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Explore a space station with your grapple! · By gleeson


A topic by gleeson created Mar 01, 2018 Views: 1,907 Replies: 11
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hi i gotta sleep but maybe post your html5 bugs here!

Screen stays black on Safari 10.1 on Mac with lots of 403 errors  trying to load save.ini. It seems to be stuck in an infinite loop retrying to load the file.

This is  the error that keeps repeating over and over again:

[Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden) (save.ini, line 0)
[Error] TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating '_jV._tT[0]=_gV')
_t9 (SHRUBNAUT-HTML5.js:1178:478)
_h3 (SHRUBNAUT-HTML5.js:827:464)
_tc (SHRUBNAUT-HTML5.js:2595)
_tc (SHRUBNAUT-HTML5.js:2490)
_OF (SHRUBNAUT-HTML5.js:2888:274)
_lR2 (SHRUBNAUT-HTML5.js:2889:246)
_jR2 (SHRUBNAUT-HTML5.js:2882:325

In Chrome it works, although loading the save.ini file also results in an error 403.


Hmm! According to GM:S Docs Safari may not adequately support HTML5, but that seems ridiculously out of date. So I'm not sure on how to go about fixing that.

However that 'save.ini' is an obvious bug and an easy fix, thanks for spotting!

If you place a box on a button, get under a gate, then grapple the box you get stuck on the door and have to restart the game.

Similarly, if you have a box on a button and stay to the side of a gate (close enough for it to open), then grapple the box so it goes under the gate the box gets stuck on it.


Ahh yep, that old bug.

It's currently been fixed so that doors always have an invisible barrier for boxes - they're never meant to go through them so I figured this just tidies things up. Also, they now don't close if you're still in the way.

Thanks for reporting!


I got stuck here after hitting the button and going into the door, impossible to hit the button again from there ;(

Nice game anyway !

The z index of the sprite is > of the tool

here is a screenshot to see ->


Well spotted! Luckily this is an easy fix. Thanks!

I don't know if this is an intensional thing but none of the doors ever open. I can make them light up, but I can never go through them. I can't grapple the doors or walk through them, and the buttons only make them glow. Am I doing something wrong?

i found a softlock where if youre grapling gun hit a corner but you went in the middle of the two you would grapple forever


collecting a grapple gun makes screen black forever

If you grapple a box underneath you you can then jump off it midair and grapple it up again, gaining infinite height