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Thanks! An excellent suggestion, I'll see what I can do when I next update the screenshots--probably after the v3 release.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! Glad to hear it. <3

I believe I fixed this issue, at least for jen_grid_instantiate_*. Please try importing the new v2.0.2 version and let me know if that works.

The issue was the change from number to ref for assets, so the is_real() check was always returning false. I replaced it with object_exists().

Glad it's useful! I'm still working on a big update so can't guarantee support for 2023.8 quite yet. But, I should be able to help you out. Are you seeing a specific error?

Thanks for playing, and sorry you ran into issues. I have actually updated the code-base behind the scenes, and if I ever have enough free time to do a proper update the number one thing will be entirely replacing my janky custom input code. No definitive plans though.

In the meantime, I hope the keyboard controls work all right for you. :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I am honored.

Glad it's useful! Let me know if you run into any issues.

Thanks! I'm glad it was insightful.

This is awesome, I'll be trying it out. Definitely hope we can eventually get a way to show all our posts in one spot. That would immediately transform itch into my preferred way to communicate about my projects.

Hey, I'm trying to figure out the same thing. I know they show up on the news feed, but were you able to find a list of all your posts somewhere?

Awesome! Thanks for the reply.

As long as I'm not losing my mind, and it is indeed not yet supported. Makes sense, all good. I can definitely imagine all the problems that would come with that, GMLive is a complicated beast. Good luck with that, haha.

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I am having some trouble with static variables. If I try to live run a function containing static variables, upon reloading it I get the error: "Expected a statement, got ident". If I make those variables as local var instead, it works as expected.

I don't know if this is a bug, if GMLive just doesn't support static variables (I checked documentation about this, but I may have missed it), or if there is something I'm doing wrong. I'm brand new to GMLive and I just wanted to clarify my understanding. For now, I'm using local variables instead while live coding, it's not a problem.

I can provide a code snippet if necessary. I'm on IDE v2022.8.1.37, Runtime v2022.8.1.53, GMLive Version 1.0.62

Thanks! GMLive has already paid itself off in time saved even with the debugging I've done to figure out how to use it.

Good luck!

Aw, sorry to see that there is a crash here. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what's causing it and I'm no longer able to support the game (the code is far too out of date) so I can't fix it. It might not happen if you try again, hard to say. What it drops is not necessary to beat the game.

Hi! Glad you're having fun. I'm happy to give a bit of help.

1) That fight with Last before Dragon Bog requires you to use Revelation.

2) Kithen Fortress is very confusing, admittedly. You'll have to backtrack a few times, as certain laser terminals open other paths. If you'd like, I have a speedrun video here (spoilers of course). The route for Kithen Fortress doesn't use any exploits so you could follow along to find the next step. I don't recommend using this video for any of the other dungeons though.

I think you changed the course of my entire life.

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You just saved me hours. This is absolutely perfect for my game.

EDIT: You probably saved me days. Which is to say I would've settled for less eventually but instead I got something fantastic in 15 seconds.

Thank you, thank you! I'm honored that you played, I appreciate your comments! :D

(The "help me" quest was never finished, there's nothing to do at all).

The double mystery novel is a glitch that happens sometimes. Unfortunately, there's no way to get rid of the second one. Sorry!

The bird mushroom NPC is at the top right of Deep City, but he only shows up at night (off the top of my head, I'm only 90% sure on that one).

Thanks so much!

You can sell the special items to merchants for gems, or give them to Arthur in Deep City to get rewards.

I did not win, but I managed to post  his comment without going blind.

Hi! So Caligo doesn't actually do anything at all, the puzzle I had planned never ended up in the game. But I left the NPC in the game anyways. You are not the first person to be confused by that. Sorry about that.

Glad you enjoyed it!

By the way, there is an option in the settings to enable keeping the powerups when you get hit!

Yooo! That's great. I hope to rate at least some of the games, having the weekend will make that much easier for my schedule.

Hey, in case I can alleviate any bitter feelings, I'll post here.

