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Hi BM_Rec not sure if you know of the android app JoiPlay that can play Ren'Py & RPGmaker games, I've had to use it on other games as they hit this same app problem.  


1) Get RAR & JoiPlay from app store + it's Ren'Py plug in. 

1.5) not required, open file explorer & make a custom file to store games.

2) download the PC ver of game & unpack with RAR. 

3) use your file explorer to go to where you unpacked the game & tap on the games .exe file pick JoiPlay to open. 

4) it should open JoiPlay and have filled out all the required info, just hit add & it should be good to play. 

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Extract it on your phone with RAR then follow steps.

Really the PC extract isn't necessary till a game is a fue GB as you need x2 the games Zip space to extract.

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You can just tap on the "game.exe" where you extracted it and pick JoiPlay to open it to skip step 2 to 7.

yes he did mention it will.

you can play it already on android useing the JoiPlay app to play the PC .exe

I'm not the Dev but the demo is only tiny bit of the game when it was early, they have added a lot of content / story to the full release.

Ya I came across that problem, might be an idea to make it more visible, have a sparkle or when you get close have the PC mention its around here.

I ended up cheating and adding it to my inventory as I couldn't see it.

At the end of each quiz she asks for one letter answers, all together they make a word, then the final hint is given when entering an incorrect answer to (??"?)

Size is too big now to be an .apk, it pays exactly the same when playing in JoiPlay.


The old .apk save would be in Storage > files > android > data > (?) Don't know the last part as I didn't have the .apk game on my current phone, it might not even be compatible with the PC Ver.

If you find it you would just have to place it into the  PC game's save folder where ever you unpacked the game.

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She's already given you the code befor you reached that point 😉

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You need to be a patreon to get the codes there on the discord if you are in the $10 Tier.

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May want to have a 2 part DL for anyone only on android, as you need like +16Gb free space to DL/unpack the PC one useing phone RAR.

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Get the PC ver from here & JoiPlay + JoiPlay Ren'Py plugin from the app store.

They did mention this at the bottom of the patch notes.

Ok thanks nice to know its still possible, Been enjoying it on PC but didn't know if the phone port had been dropped. 

Just curious is the full game coming to android in the future would gladly pay steam price for it, I can't seem to find anything saying yes/no. 

No sorry that one didn't work for me either, that's one of the only cons to useing that app sometimes the files can't be loaded.

On the new android build there seems to be a bug when the skip button is visible top left (past events, first time etc) it auto skips & when the you can pick service / receive it always picks the left option no matter where you touch on the screen.

Ifound this out because the creator "The Dystopian Project" uses it.

Download JoiPlay from the app store & the JoiPlay RPG maker plugin, then get the PC version and unpack it with free RAR, after go to the file tap on the Games .exe & select JoiPlay to open it.

This game seems to work fine on mobile from what I've played so far.

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Nice VN can't wait to see more, are most of the characters custom haven't seen them before unlike most games on here? 

Game works without any problems on Android using the JoiPlay app.

Look on his patreon it's free there.

if you can it would be a good idea to disable or add the option to turn off save game names on the phone version.

The android keyboard enter key doesn't seem to work and keyboard keeps reopening stopping you from saving sometimes and softlocking you.

Have to pay for the full game.

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money is easy to make, increase your strength then go fishing seems to be the fastest way.

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ya, i'm having the same problem on a Sony Xperia L4 might be a (3g or less) ram problem, as I've got a another phone Sony Xperia XZ1 compact with 4g ram and it's not lagging.

It's fine when there is text conversations, but when in the main menu & the free roam parts it lags.

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I did try and get this via discord link first but just got an error works fine here though.

Alison 0.5.6 Android, mega just gave me " error, file link unavailable"

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*Don't push the red button. 😉

He still updates this I believe, but the free version is released way earlier on his patreon. 

Can tap ignore a fue times and it carries on

If anyone is interested in this game head over to his patreon for the updates & newist version of the game.