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A possibility to let your computer (especially the gpu) simulate a bunch of generations in just a few seconds/ much less time. For example i have a gpu that just calculates at the beginning of a generation and that even with only about 40-50 % of its capabilities. However i have to wait till the simulations are over.

Edit: Upss... this was already posted by someone else.

When i think of an "overview of current generation", i mean that you can zoom out with the camera and also move the camera with the arrow keys. And like i said in the post of the walking human (, i "train" my creatures in a special way and for this would a timer be very practicle.

I can also recommend to do a big flat body on top,  so that the creatures who tumble can't crawl anymore (and drop out of the gen pool), so that you can use the "keep best creatures" more efficent (at least in the way i do it).

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ohh yes, i know the problem with the not moving part very well.

It's pretty annoying...

And can you maybe upload a video of it?

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This was my best attempt:

I had 96 c/gen( a 48 per batch), 70 gens and the brain was on default settings.

I first disabled "keep best creatures" and had a high mutation rate, then after i got a first jumping creature i enabled "keep best creatures" and set mutaion rate to a low level to get more like him. After i got a bunch of creatures like him i set mutation rate to a higher level to get again a creature that was significantly better than the rest. After this i repeated to lower and raise the mutaion level.

It also can "walk" as long as you want if you train it for some generations.

I am trying to get a creature that walks smoothly, but instead it only jumps like a frog, limps or"gallops like a horse".

Is there anyone who did better than me?

Would be nice if there is a timer, to see how long the current generation will go and a possibility for an overview of current generation.

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The Programm stops and gives an Error, if you do more than 256 generations.


There isn't a problem with the generations, it just stops after some time and says "Class not defined"