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Are you still looking for an animator?

I’ve been experimenting with Vtube software and I can do something like this . Is this sort of inline with what you are looking for?

Are you still looking for a team?

I can do a vtube type animation. Something like this . Unless you have something else in mind

Magnificent. It’s charming and the music is absolutely mesmerizing.

Spooky ragtime jazz vibes, interesting

Super cool tool. It’s very fluid, snappy and blazingly fast

Kudos to you

Nice variations. Maybe a vantablack edition would lighten things up

It’s not the tentacles that I was looking for, but it still caught my attention and now I’m hooked.

Sounds disappointing 😑

This is a hidden gem among jewels

Pretty epic soundtracks

Aye, it’s pretty lax and engaging

Pretty cool

Super duper cool

Nice soundtracks

This is golden. Thanks

Awesome music. It’s grappling

Super cool

Super awesome

Good stuff

Liberating soundtracks

Super awesome showcase

Thanks bruv

Mysteriously spooky. Its cool

Lovely soundtracks

Super epic music

Well polished chiptune

Thanks. This is definitely worth animating into a parallax background

Super sexy wallpaper

Absolutely stunning

Now this right here is a gold mine. This is one of the finest pixel art tutorials

How to train my dragon, boring. Neko the egyptian cat can do more than just fly

The creators of Beastars should be taking notes, including the pokemon evangelists. This is how furries are supposed to be portrayed

Phenomenal game. The development thus far looks promising

Best visual novel that I’ve ever played thus far. The graphics are top notch

It’s a mighty fine storyline

This is absolutely mind blowing. I’m into arts & crafts, but little did I know of this cool craft. I already made 2 zines, before I even finished reading. Thank you for compiling this wondefully wriiten and well constructed documentation. You are the true MVP

Good stuff