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I kind of had a feeling that would be the case. This was really just wishful thinking.

I get there isn't actual function overloading in GML but I may have thought of an idea that could sort of mimic overloading.

Basically what I was thinking is you could make some preprocessing commands (or whatever they would be called) similar to the other features you've added like "#args" for named arguments. But possibly some logic commands to check the argument types and the argument count to then choose which function description intellisense needs to show based on the current given arguments.

Some pseudo-code might look like this

#if arg_count == 1
/// function(arg);
#elseif arg_count == 2
/// function(arg1,arg2);
#if arg_type[0] == type_array
/// function(array)
#elseif arg_type[0] == type_string
/// function(string)
/// function(real)

So then when you're using one argument it shows the first description and so on from there. I'm assuming the argument count would be easier to check since it's literally just checking how many arguments were passed into the function but I get that the typing thing would be more difficult to implement since you would have to basically keep track of types throughout all of the code in the project.

Everything you've done for this software is way over my head so I really have no idea how possible this would be. But I think it would be a pretty sweet feature to add to the arsenal of awesome things you've done. Hell it 's possible you've already thought of this idea. I just randomly thought about it while working on something.

Ah that explains it. Thanks for the help!

sfgml\sfgml-dev\Map.hx:8: characters 20-37 : Type not found : haxe.ds.Map

Above is the error I'm receiving when I try to compile. I tried looking at it myself but I just don't know Haxe well enough. 

As far as I know I set everything up correctly and I even tried adding sfgml_native_map to the directives. I tried with and without sfgml-next and I still get the error. 

Nice, thanks buddy!

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The events "Global Left Down" and "Global Left Pressed" are both seen as mouse_global_left_button.

You can't do it from GMEdit to GMS. But if you create the events in GMS and then reload the project in GMEdit it gives you two mouse_global_left_button event. When you write some code and try to save, it gives a duplicate events error.

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lol I bought this for $40 several years ago hoping to support the idea of real-time collaboration. So this was a fail then?

I should mention I don't mean to sound insulting. I didn't realize that you guys made this and the Superpowers engine. I really did and still do like the concept of real-time collaboration. Is that a thing still with Superpowers?

This game is seriously impressive. I'm just disappointed that I can't save my boat! Make this a real thing. You'll get some sells.

Hello! I'm Hippyman and you can read my "little" music bio on my soundcloud. Hope you like it :)