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Did anyone get a fitness of 100%?

A topic by Zucc Prime created 31 days ago Views: 544 Replies: 10
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Please tell me.  Send this thread a picture in the grid... I really want to impress my friends.


I don't know what I did right because I don't understand the exact meaning of Fitness It also involves luck because this exact creature went limb the first try

I also modified neural network, which I guess makes them smarter somehow.

Im not sure but I think fitness is how good the creature is compared to its complexity, like if a complex creature has 5 m/s, but a simple creature also has 5 m/s, then the simpler one gets a higher fitness. Idk tho




You forgot a period in between "Fitness" and "It"

As did you, at the end of your sentence.


Zucc is greatful, your private information is safe for another day, Kalaeleo.

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grateful.* Don't worry, the Grammar Police will always be here. ;) So sad that even an O.G. A.I. can not spell correctly.

It's/It is so sad*... Also, "can not" can be shortened to "cannot", but no worries, you're still grammatically correct on that one.