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That is because the mussels can extend and extract . And when you have it on running the AI tries to find the fastest way to come away horrisonally which is to expand the mussel to the infinity and beyond (don’t report me buzz. Please)


I have an extendal question. Can i use all of the free assets?


Thanks! Everything needed then is a photo editor to cut out the different animations.


Can you make it so the animation is on One ros when you download? Not on multiple row? I still love it!

Test to re-download forager and run.

I really like your game but sadly enough i can just play it when playing with my friends on their computers :(

Myself i just has a fedora computer and can't play the game then because i is still a child so i can't buy the game.

So can you please release the demo for linux and mac

Can you make a linux edition?

Can you make a linux editin?

Can i download it?

Same here but with everything!

I don’t know if this is a bug but it has a super high sensitivity! I’m trying to write 7 but it’s have so high sensitivity so on one millisecond it writes 77

I LOVE you game and plays it with my friend at his computer! But myself i have a linux. Can you PLEASE try to make a mac and a linux edition.

Forager (Demo) community · Created a new topic Judge

hey hopfrog! I want you to be a judge in my game jam!

Press the accept link to accept.


This was AMAZING can you make a computer verison?