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I've been trying to get past the "Fix the roof" item for an hour now. I've checked every single square on the island and in the guy's home trying to find the screwdriver. I've been able to throw the trash out, water the plants, and get the hammer and nails, but I can't find the screwdriver anywhere! I've used space on every floor tile, wall, and item, and even tried hammering everything, but no crap this guy misplaced the screwdriver, because it doesn't even seem to be on his island whatsoever. It's impossible to find a walkthrough for the game to check it because all I seem to find when I try to search for one is Untitled Goose Game. All the videos in the comments seem to be broken, and I've pretty much given up of ever completing the game. At some point a long time ago I managed to overcome this now ridiculous problem quite easily, but I have no idea how I did so at all. It's an amazing game overall, but where is the freaking screwdriver?



We apologize for misleading you.  Hammer and screwdriver is a reference to our game "Please Don't Touch Anything".  There is no screwdriver in this game. To fix the roof you only need to go on the roof and fix the holes with a hammer.