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Hey. Does your project need someone to edit/mix audio for your project? I want to do nothing more than just that FOR YOU. Depending on the scale of the project I guess the payment required will vary. but I am desperately trying to find work. 

Here are two examples of my work. I mix master and produce everything alone. I want to work with others and learn more. 

Newest thingy

Playlist of my work examples

discord: guyanermanator#9750

I have completed a chunk of my college training and I am just looking to be able to afford pizza and gain experience. and maybe rent a room before my housing is up. I am honest and determined. 

I can clean up audio

source sound effects 

mix or master a song or dialogue. 

I will offer music creation if what I am capable of making now is something you need. My music is really inconsistent but I love working with audio. Thanks 

awesome thanks a ton! 

Awesome! Also, do you have an idea of how I would be able to play this with other people as well? I have a group of like 4 friends (shocking) that are into the system and want to play together. Was stuck on if everyone would progress in the dungeon at the same time or not. The simplicity is so brilliant.  Have not found anything quiet like it so far lol. Thank you. 

this system is so neat! understood in minutes. Fun right away. I would love a book version of this that is the rules and just a bunch of adventures lol. How do you feel about people writing adventures for this system?

The above contains some examples of my work as well as some information about the terms. 

I do simple 3D modeling and stuff for fun. I am offering myself for hire for your project or whatever. Nothing is set in stone and I am open to negotiating the terms. Depends on what you need. Contact me and we can discuss this further. 

I am familiar with blender (300+ hours) and working with Unity (a couple years). Mainly using MagickaCSG for modeling and blender for clean-up and such. 

I would like to assist with someone else's project as well. I know C# at a slightly below intermediate level. In a Unity environment. 

I have the normal version with the English patch. Any idea how I get ahold of EX? Also if there a translated documentation anywhere? I really want to learn more about how to use the software and such as well as using any mods to the software that the community is made. Quality of life stuff you know? 

I looked through my entire game history and I cannot seem to find this game anywhere.  It was a horizontal shoot-em-up type game where you played as a robotic pharaoh-looking character riding something like a rocket-powered surfboard. It was very arcadey and colorful. I believe the game was released around 2019 and had numbers in the title.  I cannot remember much of anything else about the game. I think you had a staff too and it shot fireballs. You could get knocked off the board too. It was all sprite art and it looked really stylized and cool.  I found this game while I was at a recovery center and I'd love to revisit it again. I am not sure if this is the place to ask this kind of question but I tried everything. 

Thank you very much for your time! It was such an awesome game. Not sure if it was a demo or part of a jam but it was featured for a moment i think. 

Where do rendered videos save to by default? 

Apprently, it only works if ffmpeg is installed to the same directory you have. Which is C:\utils. THank

For some reason I cannot do any of the controls or click on anything

I have music in many places but this is my newest thing. Also on spotify, youtube, and where ever else music is. Thank you for your time

I will master your audio, make samples, clean up audio, assist with whatever. 

Message me to work something out. guyanermanator#9750

Examples of my work below. This is just what is new.  I am fine with rev share as well or a flat payment. We can work out other methods of credit as well. I am not picky. 


uh huh

I make music 3d model make weird stuff

guyanermanator#9750 add m e on discord


Funky frog

A jam

Newer Thing

Just looking for work. I make odd stuff.

Examples of my work.

Just want to join a team. 

I am not good underpressure and view art and music in a very open-ended and loose way and would like to work in much the same way. If you are looking for something "realistic" I can't help. Just trying to be as blunt as possible that way I am not shy to speak about it later. I make music very often. 

Chiptune, ambient stuff, wacky shit, open to experimenting and learn more. I am familiar with unity and how audio works in it if you need help with that. 

Ill download a VM or something to try it out. It's totally fine and probably worth it! 

No windows :/

Thanks! Lots more being made and already made.

I make so much freaking music and I hate the marketing aspect of it. Enjoy. 

It is frog music 

I have a lot of albums made. You may use any song in any project as long as you credit me!

if you need some wacky boss music contact me.  I have been working almost non stop for almost 9 months. 

Add me on discord. 


Seziure warning

You are free to use my music for anything as long as you CREDIT ME, GUY CLEGG 

All of my albums


Composed Midi

Funky Frog Jam No one Cares

I would be down to collab if you want 

Here is what I do

It was this sorta stylized arcade game where you play as an Egyptian-themed character with pixel art surfing on a board of some kind side-scrolling and avoiding enemies.  The UI was high contrast and the music was really good. I think the game's title had some numbers in it after one word or something. 

I cannot for the life of me find the game and how to even go about finding it. It was a really fun game and I just wanna play it again or see if a full version got released. Thanks! 

and sadly it is not in my collection. 

I make a lot of music. 12 albums released. You may use whatever I have already made as long as you link back to me and credit my work. 

Trigonal stuff costy money. 

Examples:  Synthy Calmy Ambienty

Toad Slammign Rave

Than They Disco


Oh yes






thanks for your time! 

contact me on discord/





how did u put music in your game u w u

I respect and love that. I will try harder lol. 

I also have some pain in my hands! I love the work you both do a lot! If I had money I would donate! If you need any music feel free to use mine! Free of charge.

It is so hard to get up there. 

How the fuck do you leave the grass area

Wait till its finished lol. 

Also have music that sounds the way it looks too. 

Just offering my work If you would like to use it. Maybe in the future I will do commissions again too but due to some health issues I cannot do that. 

If you would like to use my work for something let me know so we can work out the terms! 

This is one example of my work but I have many sorta different types of things that happen.

lookin for a home for me muusic 

awesome! thank you for using my stuff and crediting me! if you need any other audio services I CAN HELP AND I HAVE SO MUCH TIME THANK YOU FOR TAKING INTEREST IN MY STUFF! :] Imma try out your game right now! I also do sprite and textures if you need litterally anything relating to game dev. 



I can practice! Now calm orangized music is a bit tricky for me.  Depends on what you need. My wisdom teeth are coming in  and I am in a lot of pain so I cannot practice right now but can in the future. Also thank you. 

THANKS VERY MUCH GLAD YOU LIKE IT! and I agree sorta. It was written in musescore3 in a few different parts. GLAD YOU LIKE THE MOTIEFFS!!! So first it was composed than shoved into a DAW and given a little oomph. But in this stage its all in little bits. Than audacity is like the final part where arranging happens and stuff.  Sometimes a little reverb. I knew much less about writing music when writing it than I do now. Still learning note names and where they are lol. SO its mostly messing with shapes and patterns and vague relations of those. patterns.  The later half of the song used to be at a faster tempo but I just didnt feel it so I slowed it down a bit. But yeah I wrote all of it. Sometimes I really feel like I should spend more time on stuff. Genuinely glad it served its purpose for you! Would love to find musicians to preform it though. Have no clue how to go about doing that either. As hiring people is EXPENSIVE. Happy accidents. Would love to hear some of your stuff as well pal. You have discord or something? Would love to talk about music or even learn a bit more as you are more experienced than me. 


pls do pal. I can try to make another synthy thing like that. (it was improvised pfffft)