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This is the bug report thread for version 4.0.2

Post a reply here to report a bug with this version of The Last Librarian. When posting a bug report, please remember:

  • Ensure you are on the most up to date version of the game
  • Include a copy of any error message that appears
  • Describe the issue with as much detail as you can
  • Describe the circumstances that caused the issue

I will add the bug to my lists and address it as soon as I am able. It will be included in the change-logs once it is fixed. Game crashes are very high priority so please ensure to report any crashes you encounter.

Version 4.0.1: Complete Change-log

Version 4.0.2: Complete Change-log

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The Last Librarian is a finished game. Every Library is complete, every item is there, and you can defeat the final boss and see the credits roll. However, the process of developing the game is not quite finished. This game is still in early access, and during this time there are several things I want to focus on. They are posted here so that the community can share in my vision for this period of development.

Player Feedback: Any game has issues when it is released. But I know that The Last Librarian will be especially prone to issues, as I am a one-man development team, besides the efforts that my friends have been willing to volunteer. Early Access for this project is an opportunity to get feedback from my players for some time before declaring The Last Librarian a finished product. Your feedback is invaluable to this process, so play the game and let me know what you notice along the way.

Difficulty Balancing: I designed The Last Librarian to be a fairly challenging game, myself finding new Zelda games to lack a significant challenge. However, there are times in The Last Librarian where the puzzles are far too obtuse to be fair, and times when the enemies are poorly telegraphed or frustrating. I want The Last Librarian to be accessible for players of all skill levels, so primary to the early access is an effort to polish the difficulty curve throughout the game. I wish to provide a better experience for players who are here to enjoy the game, and also provide options for the masochists.

Graphics and Music: There are a few things that remain unfinished in the audio and graphical area of the game. First, there are a few more songs I need to write, and a few I’d like to rewrite, before I can count the soundtrack as complete. Additionally, I want to improve the art in the game that has an impact on gameplay. I am not an artist, and I do not enjoy making art, but there are still a few things that need to be addressed. However, at this point I am not going to be redrawing entire tilesets or changing the color palette. My primary focus is on the gameplay and player experience.

I don’t expect early access to last especially long, and like I stated earlier, the game is already basically completed. There will be very few dramatic changes or additions, what we will see during this time will be almost entirely small improvements. I will post updates to the game throughout, either as I fix critical bugs or feel like I have made enough changes to warrant a new version. I will also share the changelog as I make improvements.

To provide feedback on The Last Librarian, you can post a thread on the community forum here on, under the Feedback and Suggestions section. Or you can join The Last Librarian Discord server and share your feedback there. Thank you for your support of The Last Librarian, it means the world to me!

That would be about it. There's several sidequests at Deep City and Camp of Lost Hope, which you may or may not have seen. But those are more for completionist type people. You've done the bulk of what's in there so far.

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Yeah, the invisible barriers are just places that aren't in the game yet. They'll go somewhere soon.

The crash at Drake Soma-Sor is actually patched in version 3.0.1. If you download the most recent version here you should be able to fight him. Your save file will transfer with no issues. I fixed that about a day ago, but I didn't actually post a devlog about it.

Ha! Glad you're having fun. Good luck with the glass automaton.


Here is a link to my video of the stream where I played all the games. Check the timestamps to find your game!

If anyone else has video playthroughs feel free to attach them here too to keep them all in one place.

Thank you so much!

Yeah, definitely need some improvements on the UI/tutorial etcetera. We want more runes as well.

Our possible plan actually is to make a rougelike, you'd collect new runes from enemies and be limited in crafting based on the runes you had. We'd need to add a proper balancing system etcetera...

Anyways, stay tuned, maybe we'll get around to it. :)

I totally agree, we didn't have time to implement nearly as many runes as I would've liked. Definitely will be adding more in the future.

Thanks for playing!

No mailing list required. It has been done.

Thanks for the encouragement. I have been motivated to update my main project to have a Linux build as well!

