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"installer.exe" file and the nickname is goblinhack. Is this a subtle hint?

How can you play this game if it has serious mistakes? Crimea was and is Ukraine.

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+1 similar experience.

Just copy the car physics from Trackmania. It will be perfect.

It's bad, but we understand.

Thank you for your support on behalf of the Ukrainian people!

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I understand. But it prevents you from showing the best time. I would put the automatic brakes in the settings. Those who like it will drive with it, and those who don't - without it. Choice that's always good.

I liked the game, the physics of the car. Except for one thing: if you take your finger off the gas pedal button the car seems to start braking, the drop in speed is too sharp.

Unreal Racing community · Created a new topic Feedback #2

After the update, the car control became better. And now i noticed a new thing. When the car is tumbling in the air, the camera should start looking down a little so that you can see where the car is landing, so it would be more exciting and correct.

Unreal Racing community · Created a new topic Feedback

I really liked the control of the car, it reminded me very much of the control from FlatOut 2 (my favorite arcade racing game), but it's not perfectI think the controls in Flatout are perfect for arcade racing. In comparison, in your game it is too sharp, the car picks up speed too quickly, but otherwise, it is the control model (and partly physics) from FlatOut 2! What do you think about FlatOut 2?


Broken link to windows version

Broken download link

I think your game lacks brightness. Everything looks too monotonous, and the screenshots and videos (mistakenly) make you bored. It's a time for bright games like Furager and Rimworld.

Wow. Good job!

Great price :D

Wow. thanks

Win version is actually Mac

Isn't it 0.3.12?

The new version on Windows does not work. The buttons on the left do not work.

I can not, it happens in my country.

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This is propaganda. There is no civil war, this is Russian aggression towards Ukraine.

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