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Didn't realize there was a hack to get imposter all the time, it just happened that I was imposter multiple times in a row.   I've not seen that message before but I'm glad it works, or supposedly works :) Not played since I posted 10 days ago

When I get accused  it usually just means getting kicked off all the time and me calling it a night.. very annoying since I actually prefer to be a crewmate instead.  So I look forward to the improvements coming for sure.

one other thing I'm extremely curious about.. people can report you with this update.. 

I've had issues with not being imposter for days then sometimes being imposter 8-10 times in a row and when that happens I'm accused of cheating and banned.. nobody believes me! it's entirely false, not cheating at all.. will this report mechanism prevent people from being penalized for false reports or anything? especially in this case which happens more often than I thought..  

There's always the potential for abuse when reporting is there so I am SURE you thought it through on how to prevent that.

I wish I had that problem, I hate being imposter.. I can go days without being imposter and then have nights when I'm imposter 8 or 9 times in a row and people think I'm cheating because of it .. 

I hope the new system accounts for that

You joined a server with bad players.. lots of them out there.. some are great, some are horrible

How did you buy it? that is important.. iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac.. .. iPhone and Android are the same.. PC you launch via steam ( if you bought with steam ) .. if mac I have no idea.. 

Anyone can answer if there were enough details in the question..  the issue is the question lacks information..

With Steam it's automatic, with iPhone and Android it's like any other app update.. depends on how you bought it.. people .. you need to provide more details or it's hard to answer questions.. I'm not even a dev of this  game but I try to help out

How did you buy it? that is important.. iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac.. .. iPhone and Android are the same.. PC you launch via steam ( if you bought with steam ) .. if mac I have no idea.. 

How did you buy it? that is important.. iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac.. .. iPhone and Android are the same.. PC you launch via steam ( if you bought with steam ) .. if mac I have no idea.. 

Depends on how you bought it ..  if iPhone or Android I'd imagine it would be on your home screen, if on PC then you launch it in steam .. it really all depends, more information is needed.. 

I look forward to it.. I'm not sure what else is coming in the updates.. 

Any chance for game modes? or setting pre-sets if not? ..  I've gotten hooked on playing hide-n-seek rules but the issue is people join without paying attention so they are always messing it up :) 

So a hide-n-seek mode would disable reporting  and it would also alert players who the "Seeker/Imposter" is .. among other things .. 

Anxious to play without all the crap though, that's obviously a priority for most of us ( except the hackers )

People running outside of the ship, triggering venting animations, changing names and colors.... it's killing the game.. 

They are still going crazy.. was hoping to play over my time off .. but it's just rampant.. whatever protections you have in place aren't working at all .. this can't come quick enough:( I'm regretting my purchase almost..


I paid but won't pay for addons until the hacks stop

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Hackers are still rampant :(

Had someone ruin a great server last night.. came in with colors changing, name changes, walking through walls, venting and all sorts of other stuff going on.. 

Hackers are ruining this game..  the guy ran in commenting TRUMP 2020 and then  just went nuts with the hacks

I shelled out $15 for it a year ago .. Visually gorgeous.. but no update in almost a year and a half now :(

Need the ability to adjust the controls, without thinking about mid ways through ( I assume ) .. I wanted to adjust mouse sensitivity and FOV but I hit escape and was ejected from the game... :(  it didn't even prompt me to ask if I was sure, just tossed me out.. so I stopped at that point.

Really enjoyed the game.. I saw markiplier play the demo back in 2014 and meant to check it out..  hard to believe it's been 6 years

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That was beyond heavy .. wow.. not what I thought it would be, very depressing

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I got stuck when I slid down the vent and landed near a pot ... I couldn't do anything but jump, I couldn't interact, couldn't move left or right.. the character just stood there breathing..  not sure if that was the end of the demo? or if it glitched out.

Interesting, but confusing if that was all.. I ended up waiting there for several minutes and just giving up.. it didn't restart the sequence or anything :(

I hope the full version is longer ( I expect it will be ) :) the graphics are great, I can tell it was properly optimized.. great atmosphere, smooth as butter.. I look forward to the full version.

Maybe it's already out? .. I'll have to give it look, it's been a few days since an update was posted

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That's good to know.. I spent a good 45 minutes to an hour playing it, I wouldn't want to play through again for what is essentially the same ending with just some slightly added content.. 

Still though, a very excellent game indeed!


I  think there may be actually three endings.. 

