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Unlucky! I just went with messy generation - not every level can be beaten and I am personally okay with it 

Hey there! It's just a very simple implementation, e.g. it doesn't save high-scores for previous levels, and will reset when you generate a new level. 

hell yeh go nuts. wish you all the best with that!

gosh, yes! so glad you enjoyed it and understood it! thanks for playing!

Yeh, looks like it! Since the game is typically very short, you'll have to press R to restart. I might address this in a future build.

Still really tempted  by that secret (I assume) on the bottom of the screen in one of the rooms. Handcuffs? Super intriguing.

Ahh, this was excellent! I really enjoyed the NPC dialogue - very interesting characters!

Well spotted! Luckily this is an easy fix. Thanks!

Ahh yep, that old bug.

It's currently been fixed so that doors always have an invisible barrier for boxes - they're never meant to go through them so I figured this just tidies things up. Also, they now don't close if you're still in the way.

Thanks for reporting!

Hmm! According to GM:S Docs Safari may not adequately support HTML5, but that seems ridiculously out of date. So I'm not sure on how to go about fixing that.

However that 'save.ini' is an obvious bug and an easy fix, thanks for spotting!

SHRUBNAUT community · Created a new topic HTML5 BUG REPORTS

hi i gotta sleep but maybe post your html5 bugs here!


I liked this! Very interesting worldbuilding. I loved putting pieces together in my mind about the story of the world (especially how new info brings new perspectives), I much less liked hunting down the last few runes - I was initially hooked upon discovering the Temple, but towards the end I didn't feel like I was finding any clues to hunt down their locations. This is where it stopped becoming engaging - something to think about.

But thank you for making this! I look forward to more worlds from you. :>

cute as heck how are you so good

Tried my best but no luck still (not hugely familiar with JS).

The itch script doesn't seem to have updated in over a year?

Hey! Can you check to see if this still works on the current version of Tweetdeck? This was a really great tool! ♥

Definitely my favourite from the jam. Very pretty!

Ah wow, thanks!

It seems to work fine for me. Is this happening with other games?

Weird! I've heard of multiple cases of this happening but I can't seem to replicate it. :<

Is there a playable build?