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thanks! now that works! =))

hmmm the itch application says that it's not available for windows? =/

relaunching actually helped! that would have been useful to know^^

but then again, i didn't know that the music was broken.

i thought it was because i hit the jukebox and wanted to find it again but couldn't XD

it also reminds me of kirby and trip world, obviously^^

nice!^^ i enjoyed playing it for a while =) has a nice vibe to it and i am impressed by the sheer vastness(pun intented..?)~

i was just getting a bit annoyed after a while cause i couldn't find the restaurant(?) anymore and i think i triggered a song on the jukebox that was playing on repeat constantly for the last 15 minutes or so @.@

nice work again on the mood and the minimal ui/symbols and stuff^^

less floating in scenes now and now it's a bit clearer where you can't click =)

now also available for Linux!^^

finally! you can play Pastoral on your Mac! ^^

(also: now you can simply click once to drag an item)

now you get a little handicon when you hover over an item in your inventory

added analytics

removed the HTML version, since it had problems with the resolution/texture/background distortions and was kind of unplayable

added a HTML5 version, so you can now play it directly in your browser! =)

there is a hint screen now! =)

The esc-menu now has a feedback button

the game now pauses when you are in the menu

now you actually have a cursor in the menu

added a esc menu to quit or resume the game

got it working again

removed the mac version for now

Current version is broken/empty, i am trying to fix it!

mac version currently still empty

Pastoral - Alpha community · Created a new topic Updates

Here i add notes about what i improved in the last update

Feel free to leave me feedback on your experience!^^

heya! =)
Thanks for the nice comment and for listening to my stuff!^^

Sure, let's work something out on Discord!^^

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hey people! =)

i couldn't find the proper thread in the r/vive, so i thought i post at least here~

i got some time on my hands to do some music and "small world" sounds like a great theme! =D

If anyone is up for collaboration, let me know! =)

my current portfolio:

Low Poly Diorama community · Created a new topic Music?^^
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Hey hey! =D

i got really excited when i read the title of this jam, cause i really like these little worlds/glimpses into them and the way they are presented! =)

I just opened one of the Dioramas and it felt a bit "sterile" and i thought music could add alot of mood to it! =)

I would like to collaborate/make some music, if anyone needs some!^^

Whoops, forgot my portfolio^^"

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here my portfolio =)

sounds good! i am up for trying that out! =)