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If you are talking about the area above the door, you can just grapple up there from both sides. While it is possible to make it impossible to get up from the right side you can just go around and go up from the left.

Could you elaborate? Where are you getting softlocked? I have looked everywhere and cant seem to find an actual softlock.

I just played a game against a bloon who had speed boost regen black on round 1.

I may be misunderstanding what you are saying but it doesn't seem like a bug if you enter the house after you move it, I have tried and it doesn't seem like you can enter it while placing or moving the house. So I am not sure what you mean.

If you grapple a box underneath you you can then jump off it midair and grapple it up again, gaining infinite height

A fun to speed-run Metroid Vania 

5/5 stars

The heath and regrow upgrades are in need of a buff as far as I can tell. They don't affect the MOAB and therefore after you get the MOAB upgrades (Which I prefer to get as soon as possible on round 7 or 8) they stop doing very much. 

also a more minor thing but you cant pick up items in build mode so they just go to you and stay there until you place what you are building down

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also noticed that if you try to build something new while you are already in build mode you will just leave a ghost copy of the thing you were trying to build in the world

edit : after some tinkering with this I realized that the ghost thing only happens if when you click on the object in the build menu your curser is above an invalid tile. If you click on while your curser is above a valid tile it will place the object and at the same time put you in build mode ,without taking away the items for placing the object, so you can place as many objects as you want for the cost of one

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Noticed a bug, if you enter build mode (when you are about to place something down) for some reason you can walk through everything, including the edge of the island

I managed to get my time down to 1:58