I am actually planning to make a Linux version for this project sometime in the next month or three I hope, but there is not one yet. I can't totally promise a Linux version, but I can say I will try at some point to make one.

Here's the final product, Spellscriber (Name WIP). We didn't get nearly as much done as we all hoped, however the crafting system ended up working better than I ever envisioned. I hope you can have fun with making your own spells and testing them out on giant swarms of mindless slime monsters.

Link to the Game:

Here's a few more runes added, especially conditionals and targets are more fully implemented.

Tomorrow I will hopefully implement saving/loading spells, ie, crafting spells in one place in the game, and then going somewhere else to use them to fight things. Might take more until Thursday (not to mention I want to add a good number more runes as well).

Ah ha ha ha ha! I've been waiting for a while for this post.

We have the crafting system all figured out. (Well... that's sort of lie, there's still a lot of work to make it into an actual gameplay loop). But the point is, you can now arrange and connect runes to make all those different types of spells. Once we add a bunch more runes, and make a way to save spells so you can use it in other places in the game, we'll have a real prototype going.

Here is a video of me crafting three progressively more powerful spells out of the runes we have in the game so far already. There is more detailed explanations below.

The first spell uses the form project rune, then connects that to the condition to wait until the projectile lands. The next rune is the fire burst rune which deals damage to entities (the green things) around. After that I add a burn rune at the end to do additional burn damage over time. I also insert a flame trail rune before the condition to make that cool trail behind it. The third spell I add a bunch of modifiers, some which strengthen the damage and radius of the fire burst, and the one attached to the first rune makes the projectile travel faster.

Next I'll be programming a bunch of runes so that Julien can work on the particles when he wakes up. Future steps include saving/loading crafted spells, spell tablets to limit the types/quantities of runes, and the main gameplay loop of exploring a dungeon using your spells to collect more runes.

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Hello, I'm Cloaked Games. Julien (DerJulien) and I are working together for this jam. Here's our first update, from my side of things with the programming, plus some of our concept art and ideas.

Our goal for this one is to make a system for crafting magical spells. The idea is that you would collect runes which can be mounted to magical stone tablets. Depending on the runes you use and the order you place them you will get different spells. Actually, it's almost like a super-simplified coding language. So far we have the system for casting a spell, and a system of data structures for handling the runes. We can hard code spells that execute based on the runes the way we want, the next step is just to give it a nice UI and add a whole bunch of runes.

Here is a visual representation of how the runes connect, and after that, the resulting spell in-game. (Placeholder art).

Then, you can apply modifiers or runes which apply over a period of time. Here is a much more powerful fireball spell based on the spell shown above. As we add more runes, there will be exponentially more different spells that can be crafted. It will be important to maximize the value of your modifier runes to ensure the most power from your spells.

Due to the modifiers, this spell has a faster traveling projectile, has a larger AoE range, and has a larger fire elemental aspect (increasing its damage). And the fire trail rune added (a duration type rune) leaves behind flames as the projectile travels.

There are 5 different elements in this game. Fire, Earth, Dark, Lightning and Ice. Each one is extra strong against one other element, and weak to another one. Here is concept art (by Julien) showing the relationship between the elements.

The elemental alignment of an entire spell is calculated based on the elemental attributes of the runes that make up the spell. Since elemental damage dealt by runes such as the fire rune in the spells above are determined by the elemental alignment of the spell, when crafting a spell you will want to make sure the runes you use are compatible elements. In addition, depending on the type of damage you might deal more or less damage to particular enemies. Here is an example of shooting an Ice (blue), an Earth (green) and a neutral (gray) enemy with the fireball spell above, showing the difference in the amount of damage you can do. (These values are very WIP, we have done no balancing yet).

We definitely have a lot more things to work on, but I am personally very happy with the rune/magic crafting system so far. Making a UI for crafting spells will be difficult (as UI always is), and we'll need a LOT more runes. But runes are really easy to make now that the system is in place, and every new rune we add is automagically able to be used with any of the other runes in a brand new spell. After that we'll need a gameplay loop for collecting runes, the story, enemies/AI, etcetera. Some of that is planned, but I'll save that for another update later.

