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Ah that explains it. Thanks for the help!

sfgml\sfgml-dev\Map.hx:8: characters 20-37 : Type not found : haxe.ds.Map

Above is the error I'm receiving when I try to compile. I tried looking at it myself but I just don't know Haxe well enough. 

As far as I know I set everything up correctly and I even tried adding sfgml_native_map to the directives. I tried with and without sfgml-next and I still get the error. 

Nice, thanks buddy!

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The events "Global Left Down" and "Global Left Pressed" are both seen as mouse_global_left_button.

You can't do it from GMEdit to GMS. But if you create the events in GMS and then reload the project in GMEdit it gives you two mouse_global_left_button event. When you write some code and try to save, it gives a duplicate events error.

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lol I bought this for $40 several years ago hoping to support the idea of real-time collaboration. So this was a fail then?

I should mention I don't mean to sound insulting. I didn't realize that you guys made this and the Superpowers engine. I really did and still do like the concept of real-time collaboration. Is that a thing still with Superpowers?

This game is seriously impressive. I'm just disappointed that I can't save my boat! Make this a real thing. You'll get some sells.


Hello! I'm Hippyman and you can read my "little" music bio on my soundcloud. Hope you like it :)