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it does, but the discard hitbox is a bit higher than what it shows

great game i played again


😢 sory 

cast break on your house trust me it gives a lot of attack

hey guys someone left their lvl 12 rare bunion lying about

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nvm it did it just moved from to (also why is cobby no longer a starter)

my progress didnt save :(

does tenacious third synergy buff (the 30% chance for double attack per attack) work with mudgills active abillity  (quickly attack 4 times)

not really no, last time i played was pretty normal

ok so it kinda saved some stuff but not the village, the resources, and the modes i beat

i very well remember when i eaten 9999 food and 999999999999999 aura

nooooooooooooo my data resete

very nice game also can the glitch card see the cards in our deck because everytime i draw it i always get a blackjack

nah i didnt just because i didnt feel like doing that and i was trying to test an interaction of  a certain buff

the one availabe would is from endless run curse (max wounds reduced) and i think gora's support abilities do get in the way in terms of the cursed axe but its fine by me 

funny endless run i did

funni quest

bug i found:

devil doesnt take damage in 99x speed


why it no work

i finally did it

i think i've gotten more food than 873

amazing blessing the third one is

i was very close to beating boss but i fail :(

also i figured out to name monsters in game but i dont know what to name

the cave event

eg with knif

i was trying to get the lowest base hp monster possible and then add a spirt shield on it but i ended up doing this

it also epic atk scalng and is good with mabek

test if two circle of acuity is 3 or 4 and then apply that to the giant shortswords

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the burnout meltdown team :D

its probably gonna lose at some point

it lost the next fight

theres a bug where save file doesnt reset resource gathering

you beat a boss you choose get resources and then you abandon run and reload and rebeat boss and pick get resources again, repeat until rich

what do super faster do

the camera isnt centered sometimes in the web verison when i enter a room

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i cannot seem to get past boss cuz it just crashes i think this is because of the new curses since this save was from before the update was really hoping for loop 25 or something (also i think some of my village monsters disappeared but that could be  my imagination)

(fun fact: i won coin flip 3 times in this save)

speedy bois

also  most dmg was 0 and sometimes a monster would take something like 67 dmg and its 100% of the damage


+95.00001% bonus dmg for enemies  or enemies get  +95.00001% bonus dmg

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i got 4 slaggs by getting slagg eggs from 2 bosses  and 2 nest used egg sense  (i didnt use any eggs until i got all 4) also i know know to get 6 max evo i just got too many wounds and got worried

slime lords

bottom left slagg was fused with holy tome and mana shield

no haunted

solo run

transcendent band on an enemy fills the super meter on death