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Create creatures and let them evolve to see how they master various tasks. · By Keiwan

Neuron network size

A topic by SVKAker created 25 days ago Views: 126
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Hello, i have really problem with getting some normal behavior from creature, after a long time it never do any easy walking, even when i use pre-builded spider creature.
Is there problem in size of neuron network? Or if i wait long enough it will get always best possible?
Normally when i have creature with 10 bones ane 9 muscles then i can spawn 50 creatrues at once. I always get at least 2 batches per generation, that take 100 creatures per generation. And even though i wait 300 generations it dont even learn to jump.
I even tried more complex neuron network like, INPUT = 36 + 27 + 18 + 9 = OUTPUT... not better.

Now i trying to jump with with this creature:

I spawn 80creatures per 2 batches, with 50% mutation rate... after 445generations it dont do even just one normal jump. Here is short video:

Can somebody help what can be wrong? or any advice what to do to get normal behavior?? thx