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comedy standarts must be revisioned

and updated to new standarts of pure art

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adorei a arte

3d e 2d terceira pessoa com tantas coisas móveis, incluindo a câmera

não teve tanto incentivo de movimentação no jogo, dado ao tempo de jam entendo o sistema de spawn nas fazes

poucas vezes senti que precisei me mover pra acertar os inimigos ou me arriscar no meio do mapa

isso é algo que pode ser explorado muito com level design, e juntando a arte + movimentação desse jogo é algo que pode ser bem aproveitado

no geral uma idéia ótima com várias praticas bem aplicadas ainda mais em 72h de jam

(inclusive me lembrou de um jogo que trabalhei como TCC)


okay i'll probbly make a dog game

wondering if it's a "development under jam time" only


very dahora

trans meetup

aviso simples, mas a pagina da wgj nesse site tem o link da WGJ de 2018 até 2021, e só faltou essa edição de 2022

agradeceria se linkassem uma coleção com os jogos lá, até pra divulgar pra mais pessoas

i've showed this to 2 friends and they both keep playing it for more than i expected

i don't know how libgdx works about exporting for web, but this would be cool

love how the aiming seems so precise even with its perspective bent like that

also nice graphics


a lot of stuff went wrong for me on this jam
didn't have time for sounds, the keys (wasd) not working was a bug i notice after the time limit, forgot to show the score onscreen during gameplay

glad it still worked

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maybe i realised that i like way more things than i expected

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that's actually a thing i thought about when posting

it's way too complicated to get at first

even more without sound feedback

same as the mouse, click, drag, hold, maybe no 2 finger gestures allowed?

basically would make the game more accessible overall while with the same/less limitations

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i already knew you because of nice vfx and a few stuff on gamedev on twitter. 

but oh my god. 

after this game you're legit on my "need to tell people about" dev list now

playing this after watching pokemon in brazilian portuguese makes it even more traumatic

maybe i can get the backup itch io makes when someone upload a game, but it was done on an library that's so messed up that idk if it's useful at all :P (Phaser, with javascript)

if you still want it i can upload it easly

i love how it plays on android

we can search for games, tools, assets, a lot of other stuff and "everything else", which isn't any of the others

But we can't actually search for something in all of those categories at the same time, which is :/

Sometimes i'm searching for references of specific gamedev stuff (i.e. 3d pixel art trees) and it would be good if i could check on games, assets, mods and any other kind of project that may have the characteristics "pixel art, 3d, forest".

The ideal, thinking about logic, would be transforming this "type" dropdown menu in an important secondary tag, so we could select on which kind of projects we wanna search on

"search tools and assets about procedural textures"


but there was a bug when the rotating lines appeared

i could only move the little ball through a strange random offset away from it, and not getting close to

is it baked or realtime?

i found the inverted one a peculiarly nice effect

looks like that's one of the fastest engines to make a thing

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yeah, i entered a lot of jams but didn't post on some of them, but they keep appearing right next to the jams i participated and posted. 

that page is a giant mess that grows the more jams you enter 

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Everytime i post a game with a team (mostly from gamejams) i feel kinda bad about how the credits for each people works on itch io.

I always ask for my team to choose some of their social network to put it in the description, like:

but... it's incredible how many people pass by it and just focus on the automatic upper-right links that itch io make.

It would be a HUGE deal to have a button of "view all by THIS ACCOUNT" for everyone that worked on the project and it's registered as a manager.

and even if the game was made by a huge team, having the option to select who appears there would help so much.

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WOW, look's like my level design failed a bit

before entering that room, you need to press a brown button to open the first door

you can open the next door inside it, but it has 2 buttons

also thanks <3

super cool mechanic

it's so intense when there are a lot of bullets around me

i could see an entire game about it

that's literally a new perspective for tower defence games :D

i don't know how to describe the way i identified myself with this game

i could feel most of these things and even those that haven't happened to me

the inbox messages and feeling of emptyness made me reflect a bit

that's a great resource

gat sedraneas good

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i already use blender for small props for my game, but using it for making maps is terrible to test, visualize and travel from software to engine.

my main interest with this one is the way its uvs are made (not like blender which is overly complex and totally not made for pixel art)

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i'm about to buy this tool but i got curious about three things

i've read in the comments that only one texture (used as a spritesheet) can be used per mesh, is that true? also if i later decide to update this texture to another that has same size would i have to retexture all the mesh?

and how does the animating the textures works? does it cycles through selected sprites on the spritesheet or is it done via animator?

if would be really nice if it was touch compatible. 

i wanned to share it with some pep but they don't have a pc or a mouse to play

is it opensource or we can see how's it set up?

i know someone that is doing a final paper and could find this very useful 

it reminded me of zineth from arcane kids






love it

the froggo animations are so subtle and satisfying and damn, i've never thought of making particles that small, it worked really well

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