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Hello ;) i play it and i fail 2 Times but it make's fun to play ,) here is my Video

and here is my 2nd One ;)

I play the first Version of the Demo and try later the new One ;) 

watch my Gameplay to the first Demo

also, i like the Game and the Graphic the only thing that is bad....the Music everytime....(copyright claim you know..= but the most time mute it =( she is so beautiful

i will hope you like my Video ;) Link plus Credits goes to you 

creepy ass Fvck xD great Demo

great feelings ,)

Characters be Cute and it feels good to Play this one ;) Thx for your Email ;) here is my Video about it =)

Midnight Shift Remake 

i found Midnight Shift Remake on / i play it and i will say

i like it ;) simple but creepy

great video =)

Good Remake ;) i do a Gameplay to it ;) got some Jumps a few times =)

love like you play it ;)

oh sry =( where is the right place for it ? 

sry, i am new here and need to learn more about the community

hello, i have Beats online in my Beatshop =) 


Pls Check dis one out ;) and let us reach more People

i do Game Videos for me and for you :) to Entertain you

thx for alle th support

i am mikel, do 12 years German Rap

i mix elements of Rap / Trap / RnB / Pop my Songs

you listen here

My Soundcloud Profile

Hey, i am Mikel and make 90 % German Rap Music with Heart but in the year 2018

i start with Let's Plays and other Gameplay Videos about Games from & Gamejolt ;)

you can check my latest uploads via my Youtube :)

i Play and Love this lil demo of this amazing Game ;) Link for Demo / Infos here:

and my Video is here

Nice Graphic, good Sound and a nice dark atmosphere ;) you can find the Demo / Informations here:

I am mikel aka DRAGondaGame ;) and i start with Let's Plays / Game Content in this year

i play games from here and Gamejolt and do some Gaming Videos with Feedback

and upload it: here is my video 

Hello ;) i am now a new Member on =) 

and here is my lil Gameplay to this amazing Demo of an great Game =)

i am excited to see the full version

watch here and enjoy