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Create creatures and let them evolve to see how they master various tasks. · By Keiwan

I somehow lost 80% of my saves...

A topic by FistingJamboree created May 08, 2018 Views: 144
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I was running low on spawn on my C: drive, so i decided to move all of the evolution saves to a separate folder in E:, so I could just copy and paste the saves that I needed back to the C: drive. The problem is, I copied all of them back to the C: drive, and 80% of my saves are missing, please help me, I don't know how this happened since I'm sure that I copied everything back..

Edit: I used a file recovery program to retrieve the lost files. Idk why I lost them in the first place since I never deleted anything, and nothing was in the recycle bin.

Edit 2: But a new problem arose, since I can't load them anymore.. Please help

Edit 3: And when I load them, a ghost of the creature appears that can't be removed. I think I accidentally broke the game

Edit 4: I tried deleting them, but it didn't work, even when switching to the "creature" save file. Then I switched to other tools like move, but it seems to be stuck on the delete tool.