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it run's good with my dual core processor 2*3.2 Ghz / 32 GB Ram / RX580 8 GB vram ;) it looks pretty dope and the atmosphere is so amazing ;) i feel it and i want to buy so fast i can the full version ;) i love it

My Soundcloud

you will find many many Songs recorded by Myself ;) some Songs which i mix & master for other Artist's

some prod. Songs from me with FL Studio

if someone interested in Help with Mixing Vocals / Mastering of his Song

contact me

much love from Germany

Hey, you can listen to my first Producer Kit which includes

1 Kick

1 HiHat

1 Clap

2 Midi Files

3 Vocal Taggs

you can use this for your next Project ;) only think i ask for,

give credits like Orginal Melody by D.O.D.B Productions

here can you take a listen

Hey, what's good ?

I am doing German Rap since a couple of years

since the last year i produce beats

and many more ;) if you got time, check my latest Beats and

if you be fine with them, go and grab your Leasing Right or Exclusive Right

Listen to my Beats

Great Leveldesign, nice Sound, amazing Game ;) very great reaction from the thing to the players voice ;) i will purchase in the future the full game and try it again to make it ;) love from Germany 

OMG !!!! i miss da end with the flying guy xD but here is my Gameplay Video

;) hey, i am Happy that you like it ;) can't wait for the full Version of this one ;)

add more Monsters / Ghost's / Jumpscares or so, which make the atmosphere 

intensive ;) Thx for your Email and let me play it ;)

here is my Gameplay Video, best regards from Germany ;)

I Love this short but intensive Journey, Great Design, Graphic and good Feeling, when i play dis one ;)Love from germany

I's a long time ago...that i post some the last weeks i fight with me, my depression and suicide minds...

talk with my friend, my doc and take now pills....i got many struggles here...try to clear some difference with my ex above my kidz and many more and i want to say thx, for your attention: if you got time check my album and maybe you will support me with only 3 $ for 12 tracks...

i hope you like it and you be ready to help me 

my bank account is empty and i try on many ways to earn cash but nothing happen

pls, people help me: here is the link My Album

Hello ;) i play it and i fail 2 Times but it make's fun to play ,) here is my Video

and here is my 2nd One ;)

I play the first Version of the Demo and try later the new One ;) 

watch my Gameplay to the first Demo

also, i like the Game and the Graphic the only thing that is bad....the Music everytime....(copyright claim you know..= but the most time mute it =( she is so beautiful

i will hope you like my Video ;) Link plus Credits goes to you 

creepy ass Fvck xD great Demo

great feelings ,)

Characters be Cute and it feels good to Play this one ;) Thx for your Email ;) here is my Video about it =)

Midnight Shift Remake 

i found Midnight Shift Remake on / i play it and i will say

i like it ;) simple but creepy

great video =)

Good Remake ;) i do a Gameplay to it ;) got some Jumps a few times =)

love like you play it ;)

oh sry =( where is the right place for it ? 

sry, i am new here and need to learn more about the community

hello, i have Beats online in my Beatshop =) 


Pls Check dis one out ;) and let us reach more People

i do Game Videos for me and for you :) to Entertain you

thx for alle th support

i am mikel, do 12 years German Rap

i mix elements of Rap / Trap / RnB / Pop my Songs

you listen here

My Soundcloud Profile

Hey, i am Mikel and make 90 % German Rap Music with Heart but in the year 2018

i start with Let's Plays and other Gameplay Videos about Games from & Gamejolt ;)

you can check my latest uploads via my Youtube :)

i Play and Love this lil demo of this amazing Game ;) Link for Demo / Infos here:

and my Video is here

Nice Graphic, good Sound and a nice dark atmosphere ;) you can find the Demo / Informations here:

I am mikel aka DRAGondaGame ;) and i start with Let's Plays / Game Content in this year

i play games from here and Gamejolt and do some Gaming Videos with Feedback

and upload it: here is my video 

Hello ;) i am now a new Member on =) 

and here is my lil Gameplay to this amazing Demo of an great Game =)

i am excited to see the full version

watch here and enjoy