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Hello! I'm an orchestral and rock composer, and I would like to share my portfolio here.

You can find my Soundcloud here :

and my Bandcamp here :

Feel free to comment! And if you want to hire me, feel free to contact me!

Thank you!

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My name is Galang Syahya and I'm looking to make custom music for your games. I will make your music from scratch, taking into account what you want and what your project needs. I am willing to make changes after the first draft is finished.

Also accepting movie scoring and other music making job!


[Attention: I was, at first, a composer/musician rather than a sound engineer, so listen to the latest post in my portfolio to judge my mixing. You can listen to the other music for the composition.

You can listen to my demoreel here:

You can hear my few tracks here:


I'm in promotional phase after a long hiatus. My rate for now is $30/minute.

How to contact me:

I prefer you contact me through my email:


Galang Syahya.

How do you know exactly what happened to me with dating site?


I'm an experienced indie game music composer. I have been making music for years but taking it professionally around a year ago. And I can do some vector art (I can draw traditionally but I don't have a graphic tablet).

The only thing I know about Ludum Dare is that so many good games coming from this (Titan Souls is the most notable example).

I want to make music for Ludum Dare to expand my portfolio and to push my limits, and probably, if I lucky enough, the game can be developed to be sold.

I pretty much free on the weekend, so I can put all my time to Ludum Dare project.

Check my portfolio here

From it, you can tell that I'm more into orchestral fantasy and pop/rock music. I can make music for any video game genre.

If you're interested, you can contact me at