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Great artwork in this one. I noticed my crosshair-setting went missing after each map though and the invert mouse setting is the other way round.

I used Gameboy-online (an open source html5 emulator) last year to run my gameboy entry (made with gbdk) on the web

Thanks for playing. It's hard to tell whats going on without a proper explanation, but you did quite ok.

It's about managing input (targets) output (mails) displayed at the bottom, and consumption (power/money/upgrading the pc).

Well done!

I honestly didn't think anyone would really play this through. Once you figured out how things work it's over pretty fast but I expected people to leave before reaching that point :D

Seems the clicking is bugged. Incidentally the most important button "?" doesn't seem to do anything.

I guess the game would be to click the blocks to stop them from getting bigger? but due to the not working click-code i can't be too sure.

Could not find out how this game works, I tried clicking on the black blocks, i tried avoiding them with the cursor. Clicking yields points but I have no idea why the gameover happens.

Actually it's not that hard, and pretty similar in GBDK anyways. There are some basic helper functions but most of the work is setting registers directly anyways. Also GBDK creates a big overhead for function calls and stuff like that. Once you go past the hello world it can get pretty frustrating. Give it a try!

Hey there, thanks for the feedback.

If you want to look at gameboy development, the setup used is fine for getting your feet wet, but you should ultimately switch to assembly as soon as possible. The used compiler (SDCC) and the library (GBDK) are full of quirks and bugs that mess up your perfectly fine C-code so working with it can be quite an bad experience. (Being new to gameboy dev I spent hours searching for bugs in my code that actually weren't my fault in the end, just as a warning before you step in). Nothing beats seeing your own game run on the real hardware though!

As far as I know, basecode is allowed here AND at LudumDare as well. The only rule at LD is that the basecode you're using has to be publicly available to all other contestants as well for free before the competition starts.

Thank you for covering this gamejam!

Hopefully you'll come across my other, far more polished, entry as well in a future episode.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

There will be an small update soon, and I'm already planning some features for a future bigger patch adding more variety.

Yes, generation is mostly percentage based, but it also got an health-mechanic for early-end-branches.

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Sadly crashes for me, right after the introscreen. Win7 64bit, both fullscreen and windowed.

Edit: New version fixed the error for me.

A short and relaxing experience. Love the theme and setting.

Hello everyone,

while I do other types of music as well here is my soundcloud with my dancy chiptune stuff.