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Why does the "final" version say "beta" ?

Seems rather pointless.. but I do like exploration.. but there's just not much to explore.

Visually very nice, very small space to explore though, hopefully it can be expanded.. I haven't played enough with the engine to create my own anything so I can't complain :)

I've actually been looking for this very kind of thing, exploration of environments with no objectives .. fun little stress killer in the middle of a work day, good for a 15 minute break.

It was decent,  the only thing, unless I'm missing something.. there's no "quit" option that I could see so I alt-f4'd out on windows.. and I would kind of like to turn the music off, I couldn't find a way to do it.. only reason I even wanted that was because I was watching something while toying with it, sometimes it would be nice to mute in-game music without having to go out of the game and muting everything :) 

I'm a fan of Jack, but I didn't find you from that.. I just  started scouring  myself after updating my gaming system.. happened upon this .. thumbs up!

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I wasn't able to proceed very far unfortunately because I don't speak German, otherwise I was impressed with the few minutes of game play that I had.  When it came time to interact with the screen, I wasn't able to understand what he was saying or what the prompts were so I knew I'd probably not get far.

Graphics look very good, controls are smooth.. Wish I spoke German :)

..... just a bright pink screen for me, which at 18mb, I guess I couldn't expect much more :/