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A topic by Anri created Mar 09, 2021 Views: 886 Replies: 6
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Just curious is the full game coming to android in the future would gladly pay steam price for it, I can't seem to find anything saying yes/no. 


most likely yes, but not soon

Ok thanks nice to know its still possible, Been enjoying it on PC but didn't know if the phone port had been dropped. 

really looking forward to your full game for android. I played the Alpha version and was very pleased, and after watching the reviews on the full version of the PC, even more so! The game is not without drawbacks, but made with soul. Привет вам из Украины:)))

what's the difference between the android demo and the full pc game? I'd gladly pay for the full version on android as I dont own a pc currently.. 

I'm not the Dev but the demo is only tiny bit of the game when it was early, they have added a lot of content / story to the full release.

Just here to say I agree with Anri. Played the demo for some time and really want the android full version now.