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Top level blogging available for all

A topic by leafo created Nov 14, 2022 Views: 2,375 Replies: 14
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Previously our blogging functionality has been locked behind Devlogs, meaning you have to create a project page on before you could post, and you could only post on that project page.

We’re now making it possible for anyone to post directly onto their account without the need to create a project first. This functionality has actually been available but hidden away for quite some time. We decided to open for everyone to see how people use it, if at all, and then plan how we’d like to expand it in the future.

This functionality is very much a work in progress, we’ll try to share more updates as we have them. Here’s what we have so far:

Posts dashboard

On your dashboard you’ll find a new tab, Posts, to access the new dashboard page. (Also linked from the account drop down menu in the header)

The new posts dashboard includes all posts you have authored, along with a quick summary of their stats. You can create a new top-level post on this page, or use the New devlog menu to jump directly to the appropriate page to start writing a devlog.

Keep in mind that this will only show posts that you have authored. If you have other team members writing devlogs for projects you control, you will still need to navigate to that project’s devlogs page to review those posts.

Game/jam/bundle mentions

For top-level posts, since they aren’t associated with a game page, they will be rendered using our default blogging template that you may have seen for some of our own blog blog posts.

The default template comes with a few additional features compared to devlogs:

  • Including game/project URL will cause an additional section to appear that lists all games in the post, showing all the metadata and cover image for the game
    • If you mention only a single game by URL, it will get a special slot in the sidebar of the post, otherwise the games will appear on the bottom of the post in a grid
  • You can mention a jam by URL to have it appear in the right column. (Note at this time only a single jam will be pulled out as a mention)
  • You can mention any sales or bundles and they will be displayed with all their details alongside your post

Post type picker

The “Post type” picker is available for top-level posts with some slight adjustments: Since these are not devlogs, you now have two basic options: Blog and Announcement. All of the long-form options are the same. We feel that many of the long-form post types are much more appropriate for top-level blogging as opposed to devlogs, so we’re excited to see what people write.

Language picker

We’re introducing a language picker for both devlogs and top-level posts. In the future, as we explore more tools for discovery of posts, we think it would be helpful to know what language a post is in so we can filter it where necessary.

Caveats on discovery

This is a very early form of what we’d like to do with top-level posting. At this time there are a few limitations to be aware of.

Although Devlogs have their own directory page, nothing like that exists yet for top level posts yet. The only distribution we provide for now is sharing your posts to your followers’ feeds.

Spam review

We’ve changed our system on content review for posts/devlogs because features like these are really attractive to spammers. In the past if a post was flagged by our spam detector it would be sent to our internal queue for review, but the post would be fully functional. Now, if a post if flagged by our spam detector it will be fully blocked for view until a team member reviews it. We want to show to spammers up-front that their posts are blocked to discourage them from attempting at all. We apologize to any legitimate posters who may get caught in this review step.

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Converting post to devlog

If you’ve made a post before you’ve actually created a game page, you can now migrate it to the devlogs section of the game. This will enable a workflow where you can start writing about your game before you’ve gotten to the point where you feel like you need a separate page for it.

You can find the button to convert the post to a devlog on the post’s edit page.

Keep in mind there are a few restrictions with this tool:

  • Any other project owners will gain the ability to edit or delete the post
  • This change is irreversible. If you make a mistake you will have to delete the post and re-create it

Everything else about the post is kept, including the comments and analytics


Are there long term plans for things like to see a list of posts by a given creator?


I have a few ideas here but nothing has been decided yet so I didn’t want to share yet. It’s likely we may convert the “community” profile to focus more about showing your posts. Then, on you “creator” profile (aka the subdomain), there would be a module to highlight posts if you choose


Fair enough. Thanks (to you and the team) for all of the work on the site!

If I tag a post as Adult and include NSFW content, who will it be visible to?  Only members with Adult content enabled or anyone on


We’re going to be rolling out a new content warning system that will be available for blog posts. At the moment it’s not possible to tag top-level posts as having adult content in a way our system understands.

For devlogs, the view permissions are inherited from the project page that contains it. Eg. if a game is NSFW then to view the devlog you would also need to click the confirmation dialog.

Thanks. Good to know before I stick something where I shouldn't ;-)

Hi , I need  someone to tell me if supports node js with javascript 


This is not the right place to ask unrelated questions. You should be able to find the answer to your question with some simple searching.

We do not run server-side code for you, you must use your own platform to do that.


That's awesome!!

I've been waiting for something like that for quite some time, and I'm really happy it is out for testing.

Next thing in this direction would be a section on our creator's page and something like a /blog URL so people can directly access our top-level posts.

But as it is now, it's ALREADY an awesome step.

I aways referred to as a "YouTube for games" and this looks like another step in this direction!


This is awesome, I'll be trying it out. Definitely hope we can eventually get a way to show all our posts in one spot. That would immediately transform itch into my preferred way to communicate about my projects.

Thank you! Can posts be organized, like maybe with tags, into topics, or a wiki?


We still have many organizational changes planned for blogging, but things got sidetracked with the end of the year. We hope to push out some updates in January and beyond.


Any updates on this? I really like the blogging feature and have started blogging here more often. Because of the lack of discovery and organizing features I have opted to organize it on my main page with some CSS, but would be nice to have blogging more integrated.