My game--Wastoid Rodney--was created for a previous jam (GMC Jam 40) and updated to be submitted here (as permitted by the rules). The last thing I want to do is undervalue anyone else who was able to put in the effort to develop a new one for this jam. I personally did not have time to commit to another jam but saw an opportunity to spend a day fixing up a game I had already made and submit it to get more feedback. Generally, I would prefer to develop everything from scratch, which is why I regularly participate in the GMC Jams. I felt this time it was better to submit something old than nothing at all, sorry if I misjudged.

I've posted a comment on my submission so it's clear, in case that will impact anyone's ratings. If it helps, the total development time of Wastoid Rodney was still only 6 days (split between the two jams).  Yes, it's a few months old, but it's not like it was in development for any longer than anyone else's submission!

Disclaimer: This game was originally created for GMC Jam 40, and updated to be resubmitted to this jam. In case that affects your judgment, I mention it here. The jam submission page does not show the full game description which would otherwise include that information.

The total development time of this project was 6 days, between both jams.


I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :D

Yes, this is a bug, thanks for letting me know. I will be doing a bug-fixing patch soon, to get that issue and some others I have noted down.

There is a second way to defeat the miniboss though, which will work in the meantime. If you do a regular bomb explosion when the turtle is directly on top of the bomb, that will work as well. (The idea is you hit the weak underside). That should let you finish the trial.

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This is the bug report thread for version 4.0.2

Post a reply here to report a bug with this version of The Last Librarian. When posting a bug report, please remember:

  • Ensure you are on the most up to date version of the game
  • Include a copy of any error message that appears
  • Describe the issue with as much detail as you can
  • Describe the circumstances that caused the issue

I will add the bug to my lists and address it as soon as I am able. It will be included in the change-logs once it is fixed. Game crashes are very high priority so please ensure to report any crashes you encounter.

Version 4.0.1: Complete Change-log

Version 4.0.2: Complete Change-log

(1 edit)

The Last Librarian is a finished game. Every Library is complete, every item is there, and you can defeat the final boss and see the credits roll. However, the process of developing the game is not quite finished. This game is still in early access, and during this time there are several things I want to focus on. They are posted here so that the community can share in my vision for this period of development.

Player Feedback: Any game has issues when it is released. But I know that The Last Librarian will be especially prone to issues, as I am a one-man development team, besides the efforts that my friends have been willing to volunteer. Early Access for this project is an opportunity to get feedback from my players for some time before declaring The Last Librarian a finished product. Your feedback is invaluable to this process, so play the game and let me know what you notice along the way.

Difficulty Balancing: I designed The Last Librarian to be a fairly challenging game, myself finding new Zelda games to lack a significant challenge. However, there are times in The Last Librarian where the puzzles are far too obtuse to be fair, and times when the enemies are poorly telegraphed or frustrating. I want The Last Librarian to be accessible for players of all skill levels, so primary to the early access is an effort to polish the difficulty curve throughout the game. I wish to provide a better experience for players who are here to enjoy the game, and also provide options for the masochists.

Graphics and Music: There are a few things that remain unfinished in the audio and graphical area of the game. First, there are a few more songs I need to write, and a few I’d like to rewrite, before I can count the soundtrack as complete. Additionally, I want to improve the art in the game that has an impact on gameplay. I am not an artist, and I do not enjoy making art, but there are still a few things that need to be addressed. However, at this point I am not going to be redrawing entire tilesets or changing the color palette. My primary focus is on the gameplay and player experience.

I don’t expect early access to last especially long, and like I stated earlier, the game is already basically completed. There will be very few dramatic changes or additions, what we will see during this time will be almost entirely small improvements. I will post updates to the game throughout, either as I fix critical bugs or feel like I have made enough changes to warrant a new version. I will also share the changelog as I make improvements.

To provide feedback on The Last Librarian, you can post a thread on the community forum here on, under the Feedback and Suggestions section. Or you can join The Last Librarian Discord server and share your feedback there. Thank you for your support of The Last Librarian, it means the world to me!

That would be about it. There's several sidequests at Deep City and Camp of Lost Hope, which you may or may not have seen. But those are more for completionist type people. You've done the bulk of what's in there so far.