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Fascinating process. Exophilie is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Thanks for sharing!

If you have 5 minutes and you're awake between 12am  and 5am, try out my experience:

Headphones, playing in the dark, and lighting a candle recommended 

Thank you for making such fun tools. Welcome back.

Nice relaxing adventure. So many fun animation movements. I really enjoyed this :)

Nice daily dose of cuteness. I love the way the dogs react. Your games make me smile :)

I found the man and it made me smile! I love the art style.

Really enjoyed this. Nice creepy buildup and strong minimal atmosphere. It's amazing how much you can do with so little. Well crafted.

I like the recent addition of blog posts, but I'm having a hard time discovering them. Is there a way to see a global feed of blog posts or see what other blog posts someone you follow has made?

You can read the in my blog post.

It's full of 3D assets, 2D assets, sound libraries, music resources and all of it is either public domain or under a fair creative commons license. Hopefully others find it useful.

Great collection of zines! I love how powerful EZM is. It's amazing seeing the creative diversity this tool helps create.

Incredible audio design and warm visuals. This was a nice meditative treat.

Great recommendations! Looking forward to more.

Congrats! That must be an amazing feeling. Definitely looks like you put a lot of work into this game and I'm glad it paid off.  It's nice to see unique games like this get recognized and enjoyed by more people.

Just played this as a pair and ended up accidentally summoning a dictator from hell to try and win a rap battle. Lots of silly hijinks. So much fun. We loved it.

I love it. It sparks a lot of creativity and play in my life

Tend and befriend. This zine made me hopeful. Great work.

Beautiful and original experience . Thank you for making this

This is so much fun. I played this with my headphones and lights dimmed. This would be great to try outdoors in a park on drone day. Maybe even as an interactive group exercise where people gradually shift the sounds to collectively drone out together. Great work!

Great work. Congrats on the release! 

This is a phenomenal experience. An incredible album wrapped up in an extremely immersive interactive visual experience.

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Great game. Felt a lot of unease exploring a familiar world from a different angle and context. The text scattered throughout the world added so much. The one about Halo 2 reminded me of a time in Half Life 2 where my speedboat disappeared due to a bug and I had to complete the water hazard chapter all on foot. It was such a different experience navigating a space that wasn't meant for walking. Makes me want to go back and play the Halo games but only on foot.

Great sound design. I got lost in the serene sounds and sights. I love little playful experiences like this. Great work

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A short interactive visual poem about loss, longing, and dislocation

The word solastalgia was coined by philosopher Glenn Albrecht in his 2003 paper Solastalgia: A new concept in human health and identity. It describes it as the pain experienced when there is recognition that the place where one resides and that one loves is under immediate assault. It is manifest in an attack on one’s sense of place, in the erosion of the sense of belonging to a particular place and a feeling of distress about its transformation.

Enjoy. Would love hear impressions and see playthroughs.

Have a nice day.

9/10 not enough cats.


I love discovering chaotic stuff like this on itch. Made my day

This was such a tranquil experience. Great sound design and atmosphere. The hiss as the elevator reaches the top, the gentle gusts of wind, the pulsing tones as you walk which punctuate the meditative ambient music - it all adds so much to heighten the atmosphere. I looked out at the clouds for a good amount of time.

I created my own little lore while playing. I imagined I was a cloud scientist working in a tower high above a smog filled city. So many different buttons and contraptions to capture endless amounts of cloud data. Only I was lucky enough to watch and study the endless sea of clouds.

Great work!

It's not everyday that I get to play as a pregnant women that gets to punch aliens in the face. I was full of smiles playing this :)

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Love this. It's a tiny little experience that captures that night feeling "thoughtful nostalgic emotions you feel when you drive alone at night or see a city skyline at dusk with the wind in your face". Excellent use of colors, it feels like a painting.

I'm curious what your plans are with this game. There's a lot of potential to really expand on the already great atmosphere with more sounds, a tiny warm narrative, and a bit of exploration.

I just want to be able to explore this beautiful world you built more. Awesome job, looking forward to more of these experiences.

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Excellent interview. I've been thinking a lot about the way many smaller games are consumed for content. My latest game received the same sort of commentary mentioned in this article ("weird", "this person was on drugs", "this isn't a game"). I see this with lots of games and while I don't find the comments negative, the reaction always signals to me a lack of language to describe games with more of a focus on an ethereal, evocative, and surreal atmospheres. Likely from a lack of exposure to smaller games and the discussions and community around alt/art-games.

I agree with The Last of Us (and many other AAA games) doing an average job at best at any type of emotionally complexity. I can also never get over the massive ludonarrative dissonance. Games like this are fun, but I rarely get emotionally invested in the stories. I guess this is why I gravitate towards smaller intimate games such as Nathalie's. There's no need to force a fun quota down your throat. They can take their time to create an intentional space where every piece organically connects. There's more room left open to explore within you how the experience elicited an emotional reaction that feels unique to you.

I appreciate the transparency with your development. Thank you for sharing such an insightful interview. It helps clear away the more negative discussion around alt-games I often see online.

The exact number input would be amazing. The sliders are pretty finicky.

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𝔗π”₯𝔒 𝔠𝔬𝔰π”ͺ𝔦𝔠 π”žπ”ͺ𝔲𝔩𝔒𝔱 π”₯π”žπ”° 𝔯𝔦𝔰𝔒𝔫

ℭ𝔩𝔦π”ͺπ”Ÿ 𝔱π”₯𝔒 π”°π”žπ” π”―π”’π”‘ 𝔰𝔱𝔒𝔭𝔰

𝔒𝔲𝔯 π”ͺ𝔬𝔫𝔬𝔩𝔦𝔱π”₯𝔦𝔠 π”―π”¦π”±π”²π”žπ”© π”žπ”΄π”žπ”¦π”±π”°

Download for Windows :

Would love to see impressions / letsplays. Enjoy!

These are so much fun. Imaginative little games that create a lot of joy and laughter. Definitely cozy good times.

Well done! Evocative atmosphere really highlight the readings. 

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A wonderfully original execution of machine learning art. You feel like you're exploring a world half built in the mind. Like something that's both there and not there. Simultaneously constructed and falling apart. A hazy dream that you try to recall when you're awake.

A great combination of abstract imagery and text. I never really knew what I was exploring and why. It's light in design which leaves the mind racing for answers as you explore cursed worlds aimlessly entranced. Would make for a good twitter bot archiving differing worlds.

Thank you so much!

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Thank you for playing and making a video! Sorry for the music issue, I didn't expect others to record it. Definitely will make sure future titles are Youtube friendly.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, just a tiny experience. I'm making a larger game with a similar atmosphere. This game was a sort of prototype and me getting my feet wet with Unity3D

Luckily there is a Planet B...

That's interesting. I had a similar dream that inspired parts of this. Thank you for playing!