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Its original PDTA. Then we are made full version for Steam etc.

you need an apple and knife

Shop resets after every 3rd shoot.

We'll make controller support later.

Game Maker Studio 2

most likely yes, but not soon

Ну, полная версия игры в данный момент доступна в Стиме для Виндоус, Мак и Линукс систем. Для всего остального руки если и дойдут, то не раньше чем через полгода.

with knife

Yes, most likely something has changed globally in browsers.

Unfortunately at the moment there is no possibility of rebuild the game (the latest version of Game Maker for some reason is not friendly with browsers). The only way out is to play the Windows version for now.

Up / Down arrows

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Yep. It is original LudumDare game.  Original PDTA 2D grows from it .

kill fishing rod)

Its conflicts with old save file. Delete it, or wait for tomorrow. I will try to fix it.

in LD version its just endless dead loop
try demo of full version

The camp will be thoroughly redesigned in the full version. Thanks for the feedback!

you need to find a string for the ukulele)

try to check the storeroom ;)

Yeah! We hardly maked ballance for four of them)))


We apologize for misleading you.  Hammer and screwdriver is a reference to our game "Please Don't Touch Anything".  There is no screwdriver in this game. To fix the roof you only need to go on the roof and fix the holes with a hammer.

You need to jump with heavy soldier into helicopter propeller three times

Left mouse button

critical deal x2 damage

cracked coin fixed!



sorry for inconvenience

Online is remastered version already)

Thanx for video!