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That would be a great feature to had ! But I'm out of space on pico8 cartridge. If I even manage to win enough space I'll add it !

Not finished yet, but I love the it ! Good controls, puzzle and pixels. Nice job !

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Ahah, lovely brutal comment ! I wish I could have made this game more brutal

It looks fun ! I had to try it !

Thanks ! I hope you had some fun doing it !


Thanks :)

Yeah ! Waiting for this for a while 😁

Thanks, you seem to have cool stuff in your bag too !

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Thanks you 😁

Nice details ! Thanks for sharing !

Thanks !

Thank you for the review. I hope you had as much fun playing Brutal Pico Race as I had developing it 😊. 

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Thanks for your suggestions ! The game is written on Pico8 fantasy console. If it is possible to write a game relatively fast it's because it comes with a lot of constraints, such as limited resolution 128x128px, 16 colors, 4 channels sound and 8192 "bytes" for the code. I already have touch this limit multiple times and I can't figure out how to optimize more to free some bytes.

As an alternative to boost pad, you can gain some speed by driving on the half pipe. ;)

Thanks, at first it was too easy, so I level up AI. If I can give you some tricks, the boost is the key :)

Merci beaucoup :)
I'm glad you had fun

Even with the boost (up key) ? Or sliding on the half-pipe ? Avoid collision or take the 2 lasts ships to maximize acceleration

Thanks :)

pico8 expose LUA so it is very accessible. You have a kind of NES or SNES, with a little studio for sprite,map,sound fix and music. One big advantage is that you focus directly on the game and you don't lose time in details 😃 

Cool video, thanks :)

Thanks for the video :)

No no, the game is made with Pico8 virtual console. This system has a lot a restriction, 128x128 pixels, 4 audio channels, 16 colours... and 8192 "Tokens" to simulate program memory. One of the challenge when programming on this system is to make a maximum of feature fit in those 8192 tokens. When hitting the limit, the only way to add feature is to optimize the ones that already exists. At a moment optimization also hit a limit and you have the best that pico8 can offer :)

The other way to go further is to port the game on a real platform where there is no such limit, such as unity or anything else. But that is another story

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Ahah, great video ! I confirm that you can not die in this version, the "HP" only affect the boost frequency. The idea of going faster when you are close to 0 HP is cool, I should have think about it !

Hello, that's a good idea but I have no more token left and I can't add such a feature on pico8. If I plan to port the game on a real platform, I surely bring that feature to the port :)

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Hello, I'm making music for video game for about two years now. Here is my soundcloud :

My favorite is "Quest" 

Thanks a lot, I prepare a new release in the week-end, a bit more difficult, opponents with different behaviour, a kind of "minimap", end race screen more interesting with possibility to see where are the bots. Stay tune !

Thanks ! I'm happy you had fun 😊

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Thanks a lot !

For the contest, if I didn't make a mistake, it is done !

A new release is coming in the week, with some improvements :)

After 4 month hacking on Pico8, here is Brutal Pico Race, a fast and raw futurist racing game !

Choose a ship out of 3 class  (heavy, normal or light), a track and try to finish first here

You can also challenge a friend in split screen mode !

Have fun :)

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This is funny, but really difficult ! Great job for the real time autostereogram. I had difficulties to locate some ennemies, but other were clearly visible. Can't play more than 5 minutes, got a headache :D