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Huzzah, it works! And the game was worth the wait. Thank you!

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I'm still waiting for an answer. I really hope the developer just happened to miss this post the first time. They've been very responsive and helpful to the other posts so far, so I'll just bump this topic up again.

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(Windows 10 on PC)

I downloaded all 3 files but whenever I try to open the game, it crashes and this screen shows up:

"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application."

Is this issue due to the files, or is it a problem on my device? I've already tried restarting my computer, re-installing the files, and trying to run them as an administrator.

needless to say, I've created a monster.

It jumps for an incredibly long distance and then scoots around until it somehow jumps again.

suggestions to make it more consistent?