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without criticism, how would they improve? And also im keeping others from wasting their time. They chose to make and release this. Has nothing to do with free or paid. I judge the work as is.

I was expecting quite a lot more from a whole team of devs. I think its supposed to be relaxing, and thats really not my thing so this might not be for me. Even so there are a number of things wrong with this. Progression is slow. There is 1 area with the rock spikes that is interesting enough to keep you there long enough. The others...well if you're gonna make me saunterthrough it, then give me something to look at! The animation of the girl is janky and shes levitating half the time. The game has no difficulty, so why bother with the butterflies? I though its supposed to relax, not loom death over your head. I need at least a bit of story, as to why i even should be doing any of this or why i should care about the character. So i never did and the experience is awful - i've wasted my time. Also why bother making a 5 min experience? Well if that experience had something to offer, maybe, but this doesnt. Camera controls are too sensitive for me as well, would like an option to adjust that. 

For anyone wanting to try this - just watch a video. Its a 3 min walk.

For the dev:
Writing needs a lot more work. If you are comfortable to use your voice, you should use it for everything. Dump the notes. I only read the first one. The idea and visuals are great. Flesh out the character and the environment. How did all this begin? What was the player doing and how he felt about that? Also guiding the player with "hmm i think i should do this and that" is super over done and cringe. Find more clever ways to guide. You have a lot of freedom here in terms of writing, tell us stories from this world as we walk. Make me care about the character by hinting at his core desire and how his personality in the environment makes him act to get it, and what conflicts obstruct him from getting it. Write around your words and dont be blunt. 
Great job on the demo!

Short and cringe story. Writing and plot are bad. I literraly have a hammer and it tells me i cant use it after i spent so long to get it. The walking is god awful. Idea is good, but this is terrible.

Takes longer to download than to play through. Really disapointing. Cool visuals though. But needs optimization on the graphics. 

Waste of time as is. Too simple and too short. Whatever story there is trying to be, is just cringe. Overall an absolute lack of any kind of polish. 

I have an internet connection, but it seems that it didnt connect? Idk i found it frustrating to try to find out what i was doing, only now to realise that its supposed to show other peoples writings? I just got bored with my own stuff and saw no connection between my writings and the generated scene. Maybe add a note in the game that says more clearly what its for and how its supposed to work? Like i wasted my own time here reading back my senseless nothings and looking at a scene that got boring after the first 3 mins.

Not really a game, but more of a short 20 min experience. Soothing binaural music and audio of my voice. An inner monologue about life, art, the mind and community. Some interesting visuals all along the way.

Sometimes we step into the void, and that should be fine. I dislike how society views the void, and so i made this for people that think the same. It angers me when people say to avoid it. There is a vast amount of interesting thoughts that can only be explored in the void. It is therapeutic at the very least. Also i believe not enough games make use of binaural audio. This not true binaural, but its the best i could do, and i wish to inspire more of it in games. 

Pardon the cringy rhymeness of the title of this game.

Link to the game:

Type "music", one of the last things i found as well. Its actually really nice music. You can also change the color saturation of the scene with "color"

I like the illustrations and the sound-effects was like a triple chocolate glaze over a chocolate glazed, chocolate filled, chocolate covered, chocolate wrapped, with a chocolate cherry on top chocolate cake-volcano with chocolate fondue layers, that erupts chocolate. Overall i give it a 4/5 for gameplay experience.

The game looks absolutely amazing, too bad i simply don't enjoy this genre. Hope this game becomes huge :)

Please do yourself a favor and google search "Ace of spades". It is the same game as this but amazingly better. It used to be completely free and there was an amazing community, but now it's on steam and is not free, however you can still download the old version for free which still has a lot of players playing in it. Please do not promote game copying, please do not let the developers of this game receive any attention or profit.

My anti-virus software blocked the exe from running at the unity run window and closed it and took away my permission to even open it.  I'm not saying that this is a scam, other people seem to have no problems, but the game might have some virus that the devs don't know about.

Nice idea, but you really shouldn't have put in zombies. Setting aside the whole "zombies make a game fun" cliche and the fact that it just doesn't make much sense as we don't get a backstory of why they are there or why you are there. The zombies just make the game too difficult especially because they don't work properly, the sounds make me think i walked right past a zombie and then the zombies growl gets dimmer and suddenly it tells me i've been eaten. Played it multiple times and couldn't get to the beacon. Also some backstory would be nice.

First five minutes were spent to figure out what the action button is, lots of wasted time right there, could have just written it in the game options menu or write it on the screen, it was an instant turn off at the very beginning. Object placement seems very odd, like why would 3 trashcans in a 5 meter long hallway or pillars in the ground in a small open indoor space, no cars would ever get there. Shouldn't do puzzles that relay on reading all the text, the player ends up wasting a lot of time and gets frustrated. Don't use the same asset in one place so much. Player could move faster and overall the movement could be made better. Loved the sound design and the text that was written with shiny letters. Graphics are nice of course. Generally should have way less text, you can always find ways to say things without using words and blocks of text, but of course it's more difficult. Can't say i enjoyed the experience, given the time it took to do everything, but this has good potential.

Couldn't do any of the flips or tricks, the movement is very slippery, not much to do, you'll have done everything possible and been everywhere in the level in about 5 mins.

I can't seem to connect to any of the listed servers in-game, however my internet connection is good. The game tells me that the connection timed-out.

The story is faulty at best, didn't really interest me, didn't make me feel like i wanted to read all that text, or follow along with the narrative. Though, my biggest issue with the game is that you didn't capture the characteristics of the devil, you see, he is powerful, and humans are worthless to him, you couldn't care less about them, he doesn't need to got out there and capture innocent souls. Instead in most cultures, the devil is portrayed as an evil master-mind, he gets in your head, makes YOU think you are the good person, whilst doing something bad, makes you worship the devil, and overall deludes you, for his own pleasure and gain. Or even worse, tricks you into deluding yourself, until you go mad, and eventually go to hell for all this, he thrives on peoples suffering and regret and anger as they realize they've been fooled, and are paying the price in hell for their wrong doings.

It's a nice experience :)

Hey, yeah i`d love to work with someone else or on your other projects, i just love making the music. I think it would be better if we discussed this via email. Contact me at

Well, we can discuss the details via email, you can contact me on :

wish you could add more teams in one match, otherwise it's not fair, and would also like to see multiplayer for this. But awesome game anyway

You simply have the player betray one of his friends, so he will be a rat :)

here's my soundlcloud : link.

hey, i also make music, here is my soundcloud : link.

Hello, i`ve been making music in fl studio for 2,5 years now, i love making music and i`ve made video game music for other people before. I would love to help you on this project. Here is my soundcloud if you are interested : link.

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