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This is propaganda. There is no civil war, this is Russian aggression towards Ukraine.

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While Russian aggression might be a part of this, Ukrainians are still killing Ukrainians. This game is not about who is right and who is wrong on a political level, it looks at the lives of those lost in this war. Don't spoil this memorial with words of dissent, there are other forums for this.

It's a game.  Take your head out of reality and enjoy some fiction.


I can not, it happens in my country.

It's only effective if you believe it .. I consider it a game.. I haven't played it, I decided against this one. But I think it's important to view it in the context.
There's lots of games that are incorrect or skewed out there, but I still view them as just games and not a medium to go to for reality / news / information.

I don't quite understand, how can you make a comment on something, that you haven't played?

I've played it after I commented the other day.. it's a game.. my opinion hasn't changed.. virtually all war games that are based on actual areas and conflicts are propaganda based.. but I realize it's still a game.

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No one argued that this is not a game. But the concept and handling of the "reality" part is dealt with differently here. However, it is totally valid, that you experience this differently than others. One could also walk around in the game and only perceive its surface texture, its "colours" or count the polygons. 'tis a free world.


I fully understand how you perceive it and I'm not at all trying to be mean or insensitive, I'm just reminding that it's an interpretation and it very well may be slighted .. but at the end of the day, it's just a digital construct of nothingness.. it's not the reality of the situation, just someone's representation as flawed as it may be..  I remember when there was a russian version of an american war game like this .. it was quite interesting to see the "propaganda" and how things were presented.. but I definitely didn't take it beyond face value.. 

The gameplay was still interesting.. but that's me, I'm able to ignore those influences and just accept the game as a game.. I think perhaps the fact I'm a software developer myself ( not a game developer ) .. helps me look at things more analytically / logically ..  could be a fault sometimes I suppose..

But I do hope you didn't get offended by me... I come here to enjoy the development work of those that aren't big studio people, just to see what they come up with.. they are influenced by their experiences, and every experience has an angle and not every angle is the same.. so in that, I find the beauty of exploring.. I also just know how to not take it beyond face value.

good point

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war is never a game even in game is at worst a simulation and training for future russian killers and thats the enjoy part millions of dead russia soliders that pick up a gun to ukraine boom death bye bye losers easy 

its very real an every dead ruska is a good one as long as a weapon in hand 

aggreed and wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians. russia will lose and lose big.