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Great, thanks! Gotta find a translator now ;)

Honestly, it's comments like this, that make me realize that making this sort of games actually makes sense. Very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

Thanks for your kind comment!

Great, I will certainly try it again, really like the game otherwise.

Great concept, but I find the fail conditions in the beginning a bit too frustrating.

Thanks for the great feedback! Since this is just a demo that we made in a bit more than a week, we are very happy to receive such suggestions and will certainly consider them, when we take up the project again.

There's no proper ending yet, it's just a demo. Currently, there's a certain chance you get hit by a artillery shell, that increases with every person killed.

Thanks! We'll try to make this into a bigger experience later this year.

Created a new topic Fantastic game

Thanks for bringing this to itch.io, big fan since the first playable builds.

Thanks for the Let's Play, very much appreciated. The stories are indeed based on the lives of those who have died in the conflict. Names were changed however and some details swapped around and slightly altered to fit them into the short texts.


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Hello friends!

I'm Georg, some dude from Austria, and I'm 50% of this account! I'm quite late for the party that constitutes the current game design community, since I took a large detour via the arts, before starting out with political mods and games a few years back. My identity as a designer is therefore very much informed by an artistic practise and political convictions, not so much by commercial interests or current trends.

Since 2014 I am what one might call a professional game designer, mainly working with my company Causa Creations (together with the great @headchant) and the artistic collective gold extra. Recently we made the action RPG Totem's Sound and the mobile puzzle simulation Burn The Boards. I also tinker around with interactive fiction to broaden my portfolio as a narrative designer.

You so need to have a multiplayer version of this! The new and better Agar.io.