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Really nice mod. As a casual player I enjoyed it a lot.

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Am I missing something, how do you start the game? Music plays but I can't click anywhere or interact with anything on the menu screen with the arrow keys?

Edit: OK it works on Edge but not on Chrome for some reason.

Constant input lag on Chrome. On Firefox it's not constant, it just suddenly lags especially when there's many sprites (and you die).

Very cool game though, I hope that can be fixed.

Cool game! However I really wish it had custom controls, I much prefer Celeste-like controls (arrow keys for movement and aiming, C (X) for jumping and X (Z) for throwing.

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The movement of the camera is kinda shaky.

Edit: I swear to god that strawberry in the narrow hallway is impossible. The spring bounces me into the spike every time, I can't seem to press X at the right time and walljumping off the right wall doesn't work T_T

I found a bug, and I'm now softlocked. I'll attach a picture, basically I collected the egg on the bottom left, then died to the knives  on the way back and respawned at the top (where I entered the room from),  but I can't move or shapeshift anymore.

Edit: I lost the screenshot and I reloaded the page to log in to, so I can't take a new one. The bug happened in the door where you get the IV shape. After getting it you go left, then down, and it's in a room where there's an egg at the bottom left part, in a narrow hallway with knives coming out of the top.

If you place a box on a button, get under a gate, then grapple the box you get stuck on the door and have to restart the game.

Similarly, if you have a box on a button and stay to the side of a gate (close enough for it to open), then grapple the box so it goes under the gate the box gets stuck on it.