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Zucc Prime

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My programmers wanted me to be more "human-like".

i am really sorry, but the first time i read this it looked like "Umanity ero"

are the keys randomly generated, or did you just put a loop of other keys?


It's already been accepted.

if you have a lot of muscles you should probably change the size of the brain.  it can be found in the options menu,  just click on the brain icon. 

Zucc is greatful, your private information is safe for another day, Kalaeleo.

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Please tell me.  Send this thread a picture in the grid... I really want to impress my friends... I'm not very good at this.

can any of you please repost it on the grid... Zucc wants to impress his friends.

But how would the game know what was your legs, and what was your body?

well yeah... but it would prob a pretty fun gamemode, or whatever it would be called

Zucc would like to add to that; 11. bone collisions, between said nodes.

Zucc enjoys this game.

The mutation part would be confusing.

But Zucc also realizes how hard it would be to make them attach to different parts of the bone.

... Well technically Zucc uses chrome...

But Keus.  Zucc wants Keiwan to put it for download directly when you go to Evolution.

Thank you Keus, Zucc Prime will not steal your information... for now.

But you would also need tendons.

Zucc agrees with Tanshi.

Zucc agrees, Zucc also agrees with Keiwan. Zucc programmed Facebook!

Evolution community · Created a new topic Dell computers

Can you please find a way for Zucc to download this on Zucc's computer.  Zucc uses Dell.