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I can't tell if I just don't know how to start the game or if it's actually broken and won't load

It's not exactly what you linked, and yeah, it was a Windows-based pc. I was playing the browser version and everything seemed to work perfectly fine other than the Joints and Bones of the creature. Buttons functioned, everything had visuals, it all worked perfectly. The only weird thing was that the Joints and Bones were completely invisible. However, the muscles were perfectly fine. 

That's what I get for trying to use a crappy school computer to play cool stuff, I guess. It may just be a problem with the hardware, as every other computer I've used with it works perfectly.

For some reason I wan't able to place down any joints. I tried to load in Hailer, but it only loaded up 2 muscles and nothing else. Not joints, no bones, nothing. I tried to star the simulation and the "Hailer" dropped to the ground and never moved. No matter how long I waited, it never progressed to the 2nd generation. I have no idea what caused this but I believe it's a fairly rare occurrence...

Seems like a fun game, but it runs extremely badly in HTML. It's super choppy and the character keeps slipping off ledges, dropping him into spikes. There's also about a 0.5s input delay which makes this too annoying of a challenge to encourage em to go any further. Good concept though.

Cool, now I'm $22,500 in debt

I don't know if this is an intensional thing but none of the doors ever open. I can make them light up, but I can never go through them. I can't grapple the doors or walk through them, and the buttons only make them glow. Am I doing something wrong?

I've been trying to get past the "Fix the roof" item for an hour now. I've checked every single square on the island and in the guy's home trying to find the screwdriver. I've been able to throw the trash out, water the plants, and get the hammer and nails, but I can't find the screwdriver anywhere! I've used space on every floor tile, wall, and item, and even tried hammering everything, but no crap this guy misplaced the screwdriver, because it doesn't even seem to be on his island whatsoever. It's impossible to find a walkthrough for the game to check it because all I seem to find when I try to search for one is Untitled Goose Game. All the videos in the comments seem to be broken, and I've pretty much given up of ever completing the game. At some point a long time ago I managed to overcome this now ridiculous problem quite easily, but I have no idea how I did so at all. It's an amazing game overall, but where is the freaking screwdriver?