1. You watch it
2. You throw it away in the trash ( probably ends the same as 1 )
3. You send it to someone else (return to sender, which I chose )

I just saw some video of what happens if you watch it.. that skips what I saw when I sent it off, I essentially got a bunch of backstory on what happened there.

I imagine throwing it away probably also does the same as what watching it does..  neither one probably gives you the backstory.

So TECHNICALLY two endings since two of them end the same.. but there's three possible choices. 

You live or die.. I lived

I picked this up on steam ( right now it's 10% off folks, though it's  cheap to begin with ) ..

I was extremely impressed by the graphics, the atmosphere.. everything was great, I surprisingly didn't jump at any of the jump scares but they were still great.. I'm just pretty seasoned with horror at this point :) .. 

The only frustration I had is how absolutely dark it was walking to work each night, the first night was fine and you could see around but after night one it was extremely dark and I kept getting lost, so much of the game play was spent trying to find the path to the store again.

I did get stuck at one part in the game with the tvs .. but I figured out pretty quick what was going on there.. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the game, it was one of the best I've seen on here so far for mood and overall atmosphere.. especially great sounds, the dark brooding ambiance was excellent.. 

I also greatly appreciate that you can disable the camera look / VHS effect .. that always kind of annoys me after a while, so thank you for making that optional.

I also bought Stigmatized Property but haven't yet played it.

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Pretty impressive coincidence :) it deals with a story where there's only a couple of surviving humans.. the world is ran by AI.. and there's a scene where someone opens the large bunker hatch to find an army of AI machines standing .. very much like in your game :) good movie
And good game

Ok.. I played it, it's quite short.. nothing really happens, I have NO clue why I was collecting keys.. visually it was nice but there was no story.. nothing scary about it at all to me.. 

Lots of potential since the environment is pretty well done, but it seems very much like it's unfinished and not fleshed out.. 

Throw in a story, extend the experience to other environments with some objectives and intrigue and I'd gladly buy it :) .. but the way is currently, it's just a time killer.. and it doesn't last long.

I only hear about mannequins .. mannequins don't frighten me in the least, about to check it out .. :) I hope mannequins aren't the only thing spooky about it .. 

Before I heard markiplier complain about mannequins, I never heard anyone else talk about them .. now everyone seems to fear them

This was visually beautiful.. not much to it though, it could have so much potential.. I hope you keep developing it.

The ending reminded me of a scene out of the film "I am mother".. even the way the story described itself seemed like it might have been inspired by that movie..  any chance it was?

Not seeing a download link.. I was anxious to check this out.

Is there an option to turn off the PSX effect? if so I would gladly pay twice the price.. that to me takes away from the games I see.. I'd love the option.

If not I'll pass on this one.. 

Ah that's excellent news.. can't wait to see what's been added =) either way it was fun to step back into it, I had forgotten much of the puzzles so it was worth it :)

I'm a big fan of Mark and have been there since his channel started and I must admit, I never saw him play this.. I must have missed out, but in a way I'm glad I did because it let me experience it for the first time on my own without having seen any gameplay footage..

I only got stuck once and was tempted to find a playthrough until it dawned on me.. ( without giving away too much.. the red light switch in the hall ) ..  I wasted about 15 minutes feeling like I hit a dead end in the game or that it glitched out on me or something until i figured it out.

I think the ending worked.. it reminded me of something like a David Lynch movie where things are open ended and many things are left unexplained.. it leaves an uneasy feeling.. 

Lynch did that with Eraserhead, Lost Highway and of course Twin Peaks..  that's sort of the vibe I got here..  I'm not sure I would change the ending.. I of course would love to see more background or expansion on the characters.. but that would go against the mystery and certainly wouldn't be something Lynch would do ..  that's why I like it as it is :)

I'm pretty impressed, the story kept me engaged and it remained interesting throughout.. the ending is something I see people complain about but I actually enjoyed it. 

It almost feels like something David Lynch would have created in a way..  it leaves mystery

I didn't want it to end, but I felt it was just the right amount of gameplay .. I like that we were left with some mystery...  what we know for sure is when you arrive, you don't leave.

Good job!

Looked familiar, I knew I had played before.. Sad that this hasn't been updated in a couple of years, it's a really well done demo.. I played through twice in a row to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Please come back to this game :)

Very short, but very enjoyable experience .. certainly creeped me out a few times :)

Excellent work! I hope you continue with it.