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finally new updat and with new units i got to turn 20 there isnt any other teams past here other than a team with a 413/307  tier 3 piecer? i forgot what was it called

have you tried getting exact leathal

funny part is that you cant even buy candy

i buried the note and still got the good deed effect 

how to get sandbox

step 1: get a high speed high health combined bully

step 2: get the big zombie that gives more zombies

step 3: dont collect keys

congrats you have infinte money and cant lose no matter what

the process of the iridum is too slow

its auto use

ok do not change arc.  it is necessary to complete the game since i tried beating the game without my arc going above 0 and i couldn't beat it

i didnt understand what i was doing and i think i completed it without dying in new mexico

you can roll the dice on the monsters hp to weaken them

oh no im a week late to the new updates also i like the new jars they have the best stats 

dex and arc is slightly too overpowered maybe make those types of items that give you dex and arc a bit less or less items like that


the dictator is stoppable since the dictator only exists when its found so the only way to stop it is to find a good planet as soon as possible

its so good i feel overpowered because of this 1 photo

oh boy i cant wait until i have a billon dollars

you are hitting them with the staff

paficst ring and besreker ring in the same backpack is possible with...

  • teddy bear sword or that one poison book with other things to help poison or maybe scratch builds
  • bricks and broken ring
  • maybe blackmanastone

teddy bear sword and brass kuckles can be buffed via duct tape for maybe endless runs

buy something while the fly is active and go to another shop for profit

there is infinte money expoit with the yummy fly

the exp part might be because you didn't eneter the brambles

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i have stopped leveling up cobbys i just have them now

final count: 84 lvl 15 cobbys

wtf two archangel wings thats useless since the item gets disabled anyways

it isnt 4 of the same item its 3 first wands and one cleaning wand

wow cool you hit 3 of the same object

atfer a very long time i was able to get ze denis ending

im gonna make a business without discorde

I will deliver a lvl 15 familar to you just tell me when to join

tell me where be at what place and what time and day (pls provide timezone i may not or may be able to be there)

when you arrive i will drop it weakened for you to capture it with a ball (ball and healing is not included)

no need to offer me anything im fine with my 58 lvl 15 cobbies

is this legal? i dont know i can cancel this business at anytime


rare moments caught on tape

idk i can't read code i think it has something to do with it and a random number generator decides if it spawns as red or not

i have all of the matter and yet i still cannot find who asked

curse ball overprepared me i think since i got a 237 high score

i beat the game

i might need more water

amazing idea why didn't i think of that

waht does luck do

waht about cleavr builds!?!? the're so opp!!! aaaa

what color if its red that means its rare version

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i do not have discord so i have no idea waht is happening there

and because i do not have discord i will never know if some one wants a lvl 15 cobby ( i have 37 lvl 15 cobbys)

ok but what should i replace for more food