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do you still make games?

is the person in the third gif in the game yet?

I like the secrets, there is just two in the demo?

its too easy, though, you can just buy a few things and hold x , maybe make enemies shoot projectiles, or some stronger common enimies, but generally a great game, love the pixel art, the game is soo polished XD

btw, I found you via scratch! I have plaed each version of witch

I have done those, got to three things saying this is the end of the demo, yet there was only one boss, so I thought there was more, and the test area had more items ect

I have just been to the post office and am completely stuck, got the double jump

hi, cool game!

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actually, new link for the new project admin

yeah, it will be working in a few weeks, just have to setup the thig with two creators

how do I see fitness and 'monitor' the neural network?

found an error

my grappling hook went out, then so did I :0