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Create creatures and let them evolve to see how they master various tasks. · By Keiwan

Did anyone get a good running humanoid creature?

A topic by qaysedc created May 11, 2018 Views: 1,203 Replies: 7
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I am trying to get a creature that walks smoothly, but instead it only jumps like a frog, limps or"gallops like a horse".

Is there anyone who did better than me?

no i tryed a simple spider with 4 legs. total 8 muscles, very simetric and all legs the same size, i let evolving ultil 600 generation usng bunche of 200 (40 simulated per time), but always one of legs is used like a tail, and do not move, or some times its walk but in a wierd way, i tryed using big braim but nothing diferent,

 when you make a creating try to imaging this creature in side view, not perspective ok is better, but i think this software need some more improves.

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ohh yes, i know the problem with the not moving part very well.

It's pretty annoying...

And can you maybe upload a video of it?

Nope, most of my creatures can do the first lunge, but refuse to do the same thing with the other leg, for some reasons.

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This was my best attempt:

I had 96 c/gen( a 48 per batch), 70 gens and the brain was on default settings.

I first disabled "keep best creatures" and had a high mutation rate, then after i got a first jumping creature i enabled "keep best creatures" and set mutaion rate to a low level to get more like him. After i got a bunch of creatures like him i set mutation rate to a higher level to get again a creature that was significantly better than the rest. After this i repeated to lower and raise the mutaion level.

It also can "walk" as long as you want if you train it for some generations.

That's pretty good! I like your strategy for getting the kind of movement you want, I might try using that.

I can also recommend to do a big flat body on top,  so that the creatures who tumble can't crawl anymore (and drop out of the gen pool), so that you can use the "keep best creatures" more efficent (at least in the way i do it).

Saw this one posted in 4chan: