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Also if you like this, a  game on steam I recently discovered feels very much like this.. visage.. 

He didn't WANT to cancel it, and you can still download it :) if you look for Unreal PT 1.0.7

Ahh yes I should have noticed that you weren't the author.. but yeah that  caught me off guard..

By the way, I discovered a game today because someone suggested that it is the natural successor to PT, or what PT could have been .. I don't know if it's available for PS4  .. but it's on Steam as "Visage" .. it REALLY feels like PT .. it starts off in a house, it's not looping or anything but the home looks similar and the graphic style is the same.. there is a table in a hallway with a radio that's playing.. portraits.. it's a pretty creepy game.

I know it's been out for a while now but it's the first I've played it ..  I couldn't pass it up, it's early access at $24 and some of the top gamers on youtube have made it a recurring series to play..  I'm quite impressed by it

I fully understand how you perceive it and I'm not at all trying to be mean or insensitive, I'm just reminding that it's an interpretation and it very well may be slighted .. but at the end of the day, it's just a digital construct of nothingness.. it's not the reality of the situation, just someone's representation as flawed as it may be..  I remember when there was a russian version of an american war game like this .. it was quite interesting to see the "propaganda" and how things were presented.. but I definitely didn't take it beyond face value.. 

The gameplay was still interesting.. but that's me, I'm able to ignore those influences and just accept the game as a game.. I think perhaps the fact I'm a software developer myself ( not a game developer ) .. helps me look at things more analytically / logically ..  could be a fault sometimes I suppose..

But I do hope you didn't get offended by me... I come here to enjoy the development work of those that aren't big studio people, just to see what they come up with.. they are influenced by their experiences, and every experience has an angle and not every angle is the same.. so in that, I find the beauty of exploring.. I also just know how to not take it beyond face value.

I've played it after I commented the other day.. it's a game.. my opinion hasn't changed.. virtually all war games that are based on actual areas and conflicts are propaganda based.. but I realize it's still a game.

I'll bet if you google "unreal pt 1.0.7" you'll have some luck .. I mean.. so I've heard.. 

Fun experience!

You could also PM me :)

Wow, well I don't know if it was just a crazy coincidence but the process was no longer responding according to task manager so I killed it .. now I wish I had just stood by :) maybe it's the way it was implemented? or perhaps I just had a crash at precisely that time.. 

Either way, this is some high quality work you've got going :) I'd love to see you take this style and apply it to something else where you can proceed further.. it was a fun experience.

It's only effective if you believe it .. I consider it a game.. I haven't played it, I decided against this one. But I think it's important to view it in the context.
There's lots of games that are incorrect or skewed out there, but I still view them as just games and not a medium to go to for reality / news / information.

I'm not a console gamer so I never got to experience this, this was fantastic! i wasn't able to complete it though because it crashed when I was in the section where you're hunting for pieces of the portrait.. a big read screen full of text popped up with foreign language mixed with english sentences.. it was weird.. the process stopped responding and I had to kill it.

Nevertheless.. this was great :) I've seen videos of people playing and this genuinely seems like a faithful adaptation, almost looks like it is a direct port of the original.

It's a game.  Take your head out of reality and enjoy some fiction.

Would be nice if it could be made an option, I'd love to re-visit it properly

I threw $15 at it because the screenshots looked good.. I think there's potential here, it is a well designed look, but it's glitchy ( Running a 1080 turbo ) .. I also go stuck in camera mode.. where if I was ALWAYS in camera mode and if I pressed C .. another camera would pop u p and I would just get an even narrower view.. 

The framerate was low despite being able to play tons of a list titles on ultra.. my card isn't out of date, I have 32g of ram and I'm on an 8 core 4ghz system 

Ultimately.. not worth the $15 I paid.. but keep it.. there wasn't much to it, but it was still interesting to walk around and explore.. my keyword in the search bar literally was explore ..  I am looking for exactly this kind of content where you just get to explore abandon buildings, ruins.. etc..  but I rarely find anything.. so for that, kudos.. 

I hope you keep developing it .. but I will say $15 is a lofty price for what people actually get..  I see that it used to be $30 apparently and you dropped it to $15 ... you might want to drop it to $2-$5 .. you'll see lots more volume.. and volume will be more money than what you'd get by scaring people off with $15 and them not knowing what they'll get for it..   the description mentions $30 and that's approaching the ballpark of a completed a-list title .. this is not that by far.

Don't take it personally.. just being honest about it.. there's potential here, it needs optimized and the bugs need worked out, definitely needs more content

110 days ago.. that's why I avoided paying $15, it's not been updated as far as I can tell .. 

What are you looking for team wise? I'm a musician.. but I love sound design, creating soundscapes.. etc.

It said "in a few weeks" a new version with paranormal activities would be released .. but the game was uploaded last a few months ago according to the page..  I'm quite interested but I don't want to throw money at what might be a dead project... I've wasted so much money in the past.

If the minimum were lower I'd consider it just because the screenshots look interesting.

7zip is free and multiplatform.. it handles rar and many other formats.. rar is more efficient than zip =) .. zip is a very very old compression, but still common I know.. but that's why I'd recommend 7zip since it handles them all.

I couldn't get used to ZQSD ... why not the standard WSAD? that killed it for me.. 

So my thought was basically.. either it was forgotten to change the filename .. or the link was going to the beta and noone ever got to play the "final" :)

It's in the download filename .. 

Why does the "final" version say "beta" ?

Seems rather pointless.. but I do like exploration.. but there's just not much to explore.

Visually very nice, very small space to explore though, hopefully it can be expanded.. I haven't played enough with the engine to create my own anything so I can't complain :)

I've actually been looking for this very kind of thing, exploration of environments with no objectives .. fun little stress killer in the middle of a work day, good for a 15 minute break.

It was decent,  the only thing, unless I'm missing something.. there's no "quit" option that I could see so I alt-f4'd out on windows.. and I would kind of like to turn the music off, I couldn't find a way to do it.. only reason I even wanted that was because I was watching something while toying with it, sometimes it would be nice to mute in-game music without having to go out of the game and muting everything :) 

I'm a fan of Jack, but I didn't find you from that.. I just  started scouring  myself after updating my gaming system.. happened upon this .. thumbs up!

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I wasn't able to proceed very far unfortunately because I don't speak German, otherwise I was impressed with the few minutes of game play that I had.  When it came time to interact with the screen, I wasn't able to understand what he was saying or what the prompts were so I knew I'd probably not get far.

Graphics look very good, controls are smooth.. Wish I spoke German :)

..... just a bright pink screen for me, which at 18mb, I guess I couldn't expect much more :/