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Thank you !

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Why not, then. What tracks are you interested in ?

Why not, which track(s) and what kind of game ?

Non, pas pas parmi les affaires de mon père. Parmi les affaires d'une personne décédée dont il fallait vider la maison. Ayant vécu dans la même rue que mes parents, oui :)

Bon, je vois que ce n'est pas clair et je n'ai pas envie de monter un mytho en dehors de ce PDF, donc : je SUIS l'auteur de tous les textes dans ce mémoire. Tout cela relève de la fiction. Donc tout est possible... Je n'écrirai sans doute jamais le reste du jeu "Le Seigneur des Ruines", mais j'envisage tout-à-fait d'enrichir son commentaire, d'autres axes de lecture, d'autres exemples de séquences, etc.

Merci à vous !

Content que ça te plaise, tu me diras ce que tu en penses définitivement après être allé jusqu'au bout.

J'envisage assez (mais pas dans un avenir hyper-proche) de publier une édition augmentée, oui. J'ai clairement été pris par le temps et ai dû aller à l'essentiel. Je rêvais d'un truc beaucoup plus métastatique en terme de notes et de digressions...

Absolutely not :)

Thank you :=)

Hi guys

Well, I've had a certain amount of projects in the past 25 years, here we go

Mainly "ambient" music, and pretty lo-fi.


I just uploaded a collection of instrumental tracks that I composed years ago (and released under various names) and that I want to promote now as background music for roleplaying or reading or whatever you actually want.

These tracks are suitable for medieval, horror, fantastic atmospheres.

It is free to download and for a private use.

Please allow me to submit this free interactive fiction to your bundle

Hey, looks like Thomas Ligotti has visited Anchorhead

Hi. The bug has been corrected since. You can download the latest version of the game. Thanks again for reporting that incredibly stupid programming error.

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Ouch... thanks for the report, I'll check that.

What did you type exactly ? " Search bookshelf " ? (spoiler : searching it is useless anyway)

And thanks for the compliment

Sorry mate ...

Do you have a mail ? It could be more appropriate to communicate.

Should I download the demo again ? I can keep on chasing crashes if it can help

Hello, did you also updated the demo ? I downloaded it again and gave it anotry but the game still crashes (with a console opening, which wasn't the case, the first time). Here is what it said :

I tried two different starts, yes.

The game crashes after 30 seconds or 1 minute of play, every time. Is it because of the demo ? Is the game more stable and playable ?

Hi folks

If you're french, or french-reading, maybe you'll want to try my first interactive fiction, made in 2016 for a Comp.
I'm currently working on an augmented and revised edition, to be released later this year.