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Fun entry from what I could play of it. I think you should definitely expand on this one, starting with a bit of optimization :P

The hitboxes threw me off and seemed a bit unfair at times, sometimes I even lost some people without hitting anything. Gameplay was fun and fast paced most of the time, and the areas where you did throw in extreme precision obstacles were well design and a nice mix-up. Good entry.

I'm really impressed with this entry, great gameplay, love the art, and love the music. I definitely think you should expand on this one.

Good twist on a proven formula. I especially liked the music on this one and the amount of creativity you managed to pull out of the system with the different opponents

Saw your tweets and was on the lookout for your entry. :)

I like the idea behind it, but as the others have mentioned, the controls are a bit off putting. Maybe remove the need for pressing control and just use the arrow keys for aiming? Though that really depends on if you have any plans to expand it and if so what they are. The gameplay was fun and frantic at parts, and very addictive at it's core. I'd definitely love to see what you could do with the idea without the time constraints.

Just a quick reminder to everyone that the Theme rating is not how well the game matches the jams theme (which is optional), but how much you like and how coheisve the games own theme that it develops within it is. Onto the feedback.
Not bad for what I assume is one of if not your very first jams. You've got a solid idea and lots of room to expand into. As others have said it'd be a good start to make them spawn faster and move faster as your score gets higher. Only thing that threw me off a little bit is that the wave animation could use a few more frames, but I understand the limited time aspect.

I absolutely love the atmosphere! My only real complaint with the game is that the look sensitivity seemed WAY too low, although that much just be because I'm playing on a laptop. Either way, good entry. :)

Thanks for the feedback. I only got to spend 5-6 hours over the weekend on the game, so really I apologize for this mess. >.>

Haven't gotten around to playing the other submissions yet, but congrats to everyone who submitted :

A quite interesting experience. I was never really quite sure what was going on but I liked it and found the entire thing trippy and amazing.

Things kind of took a pretty unexpected turn towards being dark during development for it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey there boundtotheearth!

I'm glad you enjoyed the jam! I always enjoy reading about the game development process so I was kind of hoping someone would do a post like this. I definitely agree that planning your game before you jump into it can make a huge difference both in terms of the final product and the dev process itself. You were spot on with the art making it easier to get the feel of a game right too.

I don't agree with the last part though where you say the game is trash, i think it's a fun game with a solid idea, the rough parts are pretty much to be expected from a game jam. I was also thinking about hosting another Last Minute Jam between October 28th - October 30th, but I'm not sure. If I don't host one then, I definitely will at some point in the future.

Hey there WildRooster,

In order to vote go to the main jam page and scroll down until you see the submitted games, from there click whichever one you want. This will bring you to a page to download it, rate it, and comment on it.

First of all congratulations on doing your first game jam, hope you have a good time this weekend.
By this I essentially mean any codebase, engine, or library that anyone could download off of a public site. So no codebases that you happened to have before the jam unless they are available for others to download online as well.


The theme is optionally, so if this doesn't appeal to you feel free to use any theme you want. Good luck everyone. :)

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of people who joined this jam considering I was only expecting 1 or 2 other people. Stay tuned for theme announcement in 2 hours, and I hope everyone has a good jam this weekend and manages to get a game done, be it for 1gam or whatever reason you decided to join. I'm looking forward to playing and rating everyone's entries.

Hey FundamentalPhantom, I listened to some of your work and I love it.

I got quite a few planned projects that will need composers as well as I'd like to have real music vs procedurally generated music on my latest game Dreamscape Journey, so there's plenty of room for us to work on something together.

Do you have a Skype that I can add you on?

Hey there BaffledBanana.
Just got someone who started making a draft for the track earlier, or I'd love to have you on the team.
I do however have a few other projects I'm going to get back to working on after this one and I'd love to work with you if you want onboard one of those.

If you're interested in one of those, or if you just want to work together on a completely different project at some point in the future, let me know either here or add me on Skype (username divitosislove).

I programmed a little experiment and decided to spend a bit of time making it into a game. The project is going to be an attempt to tell a story using only quotes and exploration in a weird node-based world.

The programming for the project is already done and all that's needed now is the world design and audio. Over the next week or so I'm going to bring the game from being a crude experiment into a weird abstract look into life, and I'd like to team up with a composer who can make an abstract track for the game that gives it the atmosphere it needs.

If anyone's interested in joining or has any question about the game you can get in touch with me either by leaving a post below or contacting me on Twitter. I look forward to teaming up.


Whatever dream means to you, you can use it in your game as a theme, a starting idea, or not at all if you'd like. Good luck!

The system should be able to handle switching the start and end date of a jam a bit better. Right now it's technically possible to host another instance of the same jam this way, but it introduces some problems, namely the fact that when ratings are open after the jam, it opens up ratings for all games submitted, including the ones that were for a different jam.

Thanks for participating, I thought I was going to be the only one. I'll give your game a try here in a few hours.

Hope to see you again next time around.


Good luck everyone! :)


I'm going to keep things brief and to the point here. Drug Jam #2's going to be running from March 25th to March 28th. Rules are the same as last time. I'm not completely sure how well Itch.io accommodates switching the dates in the setting of the jam vs starting a whole new one, but I'm assuming since it's there it'll work fine.

As always look forward to a theme announced at the start of the jam. Looking forward to seeing what everyone does!

Hmm I don't see it there either. I double checked and it's public, so no idea why.

Drug Jam community · Created a new topic The Theme Is Voice


As I said, it's not expected that anybody follow the theme, it's just there as a launching off point.

Good luck!

Do Drugs Jam community · Created a new topic I'm in

Probably not gonna be able to finish anything but I'll give it a shot.