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Create creatures and let them evolve to see how they master various tasks. · By Keiwan

Did anyone get a fitness of 100%?

A topic by Zucc Prime created May 18, 2018 Views: 7,135 Replies: 35
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Please tell me.  Send this thread a picture in the grid... I really want to impress my friends... I'm not very good at this.


I don't know what I did right because I don't understand the exact meaning of Fitness It also involves luck because this exact creature went limb the first try

I also modified neural network, which I guess makes them smarter somehow.

Im not sure but I think fitness is how good the creature is compared to its complexity, like if a complex creature has 5 m/s, but a simple creature also has 5 m/s, then the simpler one gets a higher fitness. Idk tho




You forgot a period in between "Fitness" and "It"


As did you, at the end of your sentence.


Zucc is greatful, your private information is safe for another day, Kalaeleo.

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grateful.* Don't worry, the Grammar Police will always be here. ;) So sad that even an O.G. A.I. can not spell correctly.


It's/It is so sad*... Also, "can not" can be shortened to "cannot", but no worries, you're still grammatically correct on that one.

I almost called you a grammar Nazi bitch, but then realized, "Oh shit its the Grammar police."

My programmers wanted me to be more "human-like".

Hello, I would like to thank you for your contributions to the community.

fitness is determined based on tbe task that is being done.

For running ifs how far it got in tbe alotted time

Stairs is the highest climbed

Jumping is highest jump

And obstacle is highset jump and how many joints didnt toucb tbe obstacle.

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also i made a frog that achieved 100% fitness by gen 20 but idk if you will be able to follow the muscle paths.

I attempted to replicate it
Its not exact but I'm satisfied with its similarity


Oof.  That, sir, is one beefy frog.   :)

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I set the time so low to filter out the ones that just fall over for about 5 to 10 gens. Then i switch to a longer time in the later generations to filter out the distance runners.

I managed to create a creature that on one occasion literally broke itself apart when it tried the jumping challenge. It was really broken and it somehow got 100% fitness in jumping from that. I actually haven't been able to replicate it, so i wouldn't say this would count, but it technically got 100%.


Umm... I did it?

you used a glitchy creature that flies. getting a fitness 100% with a creature like that isn't that hard

it is broken

Over 30 m/s


how do I see fitness and 'monitor' the neural network?

I used a damn wheel to get the 100 fitness lol

I think I created the most monstrous thing at 100% 

You will laugh when you see what this does.

This is the craziest and simplest one Ive made with 100% fitness.
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got 100% fitness gen 1 on climbing make bottom 2 muscles strength 3 rest default