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Looking to team with a music composer

A topic by Divitos created Jun 14, 2016 Views: 354 Replies: 9
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I programmed a little experiment and decided to spend a bit of time making it into a game. The project is going to be an attempt to tell a story using only quotes and exploration in a weird node-based world.

The programming for the project is already done and all that's needed now is the world design and audio. Over the next week or so I'm going to bring the game from being a crude experiment into a weird abstract look into life, and I'd like to team up with a composer who can make an abstract track for the game that gives it the atmosphere it needs.

If anyone's interested in joining or has any question about the game you can get in touch with me either by leaving a post below or contacting me on Twitter. I look forward to teaming up.

Hello, i`ve been making music in fl studio for 2,5 years now, i love making music and i`ve made video game music for other people before. I would love to help you on this project. Here is my soundcloud if you are interested : link.

Hey there! Give me a shout on Twitter @AlbinoStoic ; we have a few projects that need some sound, and I loved your Piano Medley 3 from SoundCloud. Looking for that kind of environmental ambience, and some caustic naturals.

Well, we can discuss the details via email, you can contact me on :

Hey there BaffledBanana.
Just got someone who started making a draft for the track earlier, or I'd love to have you on the team.
I do however have a few other projects I'm going to get back to working on after this one and I'd love to work with you if you want onboard one of those.

If you're interested in one of those, or if you just want to work together on a completely different project at some point in the future, let me know either here or add me on Skype (username divitosislove).

Hey, yeah i`d love to work with someone else or on your other projects, i just love making the music. I think it would be better if we discussed this via email. Contact me at

Hi Divitos, I'm interested in working with you if you are still looking for people for your other projects!

I've been making music in Ableton Live for ~2 years. I just finished making this game and its music this past semester.

You can also check out my SoundCloud if you'd like!

Hey FundamentalPhantom, I listened to some of your work and I love it.

I got quite a few planned projects that will need composers as well as I'd like to have real music vs procedurally generated music on my latest game Dreamscape Journey, so there's plenty of room for us to work on something together.

Do you have a Skype that I can add you on?

Thanks Divitos!

That sounds good, maybe we can talk on Skype about the other projects?

My Skype name is 'superiormoose'.

see you soon!

Hey Divitos are you still looking for composers? we'd be glad to be involved.

If you have any upcoming projects this is our email

and here are some links to our music


and a release from early this year

here from you soon!