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Dimi Kaye

A member registered May 10, 2016

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A very interesting take on multiple personalities and maybe how grief still affects part of our selves even if we don't show it or think about it. The music I found it to resemble the works of Silent Hill's Akira Yamaoka and definitely sets the mood throughout. Give it a go, it's short and minimal but it works well as a prototype for what the developer wants to release in the future.

Hello everyone!

I am Dimi and I compose and produce Synthwave music! This genre is mostly retro inspired by the 80s and 90s full of synths and nostalgia. You can check my SoundCloud here : and here is my Bandcamp :

I have also created some tracks for videogame inspired compilations.

The first one is called Stage 1 Time Warp and blends Chiptune with Synthwave :

I made Baotou with a good friend and tried to blend 16bit jrpg music (think Chrono Trigger) with synths again:

Finally, I had the pleasure to take part in a Mega Man compilation, covering the Freeze Man theme :

I also compose dark classical for my games. Tell me what you think and if you would like to work with me, just send me a message!