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Cloaked Games

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You have to redeem the Steam key in order for it to authenticate your ownership of the game. Even if you're not using the Steam version. "The Itch.io version of the game has custom DRM that requires that you own the game on Steam. It is non-intrusive and simply verifies ownership of the game. Please redeem your Steam key before playing." Perhaps that could've been included in the piracy message though.

Woah. I listened and I really like your stuff. Can't wait to hear more, although I haven't quite gotten through all of your Soundcloud quite yet.

Glad you like it! I'm working on the music now. I'll send my sound designer an email and see if he wants to make us a few nature noises too, that's a great idea. I have a ton more content coming in a few months, but I've been really busy so it takes a while. Thanks for playing. :)

I'm an amateur game developer and I'm also composing my tracks for my main projects. I only have one track so far (from an old project) that I've posted on Soundcloud, but I'll post the link here so I can hopefully get a little bit of feedback to use for new tracks: https://soundcloud.com/user-699678262

My style right now is fairly synth heavy, science-fiction or electronic, I think. I'm hoping to upload a few new ones over the next couple of weeks.

Hello. I'm Cloaked Games.

Same guy as from the GMC. I'm not an impostor.

I signed up for the jam, but I have no clue if I'll actually do something, and if I do, it won't be much. I do have a question though, how much pre-written code is acceptable for this jam?

I'm not like, not interesting in participating exactly, but I don't know much about itch.io and I don't know how much information of that sort you can find. But if you have a better idea of what exactly you're looking for, feel free to contact me. :)

That's definitely one of the easier ones. Ironically, I've personally always had a very hard time getting platformer mechanics to work right...

Yes. I am very fond of Starcraft II and Brood War, but even SC2 is like, 10 years old now. They just remastered Brood War with HD graphics though, which is pretty awesome. Same terrible pathfinding and unit control though. But it's one of my favorite games so I'm actually glad it's still the same really.

I don't know about the hardest or easiest, but a hard one to mention would be Real Time Strategy.

Programming is not simple, because you have to manage AI and path-finding of sometimes thousands of instances. But the true challenge is balancing it for online play when you have to  try to account for every single possible combination of units and strategies to work against every other one. Especially if you use multiple playable teams that play uniquely different.

Yes. I've noticed it on and off. About 10 minutes after the first time it happened it was fixed. I only posted after it happened again half an hour after that. It has since started working, and stopped working twice for me. It is currently working now.

Well, that's interesting... I don't want to solve it by switching browsers though.

Me and and a few other people (on a different forum) have also noticed this problem with itch.io right now. A number of pages have been showing 404 not found pages, sometimes up and sometimes not. My pages are still saved on my account, people just can't view it when it's published.

I would be happy to do a few, since it seems like a fun thing to do. However, without pay, I can't do all of the levels, I have my own projects to work on. I can give you advice and point you to some sources to learn how to do some of it on your own if you'd like. But I can certainly do some help and some design work, as it seems pretty cool. I have a few notes of feedback after playing that demo as well... ;P

I also use Gamemaker:Studio.

Post here if you encounter any issues with the most recent version or you have suggestions for the next version. I appreciate any help possible in making this the best game it possibly can be.

Valley of Charon community · Created a new topic Change-log
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This is the complete change-log for every version, including every notable change or bug fix.

Alpha 1.3.3 - July 3rd, 2017

*Fixed a critical issue that prevented the player from breaking grass and flowers.
This is what I get for assuming two systems were unrelated, and not testing thouroughly.
*Actually bothered to prevent memory leaks.
This is what I get for being self-taught.
*You can now press interact again to close chests and furnaces.
*Furnace and chest GUI depth is now correct. Item name display position adjusted.
*Fixed issue with torches in generated structures.
*Fixed issue where "0 quantity" items would show up in chests and furnaces.
*Fixed an issue where SPACE would not work if the mouse was hovering over an inventory slot.
*Changed distance that cactus can hurt you.
*General bug fixes.

Alpha 1.3.2 - June 22nd, 2017

+Structures can now spawn with loot chests.
+Wisp Lantern: Crafted with 2 tin ingots and 1 wisp of magic.
+Baked Apple: Cook an apple to get baked apple.
+Bone handled tools: You can now use bone wood to create tools with additional durability.
+Light sources will now provide light around the player when held.
+Tools now show a durability bar instead of an item count.
+Damage handling is now different. Includes percent variation on attacks and bonus damage using certain types of weapons

*General bug fixes
*Updated furnace GUI to match the rest
*Fixed player hurt sound
*Improved (practically rewrote) spider AI (Skeleton will be updated 2.1.1)
*The player no longer glows in the dark
*Fixed a few things that wouldn't pause correctly
*Walls now tile correctly. Wall shadows still need fixing
*Birds, bees, butterflies and wisps are no longer hurt by cacti
*Furni have particles and emit light when they are burning something.
*You can no longer destroy items by crafting them when you have a full inventory.

