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Alas, could be a bunch of reasons, depending on your OS. We haven't updated the game in a few years ... It definitely does not work with OSX anymore. Sometimes starting it in admin mode on Windows fixes what you just described. Sorry about that!

As my last project for this year, I present to you: Desastres De La Guerra, another collaboration with the gifted Victor Morales, powered by gold extra. A weird interactive machinima about the terrors of war, now available on itch!
This "game" is based on a text that we teased out of an inferkit Ai oracle back in ancient Ai times (September 2021). The art however is 100% made by humans! If you can't be bothered downloading the giant build for PC, here, have a trailer:

Congrats on this amazing release!

That's a tricky one. Since you can move around, there shouldn't be any issues with the build and we haven't had a similar issue before. I would check the mouse input again.

These stories are based on the biographies of people who died around 2015 in the Donbas conflict. 

This is the "game". You shoot. People die. You hear their stories. In the end something slightly different happens. You may die too.

NOT a paid game, but a project made by people from AT, UA, RU and IT back in 2016 to shed light on the by then forgotten conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Love it! What a smooth and relaxed experience.

Stuffed Wombat was informed concerning your request and will, hopefully, be with you shortly.

The only viable solution for now is to play the game in an emulator :(  Apple really fucked both players and creators here, 64bit versions need to be made and they need to be signed, which also requires additional licenses, procedures, etc. 

Maybe, maybe, let's not give up hope just yet ... we'll try something.

Damn, I think the OS is too blame here, this version won't run on your OS. Since this is freeware, we don't have the budget to maintain it and make the appropriate upgrades, which would be extensive. I can only recommend running it on an emulator, there seems to be no other solution for now. My sincere apologies ... 

Oh no! It actually should work, we haven't experienced any problems with the OSX build so far. Could you specify the problem and when you experience it precisely? Sometimes the download gets mangled though. I suggest attempting downloading again, maybe even trying the (equally free) Steam version. 

That too, but we would like to make a full version with a much more sophisticated art style and therefore a bigger budget ... that is a tricky undertaking in these days.

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! We are currently planing an educational version to bring the game in schools, starting with a few European countries. Let's see if the pandemic will allow that, all budget situations are highly volatile. Plans for a full version of the game that portrays the entire journey do exist as well, but we are still seeking support for that.

Thanks for playing! Interesting concept is what we were aiming yet, since this was made in a rather brief prototyping phase. Hence its shortness and lack of optimisation. Of course we would love to make this into a much bigger experience, but these type of games are a tough sale for publishers and financiers. 

Confirmed, it's a Mac OS issue. We have to see how to fix this, again, thanks for reporting.

Thanks for reporting the error, this seems to be related to the OS ... We'll be taking a closer look and hope to fix this.

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No one argued that this is not a game. But the concept and handling of the "reality" part is dealt with differently here. However, it is totally valid, that you experience this differently than others. One could also walk around in the game and only perceive its surface texture, its "colours" or count the polygons. 'tis a free world.

I don't quite understand, how can you make a comment on something, that you haven't played?

<3 Looking fantastic <3

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While Russian aggression might be a part of this, Ukrainians are still killing Ukrainians. This game is not about who is right and who is wrong on a political level, it looks at the lives of those lost in this war. Don't spoil this memorial with words of dissent, there are other forums for this.

I encourage you to also look at those interviews.

Thanks for playing, very appreciated!

Hey, thanks for your kind word ... we will still take at least a year, since we are currently lacking the funds to make the game, at least in the way we really want to make it. But we are working on that!

We have indeed plans to extend this idea to different places and other war zones, but this will go way beyond this region: Syria, Bosnia, Afghanistan, WW2, the Thirty Years War and possibly also speculations about the wars of the future. We will also not stick to the current mechanics, but device new "narrational" mechanics to the stories of the fallen. 

Thank you so much!

That's great to hear. We have been told on numerous occasions, that the game could function quite well with students. Do let us know, how the game was being received by your pupils!

Thanks a lot, Dewal! Localisation and subtitles for the video parts are really on top of our list right now!

Thanks a lot!!! 

Thanks! Hopefully we get to push this further soon!

No :) left Turkey in 2015 ...

That's a "the journey eventually continued all the way to Austria" ;)