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Some people seem to have issues with certain puzzles being hard, so I composed a small guide :D

I noticed some people were having issues with puzzles being too hard. I encourage you to either just skip those days(you can do so in the main menu) or to read this walkthrough for any days needed:

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Some people seemed to have trouble beating the game. Here's a walkthrough:

Thanks for the praise, and I hope you enjoyed!

The sanity bar is definitely a bit too harsh sometimes, and I wish we had more time to playtest and figure out appropriate numbers.


Apparently people have had issues with camera shaking because they're holding F(which I thought was fixed but oh well).

The puzzles can be a bit unfair sometimes but I hope you enjoyed what you managed to play through

Yeah day 3 is sort of unfair. If you keep on submitting answers the game'll eventually assist you(at 10 wrong, 20 wrong and 30+ wrong)

Happy you enjoyed it!

The puzzles are what they are lol, not the best ones out there but hey it's content for a jam game!

Thanks for the lovely feedback! The minesweeper was made in a fairly quick pace and it wasn't properly playtested(it would've been like, 2 lines to fix it tho).

If there's any day that proves to be a hinder you're always able to skip it in the main menu :)

Got around to playing it(thanks a ton) and I must say, it's an incredibly sweet story.

The game itself is... Well it's a walking simulator with cutscenes, which isn't my cup of tea, but I certainly appreciate the storytelling and art.

Music got a bit repetitive and my extremely pedantic brain got hung on some minor punctuation mistakes but that's not really a biggie.

Fantastic work!

The camera thing was a quick hack and the voices were... Well that's just what you get when I do any sort of audiovisual design lol.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Throwing yourself onto the enemies usually works just fine... Right?

If there's anything I've learned from playing this game is that is usually ends up with every part of your body being littered across the ground and you being flooded by hundreds of enemies.

Good work!

Sadly it does not seem to want to load into the main game scene for me...

Was this game ever playtested in the web build? Tanks just phase through the floor for me.

Sadly can't leave a proper review on this one at all...

There are 2 people here who deserve to be arrested. You for making this game, and me for enjoying it.

It's a simple concept, and feels very much like a flash game(which is a good thing).

- Music is a bit too repetetive

- I wish there was more oomph to the upgrades, I want him to fucking die.

- The game was mean to me when I did a bad hit :(((((((((

Oh yeah sorry I mean browser build haha.

Really inventive game you've got here! Bouncing around SMW-spin style whilst trying to always be on the move!

- Sounds get kinda annoying after a while, could've toned down the volume of SFX so I get to hear the music

- Music restarts when I die, would've been nice to have it keep playing

- Just barely in control, which I like, but it is the kind of game where being in control is key(I could imagine you learn after playing it for a bit)

Solid game you've got! Hope to see this grow into a full release some day!

I really really really wish I could experience this game, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's the best game in the entire jam. Sadly there's no windows build available - If you made one and just uploaded it and pinky-promised me nothing is changed that would be lovely :D

Very fun game with a very good (presumably original?) soundtrack!

It's kinda like that one level in mario galaxy don't you think?

Anyway, here's my usual feedback:

- Music didn't loop. That's a shame

- Could use some sound effects to spice up that gameplay just a little

- Theme was basically followed to a T

- Bit high of a difficulty spike :)

MTG/PTCG/DND meets board games in this very unique and wacky combo of tile moving and "strategic" card choices.

A very light-hearted game with some fun ideas and gimmicks going on. My main gripe for a game overall was the content available(not that I have anything to say about that lol) and the very limited amount of control I felt like I had.

Keep up the good work, and maybe try to make this a real-life board game some day!

Really chaotic game about the truth of owning a home(idk I've never owned a home) in which you have to do small chores like close a window, sounds calm right? WRONG! It's the stressiest experience you've ever had because some godforsaken curse has been cast upon you causing everything to go wrong at once.

- Difficulity rampup was a bit extreme, could be less extreme

- Fun game overall

- Minimap could help with seeing *where* stuff was wrong

- Player controller was a bit too floaty for my liking.

If you find yourself with time on your hands you should definitely finish this up into a full game, maybe with local/online multiplayer for true chaos(overcooked style?)

Oh geez did we make it too difficult lol?

Try to explore the desktop a little and maybe think outside the box? If you want I can also tell you straight up :)

A 2D platformer with some new and gimmicks!

Played through the entire thing and found myself having a decent time!

Art was mostly consistent with some nice animations, and the controller usually felt quite nice to control. Enemy behaviours were predictable and once figures out exploitable, but still more in-depth than most jam entires I've played in the past couple years.

Hope to see this go on further!

Game was definitely challenging, to the point where I made it through level one a couple times before not having the energy to keep on going.

Art was a bit grating on the eyes and the health budget was really tight(those damn cannons in level two lol)

Promising start, and if I believe the alleged "full" version could turn out great!

thanks! We're currently figuring out the splitting lol. Ain't easy

Really well made! A couple things that would make this a ton better is refining the controller. It feels a bit too fast/too responsive but at the same time like I have too little control over the player. Keep up the good work!

I began playing. Got scared and quit instantly. Extremely well made, I hope. Got about 5 minutes in before I had to quit lol.


Thanks for the compliments! If the puzzles are a little confusing that might be because from what I remember most of them where made in the middle of the night on tired brains.

Did you make it through the entire game or just partially btw, and what game did you make? Just curious!


Innovative! I managed to basically break the game by removing the ground. I have no idea how to solve what I think is smth like level 4. Hard but innovative!

Oh and the player is blurry might want to fix that later ;)

Innovative! I managed to basically break the game by removing the ground. I have no idea how to solve what I think is smth like level 4. Hard but innovative!

Oh and the player is blurry might want to fix that later ;)

I love myself a good visual puzzle game. And this was incredibly well made! I'd suggest continuing work(if you enjoyed making it) as I can see it becoming something greater that it already is!

Was kinda laggy but that's on me lol. I'd suggest looking into optimizations.

This game has not only taught me that spoons are really valuable. It also taught be that TNT makes for a good mixing device.

I have no idea what i'm actually doing. But I love it.

It's a great game, if a tad hard lol. Keep up the good work!

Tip if you want to continue work on it: An indicator for where the grappling hook attaches would've been great!

Go ahead! Share progress! 

I though this would be a fun thread to have, so I made one.

most likely the best game i've ever played. I hated it and loved it at the same time. True quality.

Already left a comment. Won't do it again. lol.

Help! A ghost!

I was suprised to see that this had released all of a sudden! I played through the tutorial and 2 levels, and it was very well made! Tricky but fun!

I most likely cant leave a Jam Rating however, since i didn't partake.

Very well made, looking forward for a video and Linux builds.