Known Issues:
-Wall shadows are messed up.
-GUI depth on chests and furni are incorrect.

Beta 1.3.1 - April 14th, 2017

+New graphics, art by JacobV and animations by JellyJake112.
>>Almost every single sprite has been replaced.
>>GUI has been resized and redesigned. (Inventory and healthbar).
>>Walls now match the 2.5D angle and provide visual depth.
+Game now saves at the start of each day. You can load your world if you die.
+Scaling changed. Game can now run in windowed mode. More work on this in the future.
+Energy bar removed. Items now work entirely on cooldown (attack speeds).
>>Lightning bolt icon shows whether you can swing or not.
+Difficulty options added. Easy, normal and hard. Will effect monster damage, hunger rates and spawn rates.
+Added the desert biome. Generates rarely on the overworld. They are typically large.
>>Cacti: Can be placed to be used as traps for enemies or baked and eaten. Gathered with an axe.
>>Cactus flower: Collected from cacti and used to grow more cacti. Yay! Baby cacti are so cute!
>>Bone piles: Gathered with a pickaxe. Drops bones.
+Grave drops are now randomized, and have more variety of items hidden.
+Added ghosts. These enemies will haunt you if you disturb graves. They drain your food bar until you starve to death.
+Added butterflies! They do nothing but add to the atmosphere, but that's cool right?
+Added clutter, including logs, stumps, and boulders.
+Bees will now fly from flower to flower, like real bees.
+More sounds. (Block placing, inventory clicking, and more)
+More options for creating worlds.
+You can now hold down the mouse or space to repeatably swing axes and pickaxes.

*Massively optimized the game. (Collisions, region loading and world generation).
*Revamped mob spawning system. Should be more consistant and fair.
*Fixed a peculiar issue with frame-rate on Windows 10 machines with certain drivers.
*You no longer move faster when walking diagonally.
*Night now fades in and out, instead of abrupt sudden changes. Not really a bug fix though.
*Changed font used for the inventory. Should improve readibility.
*Small changes to bird AI. You may find you need a bow to hunt them now.
*You can no longer split "stacks" of tools and weapons. That made no sense.
*Magic bomb recipe changed from [8 wisps of magic and 8 bronze ingots] to [1 wisp of magic and 2 bronze ingots]
*Bone wood recipe changed from [8 bones] to [10 bones]
*Flower depth issues improved. (Not completely fixed, but it's less noticable now).
*Realigned placement cursor. It was annoying.

Beta 1.2.2 - January 14th, 2017
[Bug fixes and balance adjustments]

+You can now delete items from the mouse slot by pressing <delete>

*Doors are now way easier to open and close
*Doors and torches can now be broken with axes
*Trees now align properly to the grid
*Increased stack amount of wood, saplings, stone and stone walls (20 to 100)
*Decreased cost of torches (from 1 stick and 2 grass to 1 stick and 1 grass)
*Decreased cost of rope (from 4 string to 2 string)
*Decreased cost of bone wood (from 10 bones to 8 bones)
*Slightly increased drop chances for string and bones
*Slightly increased spawn chances for spiders, skeleton, wisps and birds
*Blasting staff projectile now emits light
*Fixed crash that could occur when breaking chests or furnaces
*Fixed slight issues with the debugging command line

Beta 1.2.1 - January 5th, 2017
[3 new mobs, 20 new items (2 structures), ranged weapons, magical weapons, and armor]

+Tutorial option
+Sounds (Five right now. There will be more later. Sounds made by Joseph Benedetti)
+Wisp, wisp of magic, and magical bombs
+Mundane staff, amber, mundane staff of blasting
+Skeleton, bone, bone wood
+Bird, raw poultry, cooked poultry, and honey glazed poultry
+Death messages
+Cracked animation when breaking stuff
+You now start the game with some basic supplies
+Trees drop saplings which can be places to grow new trees
+Door crafted from wood that can be opened and closed to block entrances
+Improved controls
>> alt left click to select slot
>> left click outside of inventory to attack
>> right click to split stacks in inventory

*Optimized item management and crafting system
*Optimized and adjusted rates of mob spawning
*Better menu system
*Crafting Journal shows graphical list of recipes. This will be better later.
*Increased durability of bronze tools (60 to 80)
*Swords now swing, and can hit multiple foes at a time
*Improved enemy AI (enemies will now be stunned when hit)
*General optimization (collisions, player spawning, and more)
*Grave stones can now be destroyed and drop amber
*Chests and furnaces can now be destroyed and recollected (you will loose items that are in the chests)

Beta 1.1.2:
-Fixed massive scaling issue.

Beta 1.1.1: First Release of the Game
-Crafting and Smelting
-The Overworld
-Copper, Tin, and Bronze Tools
-Movement, controls, etc.
-Bees and Spiders
-Basic Crafting Journal
-Health, Energy and Hunger