You'll hear from me or Julien sometime soon I'm sure. I can't wait to show more of this game!

Excellent. I may buy this when I have a chance.

Does it have methods for supporting/detecting different controller types? Or would you recommend just having full re-binding or some certain preset options for controller types?

Finally, to clarify, I don't have to assign it to a specific player instance right? I can just directly check the controller inputs from any instance? (That's how it's done in my game now, it'll be easier not to adapt to the player/action system here, although your code for that is quite cool).


Heck yes, thanks for playing. I enjoyed watching it!

Hello! I've been here for a while posting my silly little projects and game jams, but this is the first major project I've gone all the way with. I'm actually running a Kickstarter campaign for it right now.

The game is called "The Last Librarian". It is an action-adventure game heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda, however I have a much stronger focus on an in-depth story and lore. To me, this is about creating the game I most want to play, and I think there are a lot of people looking for that experience as well. Rosarah is a fully developed universe, with its own history and story, and my goal is to build that into a universe that you want to save from villainous forces.

If you want to check out the project, here is the page for the demo on, you can also find the Kickstarter link there.

You have to redeem the Steam key in order for it to authenticate your ownership of the game. Even if you're not using the Steam version. "The version of the game has custom DRM that requires that you own the game on Steam. It is non-intrusive and simply verifies ownership of the game. Please redeem your Steam key before playing." Perhaps that could've been included in the piracy message though.

Woah. I listened and I really like your stuff. Can't wait to hear more, although I haven't quite gotten through all of your Soundcloud quite yet.

I'm an amateur game developer and I'm also composing my tracks for my main projects. I only have one track so far (from an old project) that I've posted on Soundcloud, but I'll post the link here so I can hopefully get a little bit of feedback to use for new tracks:

My style right now is fairly synth heavy, science-fiction or electronic, I think. I'm hoping to upload a few new ones over the next couple of weeks.

Hello. I'm Cloaked Games.

Same guy as from the GMC. I'm not an impostor.

I signed up for the jam, but I have no clue if I'll actually do something, and if I do, it won't be much. I do have a question though, how much pre-written code is acceptable for this jam?

I'm not like, not interesting in participating exactly, but I don't know much about and I don't know how much information of that sort you can find. But if you have a better idea of what exactly you're looking for, feel free to contact me. :)

That's definitely one of the easier ones. Ironically, I've personally always had a very hard time getting platformer mechanics to work right...

Yes. I am very fond of Starcraft II and Brood War, but even SC2 is like, 10 years old now. They just remastered Brood War with HD graphics though, which is pretty awesome. Same terrible pathfinding and unit control though. But it's one of my favorite games so I'm actually glad it's still the same really.

I don't know about the hardest or easiest, but a hard one to mention would be Real Time Strategy.

Programming is not simple, because you have to manage AI and path-finding of sometimes thousands of instances. But the true challenge is balancing it for online play when you have to  try to account for every single possible combination of units and strategies to work against every other one. Especially if you use multiple playable teams that play uniquely different.

Yes. I've noticed it on and off. About 10 minutes after the first time it happened it was fixed. I only posted after it happened again half an hour after that. It has since started working, and stopped working twice for me. It is currently working now.

Well, that's interesting... I don't want to solve it by switching browsers though.

Me and and a few other people (on a different forum) have also noticed this problem with right now. A number of pages have been showing 404 not found pages, sometimes up and sometimes not. My pages are still saved on my account, people just can't view it when it's published.

I would be happy to do a few, since it seems like a fun thing to do. However, without pay, I can't do all of the levels, I have my own projects to work on. I can give you advice and point you to some sources to learn how to do some of it on your own if you'd like. But I can certainly do some help and some design work, as it seems pretty cool. I have a few notes of feedback after playing that demo as well... ;P

I also use Gamemaker:Studio.