottom at the 1:30 mark.

Saw this one posted in 4chan:

Not uh.. exactly what I meant. The game choosing falling creatures isn't a bug, more like a flaw in the evolution, which is why the creator should add "kill joints", which aren't against machine learning since all what machine learning is is to find a solution for a problem, kill joints would just further improve the efficiency of the problem solving. Anyways, what I meant by my bug report is that in the normal gen screen, you can clearly see creatures moving pretty fast in the running mode, but sometimes, the "best of gen" won't show the actual "best" creature in each gen. This is made obvious when you can see the creatures in the normal screen clearly running, yet the "best of gen" will just show a creature sitting down, without doing anything. It also isn't just bad luck, since the best of gen shows statistics for each best creature, and when it says that it's "0.7m/s" when it obviously isn't true, then that's a big problem.

An add on for this suggestion, also allow the select  tool to rotate nodes too

I know this has probably been posted a lot already, but the "best of gen" sometimes doesn't actually show the best of gen. 

Ability to connect muscles from node to node and node to bone maybe?

Use a gif recorder like giphy and gyazo and save it and upload it here, I simply use gyazo

that may be the most glorious creature I've ever seen... well done to you, sir!

That's pretty good! I like your strategy for getting the kind of movement you want, I might try using that.

This seems quite ambitious, but this game simulates just only the half of the evolution process, so how about add  a way that evolves any creature, without only evolving its brain, but also evolving its nodes, where they're placed, and possibly mutates a random new bone and muscle even?

A timer would be pretty pointless imo, but what do you mean by "an overview of current generation"?

A  graph of how well the creature has done over all generations would be nice

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I was running low on spawn on my C: drive, so i decided to move all of the evolution saves to a separate folder in E:, so I could just copy and paste the saves that I needed back to the C: drive. The problem is, I copied all of them back to the C: drive, and 80% of my saves are missing, please help me, I don't know how this happened since I'm sure that I copied everything back..

Edit: I used a file recovery program to retrieve the lost files. Idk why I lost them in the first place since I never deleted anything, and nothing was in the recycle bin.

Edit 2: But a new problem arose, since I can't load them anymore.. Please help

Edit 3: And when I load them, a ghost of the creature appears that can't be removed. I think I accidentally broke the game

Edit 4: I tried deleting them, but it didn't work, even when switching to the "creature" save file. Then I switched to other tools like move, but it seems to be stuck on the delete tool.

When my fastest creature is given enough time, it falls off the map at some point.. I know this isn't only limited to the individual creature, since I set the gen time to 200, and each batch eventually falls of the map. Is this an actual feature, and if so, why, and is it possible to remove it?

This isn't mine, and I hope its alright if I share it here. An amazingly ingenious and inventive locomotive car by Nic B, here's his video:

And here's the compressed gif:

This might be a strange suggestion, but hear me out... Do not count the first 2-3 seconds in each generation. The reason why? Because each creature is slightly slower because they have to get into position to move, since creature design that the creature spawns in isn't exactly the optimal starting position. For example, who would be faster? A human who started in a running stance, or a human who is started in a sitting position? The reason why I think this should be implemented is because you can basically make any creature faster by a large amount just by increasing the evolution time, and by not counting the first 2-3 seconds of prep time, we would have a more accurate view of the creature's actual speed.

other than the audio that spooked me, that is probably the highest and fastest jumper/runner I've seen here... That's impressive!