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Already played a few hours of this game and it was very fun. Would be amazing to have an update at some point. Still very playable as it is now.

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Tried the google play link but it's unavailable on Brazil. May you fix it?

Is there an android version of the game?

Is there a list of games made on Tuesday or something of the sort?

Just here to say I agree with Anri. Played the demo for some time and really want the android full version now.

Ok then. Will wait for it.

Any other way to get the latest apk version?

The harder for me, don't know why, was DE 5. The smashing head with a door one. These of the umbrella is DE 6.

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What you already got?

Amazing story!

Found it searching on the store. My bad.


Google play link says it's not available on my country (Brazil)

Downloading the android version. Will test on a redmi note 8.

Entendi. Obrigado pela resposta!

Alguma chance de uma versão android? xD

Gostei da história. Parece bom.

The google play link doesn't work for me. Is there any chance to have the apk being sold here as well? Or, if I'm being region blocked on google play,  consider giving brazilian players access to it.

Hello there! I am trying to play it using a gamepad on my pnone (moto x 2)with no success. Do I need to do some special configuration that I am not aware of?

What I have to do to buy the Android version?